July 30, 2014

Jackson's Tackling the World - An Update.

I know I haven't been writing much, but the truth is whenever I find myself with a spare moment I have spent those moments selfishly in the company of a good book.

Because reading is simple.

I like simple right now.

And air conditioning.

But I can't do anything about not having air conditioning so I'll just keep to the reading thing.

Jackson had his one-month helmet free check-up yesterday.

The three-hour drive wasn't tolerated quite as well by Jackson as it use to be.

You see, when he was wearing the helmet 23 hours a day he was a really calm, easy going fella. Then during his hour of freedom from it Jackson would turn into a bit of a wild child! Kickin' and wigglin', laughin' and playin' as though he had just received a chocolate bar!

Oh wait, that's just my reaction to chocolate bars. Eh hem...

Anyhow, when we got the go-ahead to leave him out of the helmet, it wasn't but a couple days after that Jackson decided such freedom from restraint deserved celebration by crawling.

Yes, this little man has been mobile for at least three weeks now.

I took this video after he had been crawling for a little over a week.

Less than a week after discovering how much he enjoyed crawling, he tackled the art of pulling himself up into standing position with the aid of anything within his reach.

He learned quickly that blankets hanging off the side of the couch didn't quite cut it.

He is part-monkey.

Gets it from his dad's side I'm sure. ;)

Just a couple days ago he about gave me a heart attack when, after leaving him downstairs to go up and answer the door, a few minutes into talking with a friend I look over my shoulder to see him nonchalantly standing at the top of the staircase.

Monkey indeed.

About a week after he started pulling himself up, he wanted to show us all what a big boy he was and let a couple teeth through.

My shoulder has the marks to prove it.

Someone please tell him to stop growing up so fast. I can't handle it!

Anyhow, his appointments went great. His scans showed good overall head growth, although the front and back had grown a tad more than the sides, but the surgeon didn't seemed concerned.

The blue line is the new scan.

When Dr. Siddiqi picked him up, Jackson seemed to automatically settle into posing mode as though he and the doctor were getting ready to grace the cover a magazine.

Thanks Dr. Siddiqi! We appreciate you SO much!

We have to go back and repeat the process when Jackson turns one, head scans and all. But so far everything looks great!

*big sigh of relief*

Now, what book should I read next....

3 super cool people speak:

Sara Lyn said...

Yay for books! Yay for baby doing well! Yay for great doctors!

It's crazy how fast babies change.

Susan Anderson said...

It's funny how his personality has expanded with the newfound freedom. He must be thrilled.

Is the chorea (?) stuff improving? Would love an update.



Michelle N. said...

I keep checking to see how Joseph is doing. I sure hope he is improving!

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