June 4, 2014

Dear Hubby - 1

Hey Hon,

Glad to hear that your flight went relatively well and there was only one delay. I know sometimes it can be a chain reaction and you end up missing connecting flights so I'm glad that wasn't the case this time.

Sorry about your luggage though, hopefully it came in this morning.

You're going to have to start a flight log and record all the times your flight is delayed or luggage gets lost, left behind, or sent somewhere else.

You'd have quite a book.

Well, we did okay here yesterday.

I tried to think of something cute to describe how the kids were, such as: they all had bees in their bonnets. But in all reality, a better description would be along the line of: a horde of cats with rabies.

I'm not entirely sure what happened, it may have been all the sugar from the night before, or the fact that they went to bed late. Probably a combination of the two, but my main role for sure ended up being that of a referee.

If you can referee rabid cat fights that is.

I also wasn't joking when you read my text that said, "Be glad you can't see the house right now, you'd probably faint."

Callie can testify to the truth of that statement because she stopped by and I can only hope we'll still be friends after seeing my house in such a state.

The truest statement ever made is that people never come over when it's actually clean.

Or maybe.... *epiphany* that statement was written by someone who never cleans their house, just so people think it's clean once in a while.


That's brilliant actually.

But don't worry. After a modge podge dinner of this and that, we cleaned up the living room and the bedrooms.

Which somehow managed to triple the laundry pile.

The kitchen needs serious intervention, but I did manage to do a load of dishes.

So don't worry, your rabid kittens had a nice, clean place to sleep last night.

In other news, Alayna managed to drop Jackson flat on his face, which he didn't exactly appreciate, and Jackson later puked on Savannah, which she didn't exactly appreciate. So she set Jackson down who then promptly pulled Alayna's hair.

Must one of those "circle of life" things.

But the girls did spend a couple hour playing outside with the water hose.

Between yesterday and the Saturday car wash/puddle making contest that went on while you were at work, our water bill will likely have doubled this month.

Just giving you a heads up.

Here's something to make you smile though.

Since this is the boys last week of school, they are coming home with piles of paper, projects, and left over school supplies.

While going through a pile of stuff Joseph brought home, I found this.


I know, pretty cool right.

Then, directly under it, I found this one.

I really did laugh out loud. Love that kid.

Bedtime was okay. A few tears over the bathroom as usual. You know, kids fighting over space, toothpaste, etc.

Claira came out of bed only 832,746,329,873 times instead of 832,746,329,874 times.

So we're improving there.

Well, Jackson is demanding some attention so I better get going.

He says hi by the way.

Gotta love helmet break hour!

Thankfully everyone is in much better moods this morning so all is well.

Take care. We all miss you and hope you have a good trip!

Thanks for all you do for our family. I appreciate you and all your hard work.

Love you,

2 super cool people speak:

Raelyn said...

This letter!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
Love you later, Raelyn

Mama Smith said...

I PRAY you are copying every post you ever wrote...and put it in book form...What a legacy...to leave your children...PRICELESS!

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