April 7, 2014

Perhaps They Learn More Than You Realize

Sometimes it seems as though the things we try to teach our children go unheeded.

For example, my children can never seem to remember where the flush handle is on the toilet, no matter how many times I show them how to use such a complicated device. *insert eye roll*

Or that coming up to me while I am up to my elbows in raw chicken and trying to stir something on the stove with my toes (okay not really) while talking on the phone and getting a huge kink in my neck because it's cradled under my chin and..... *continuing this sentence through grinding teeth* poking me in the side over and over and over and over again while methodically saying, "mom... mom... mom... mom... mom... mom..." does not help in an way, shape, or form and will usually result in a small explosion of my sanity. *huge intake of breath*

Eh hem.

Not that it drives me crazy or anything.

Or that despite the convenience of it, their shirt is really NOT meant to be a napkin. Or a towel. Or a paint canvas.

Neither is their face.

So every once in a while, when a child calmly comes up to me with a quiet, "um, excuse me mom?", or I don't have to flush the toilet before I let a guest use it, you start to feel some hope in your parenting skills.

Well, this weekend was General Conference. 

It is a time for those of us who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to listen to the words of our modern day prophets.

I love conference weekend and always feel so uplifted and edified.

But imagine what eight hours of talks over the course of two days is like for a small child.

Needless to say, our basement turned into battle of the forts.

And I wonder if our children learn anything at all.

Then last night, Savannah handed me this note.

"Dear mom and dad, Like a flower you are sweet. Like a flower you grow as you get nourished. You get nourished by the gospel and the Holy Ghost. Your faith, testimony, and hope grow. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love you and know they're proud of you. You're the best parents anyone could have. I'm glad they put us together into this family. May the Holy Ghost be with you and help guide your every move.
Love you with all my heart and soul,

Well maybe, just maybe... my kids will survive having me for a mom after all.

9 super cool people speak:

Unknown said...

That is such an amazing note, I'm so impressed by her, how old is she? I get the toilet thing, and the cooking thing, and the face painting/eating of art supplies thing. I hope my kids get to the same point as Savannah, she is amazing!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Sometimes she's a typical, dramatic 9-year old. And sometimes, she surprises me. :)

Garvin Smith said...

It's like I always said, Raising children is months of dull pain, spiked with moments of intense joy.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ah, so great! Despite the chaos, it's totally worth it!! I don't get people who don't get how hard it is to watch Conference with kids! It's a LOT of work!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha! Amen to that Jocelyn! :)

Mama Smith said...

Your thoughts...and Savannah's thoughts...brought emotion all through me...Please, give our Savannah a BIG HUG from her Granny! smile

Sue said...

Aww. That got me a little teary today.


Heidi D said...

How gorgeous, that brought a tear to my eye. Proof that even on those difficult days you are guiding your family in the right direction :)

Raelyn said...

That picture!! Claira's face!! She looks like an Indian!! Or a clown!! To quote Jesse from "Full "House". "Loving it. Loving it!"!! ;)
Wait. General Conference weekend is eight hours of talk, talk, talk, talk, talk over the course of two days?! Eight freakin' hours?! I have attention deficit disorder. Even I could not sit still and listen for that long!! My mind would most likely wander!! ;-D
I loved Savannah's sweet note!! ;)

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