April 9, 2014

Joseph Had a Birthday... a month ago.

Writing about a birthday a month late is beginning to be a good record time for me.

That's bad.

But it's true, this handsome guy turned eight years old last month! 

I don't know why he did it.

It's not like he asked my permission to grow up.


But with or without my go ahead, his birthday arrived and this kid was exciiiiiiiiiiiiited!

He even managed to make his siblings mad at him after he informed them all that it was his birthday and he could do anything he wanted and they all had to be nice to him.

Oh dear.

That morning I ran to the store to buy some birthday treats for his school class.

Hey now, in my defense, homemade treats are no longer allowed. 

So there.

Then I swung by his school to drop them off.

I'm pretty sure his smile was close to spliting his face in half as he took center stage in his classroom. His teacher teased him for how anytime any other kid had a birthday, Joseph would always mope and complain that his birthday is never going to come.

They sang happy birthday and he passed out the chocolate, multicolored sprinkle coated donut holes.

By his pure happiness, you'd think he'd never had experienced a birthday before.

At home, I was frantically trying to clean the house, (some family was coming over for cake and ice cream) cook a nice dinner (my husband invited a guy from work who was visiting from Germany to come eat with us), and get Joseph's cake made and decorated.

Meh, no pressure.

Dinner was a success, the house was... kind of clean...ish, and the cake surprisingly got completed!

Simple (thank the stars) yet completely him.

He was thrilled with it!

Silly kid.

And the magic moment arrived!

Light the candles daddy!


Cake and ice cream was passed all around!

As I was distracted in the kitchen, the boys just couldn't take it anymore. They simply HAD to open the gigantic gift that Joseph's cousin brought!

So I missed it all.

But while the boys were busy assembling the new pin ball machine...

the girls were hanging out in the box left behind.

It was a win win gift, and a very fun evening.

But the birthday doesn't end there.

The next evening, Hubby and I took Joseph out for his special birthday date with us.

We asked him where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do.

His response?

Jamba Juice.

I tried to cox him into choosing a nice restaurant. Or even fast food and Jamba Juice.


Just Jamba Juice.

Okay then.

Sooooo many choices.

And I'm still laughing about this, but he chose a drink that if I recall correctly, was called "Apples and Greens".

He very literally ordered a "green drink". I watched them puree the veggies myself and just hoped that he would still like it.

At that point he probably would have liked anything though, he was just so happy to be there.

And so was this little guy apparently!

Joseph insisted on taking a picture of us.

Soooooooooooooo not my best look.

Don't judge.

But he was the birthday boy!

Second birthday of the year... aced!

Happy birthday to my hard, sweet, frustrating, thoughtful, infuriating, kind, worry me to tears little man.

I love him so much.

4 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Jamba Juice.

That kid knows what he likes!


Megan Jones said...

So did he drink the smoothie??

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

He did actually! :)

Raelyn said...

"This handsome guy turned eight years old last month! I don't know why he did it. It's not like he asked my permission to grow up. Rude.". I know, right? Mom always told us to promise her that we would stop growing up!! "But did they listen?" she says, "No!!" ;)
Why aren't homemade treats allowed in school anymore? Just wondering. Well, hey, at least you bought chocolate!! ;)
I love the cake!! I want some!! Alayna's facial expression after Joseph blew out the candles!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
I love Jackson's chubby-cheeked, toothless, Killer Smile!! ;)
Happy, happy, happy birthday, Joseph!! Here's to many, many, many more!! ;-D
Love you later, Raelyn
PS. I will have you know that we just experienced a freakin' stressful week--details which shall remain anonymous--and I indulged more than once on chocolate!! I HAD to. ;)

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