June 28, 2013

Claira Turns Two! Over a Month Ago....

Well, it would appear I am yet again far behind in my efforts to catch up.

This is becoming a sadly normal thing for me.

It's just how we roll these days so I may just have to embrace and bask in it.

Anyhow, my feisty, sassy baby turned two years old over a month ago! I must confess it felt a bit strange to have a two year old and not already have another baby. Haha!

Ah, being the birthday kid around here sure tastes good.

I think I'm going to miss these younger years when my child are so easily and happily entertained.

Nothing like a few balloons to get a party going around here!

That's happiness for you right there.

Oh ya... and so is this! Yummm...... I may have, eh hem, sampled quite a bit of the frosting. You know, just to make sure it was good and all. 

Just doing my motherly duty and all that. 

This is one of my favorite birthday videos ever! What a bunch of monkeys. Love, love it!

Oh ya... I make the best cupcakes. Nothing like cake mix from a box and store bought frosting to make the world to round.

Our cousins came to join in the festivities.

And they were also sweet enough to come bearing gifts. Claira loved them!

Now, perhaps this next gift is a bit odd, but you have to understand, Claira was in the midst of a Buzz Lightyear obsession.

No... seriously. You have no idea. I'm pretty sure I could quote all three Toy Story movies to you word for word. She was down-right addicted and every day would come up to me and beg for, "Buzz? Buzz?"

So what better than a Buzz Lightyear bracelet! Oh, and it lights up too. Seriously the best of both world's for her.

So satisfied with such a small thing. She also loved her new ball.

*sigh* Too bad such an easy gift doesn't work on the other kids any more.

Or the spouse for that matter. LOL!

Happy Birthday miss Sassy-frassy! I look forward to the day you start talking so you don't have to scream at everyone all the time!

Your adoring mother who wears earplugs all the time, just for you.

June 25, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us and a Surprise for Me

Throughout the years, I have teased Hubby that he was born without a "romantic bone". 

Which in all reality simply means: he's a guy and I've watched too many versions of "Pride and Prejudice".

Granted the man had quite a few things to learn about women too, so he's not totally off the hook.

For the longest time, Hubby and I lived on different planets, merely circling around each other trying to figure out what the heck was going on "over there". 

Some of it had to do with how we were raised. Some of it had to do with un-addressed baggage we had each brought to the marriage. Some of it was pride and expectations. And some of it was simply that he is male, and I am female.

The years have forced us to address these issues, to change, to improve, to accept, and to forgive. 

In just this past year, I feel like we have finally turned a permanent corner in our relationship, that we are finally on the same wave length... most of the time.

So I was looking forward to marking our 10-year anniversary as a great accomplishment.

At our 7-year, I told Hubby that since he did NOT plan our honeymoon, which was pretty pathetic anyway, that he was in charge of taking care of our 10-year anniversary. I felt three years was enough time to plan something awesome.

But as June approached, it became quite clear that nothing was planned. I wasn't angry or anything, just bummed.

Wednesday morning, we had nothing planned or ready for our anniversary which was the next day. I may have sulked, just a bit. 

Hey, I'm only human! And pregnant and hormonal. So cut me some slack here!

That night, Hubby informs me that he would have to work all day tomorrow, but Friday afternoon, we were going to drop the kids off at his parent's house, then drive down to Logan, UT and see a play called, "Anne of Green Gables", then stay the night at a place called, "Anniversary Inn."

I couldn't help myself, I burst out laughing. Anne of Green Gables? Really? I asked him if he knew anything about the story or if he has seen the movie.


I just laughed again. This was going to be interesting.

It may not have been the grand thing we both had originally planned on, but it was something, and I was excited.

Thursday afternoon, I had been out pulling weeds from my strawberries when I stepped through the back door and was surprised to see a complete stranger at my front door with Jacob standing in front her.

I briefly thought to myself that no matter how many dang times I tell my kids not to open the front door unless I'm there too, they never seem to remember.

But the lady was smiling and laughing at something Jacob had said (not surprising, he has that effect on people) when Jacob turned around, proudly holding up a big bouquet of flowers.

"Look mommy! I got you flowers!"

Uh huh.

This time it was my turn to laugh. It had actually never once crossed my mind that Hubby would get me flowers, even though it was our anniversary. And yes he has before, but it just didn't even occur to me. So it was a very nice surprise.


Once, many a year ago, Hubby asked me if women really like flowers that much. Well I certainly can't answer for other women, I told him that while I like the flowers, it's more the thought behind it that appeals to me. It's that he was thinking of me enough to get flowers.

So yes, they are pretty, but they are really just tangible proof that he thought of me, and that's a nice feeling.

Does that make sense?

Anyhow, I made Hubby a super cheesy candy bar card that I would never show to anyone it was so bad. But hey, I was in the store trying to think up something clever just off the top of my head, while still picking out candy bars that Hubby actually likes!

But Hubby forgave my poetic injustice and confessed that the candy bars are really all the matter. LOL!

Anyway, Friday morning Hubby went off to work while I set about packing the kids up for a night at Grandma's house.

Even though it was only for one night, I couldn't get all their dad-gum stuff to fit into a rather huge bag we usually use. Instead, I had to put each child's items into individual bags.


Friday afternoon, Hubby came home and we loaded up everyone and everything (crammed like sardines would be a bit more accurate) and headed over to Grandma's. I felt a bit bad and sad as we left them, but also knew they would have fun.

The two-and-a-half hour drive was actually quite fun as we got to discuss a lot of different things.

When we got to Logan, we stopped over at Chili's and totally stuffed ourselves with an appetizer, and main course, AND THEN dessert!

We never buy dessert. It was a real treat. 

No pun intended. ...Okay, so maybe a small one.

After that we drove over to the "Inn" which actually turned out to be a Bed and Breakfast! I have always wanted to stay at a Bed and Breakfast!

Then Hubby sheepishly admitted to be he actually had no idea that that's what it really was.

I just laughed.

When we checked in, Hubby was handed the key to a room called "The Pyramids of Egypt". I rolled my eyes and laughed again. "Pyramids of Egypt"? Really? Could you have picked a worse room?

Hubby defended himself saying that since it was a last minute reservation, rooms were limited.

Not sure how good of a defense that is if you really think about it. LOL!

When we opened the door, I had to laugh a bit at the room. Definitely not my idea of a "romantic atmosphere", but then said that hey, at least there were rose petals!

That's when Hubby confessed, he had paid extra for the rose petals.

This time I was down-right stunned.

He paid extra for the petals? Really?

Okay, it may be hard for you to understand this, but if you knew my husband at all you would get why I was so stunned.

But there was more. He had also ordered chocolate covered strawberries...

... and there was a bottle of sparkling cider.

I really truly couldn't have been more surprised of Hubby and suddenly started growing a second head. 

After it finally all sank in, Hubby and I both laughed again at the room and we joked about how there was nothing romantic about the desert or snakes, or pharoh heads. 

That's when he fessed up. There was another room that was much prettier and looked really cool, but it was $60 more. Hubby decided there were a lot of other things we could do with sixty bucks.

Again, I just burst out laughing. Now THAT was the husband I knew!

After looking the room over, we actually had to dash back out so we wouldn't be late for the play.

We found seats in an only half-full high school gym just as it started.

Hubby admitted that it wasn't as professional as he had thought it was going to be, but it was still fun and cute. Hubby even laughed a few times. (don't tell anyone I told you that) All in all, not bad.

What surprised me the most about this whole trip, was that he had actually planned it all himself. I thought for sure he had asked his mom or one of our sister-in-laws who live around there for ideas. But no, it was all him.

For some reason, that made it so much more... awesome.

The next day we ate cheesecake for breakfast, before our actual meal showed up, and went over to the Logan Temple to do some sealings.

We actually had a blast with the people who were working there that day. It was really a lot of fun.

By the time we got out it was about 2pm. We debated on whether to grab a movie before driving back but since the next showings weren't until 4pm, we decided to head back since we still had to drive home too.

Plus I worried that the kids were driving my in-laws crazy. But it turns out I needn't have fretted. The kids were having so much fun they seemed a bit disappointed when we showed up!

Pish, should have stayed for the movie after all!

So there you have it. It was a really fun weekend for everyone.

And I am so stinkin' proud of Hubby and for his efforts. He did say he was trying to be better, and I have to admit, I like it.

I like it a lot.

June 20, 2013

Ten Years Cram-Packed into a Teeny Tiny Nutshell


~ "Officially" started dating in January at BYU.

~ In May, Hubby proposed.

~ June 20, 2003 - Sealed in the Orlando, FL Temple...

during a tropical storm.


~ Savannah was born in August with jaundice.


~ Moved to Wyoming for a summer internship.

~Visited Mt. Rushmore...

while sporting some of my awesome fashion sense.


~Joseph was born in March.

~ Although I technically didn't graduate for another semester, I "walked" for my BA in Visual Arts in April.

~Pregnant with Jacob in this picture.


~ Hubby graduated with his BA in April.

~ Jacob was born in May.


~Hubby graduates with his Master's Degree in April.

~ Moved to Idaho for a job.

~ Pregnant with Alayna.


~Alayna is born in January.

~ We buy our first home.

~ Alayna has cranial reconstructive surgery in September.


~ Just life with four kids, working on our home, and trying to survive it all.

~Savannah starts Kindergarten.

~ Pregnant with Claira.


Claira is born in May.

~Joseph starts Kindergarten.


~ Savannah is baptized.

~Jacob starts Kindergarten.


~Pregnant with baby 6.

~ And all sorts of untold adventures yet to be experienced.

It sure has been one wild ride for us. And it sure as heck hasn't been easy, but I'm so glad we stuck it out together.

Happy Ten Year Anniversary!

What do you say we do this for another 10 years babe?
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