December 20, 2013

Amazing Accomplishments

You know how people like to show off amazing things they've accomplished on their blogs?

Well so do I.

I am pleased to announce that after only two months, the kitchen floor has been... mopped!!


And I'm not talking the whole, give-the-kids-a-couple-of-wipes-to-stand-on-and-have-them-shuffle-around-the-kitchen-for-a-few-minutes either.

Eh hem... true story.

Because there are certain times in life when a grand event such as a good floor mopping is news worthy.

Go ahead, judge me. See if I care.

At least the kids had fun!

Especially Jackson. He just smugly looked on, knowing he didn't have to do anything other than lay there looking cute.

The End.

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Shaylee Ann said...


Katherine said...

Wow, he's smiling already, and you caught it on camera? Because early smiles are so fleeting, I've never managed to photograph one before two months.

I have mopped my floor twice this YEAR. I do sweep and spot clean, I promise.

Mama Smith said... absolutely...FUN! and that caught little grin on priceless! smile

Raelyn said...

Happy First Day of Winter, Friend!! ;)
You gotta do what you gotta do, as they say!! What good children to mop the floor for their Mom!! ;-D
That picture of Jackson!! Melt. My. Heart.... ;)

Sue said...

He has so much personality in that cute little face!


PS. Just posted my annual Christmas Eve story, if you'd like to take a look.

Merry Christmas!

Raelyn said...

Serene, Alayna, Jackson and family....
Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!! ;)

Stacie said...

Jackson is darling, and I'm sorry that he has to have the surgery. I am amazed by your faith and strength. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Merry Christmas.

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