October 28, 2013

36 Weeks, Waddling, and Nesting... Sort Of.

Holy Cow... what the heck is that!?

No pun intended.

Okay, who am I kidding, the holy "cow" thing was totally a pun. All I'm missing are pointy ears and I would be confused for one our four-legged fast food suppliers.


I think I just came up a good Halloween costume for me!

Although I feel justified in blaming some of that on my father. Since my parents have been staying with us as they wait for news on the short-sale home they are trying to buy, he has kept me well stocked with chocolate.

If we were being completely honest and took a close look at the baby-to-chocolate ratio, it wouldn't be pretty.

Truth hurts.

With four weeks to go before the arrival of this as-of-yet unnamed little man, I am surprised to note that no one has brought up my propensity to sway my hips in a sexy manner waddle in an effort to "cleverly" *insert eye roll* compare the similarities of my rather distinct gait to that of our fine feathered friends.

Even if we do look the same from the back.

*image found on google

I'm not entirely sure how one manages to look like a cow and waddle like a duck, yet I am talented enough to have managed to master both.

Try not to feel too jealous, not all of us can be this special.

The only real nesting I have experienced thus far, was a couple weeks ago when, as I was looking around my kitchen, became acutely aware of all the disturbing dust bunnies that had decided to take up residence on all the my decor and planter shelves. 

I decided my self-respect just couldn't take it anymore.

I shall not disrupt your happy existence upon this earth with talk of all the fuzzy wuzzies I encountered; however, I am pleased to announce that all my decor, blinds, fans, planter shelves, light fixtures, and even the tops of the kitchen cabinets have been scrubbed and vacuumed clean.

Granted, I recognize that putting bar stools on top of the counter, then standing on said bar stools while hoisting a shop vacuum in order to get rid of all the dust was perhaps not the most brilliant of methods. It worked wonderfully however and now I can breathe the air in my house with a deep sense of contentment.

*deep breath.... cough, hack*

Dang, diaper duty calls.

At any rate, due to having contractions all day Saturday, it hit me hard for the first time that... holy crikey! I'm going to have another baby at some point in the next four weeks!

Since I have yet to actually make it to a due date, I am going to operate under the assumption that we only have 2-3 weeks left.

Shoot. I better figure out where we're going to fit this little guy since Hubby is still working on the basement.

What do I need to do to get ready?

Pick a name. Definitely

Should I buy a bobby pillow? I've never owned one. Maybe I should get a bobby.

And a pedicure. I need a pedicure. If I'm going to bare all I plan on having cute toes when I do. Because that's important.

So: name, boppy, pedicure.


Looks like I have all the important stuff covered.

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9 super cool people speak:

Momza said...

First, you are beautiful! I love that pregnant tummy of yours that is holding a precious little one inside! Before you know it, he will be in your arms and love you forever and ever amen! Nesting is a wonderful way to prepare for a new family member...gotta channel that energy somewhere, hunh? I think your list is great: name, boppy, pedicure--sounds great!

Saimi said...

Well Serene my daughter in law gave birth at 36 weeks- all went well so there is hope you can deliver early, the catch is - she had twins - one was 5.5 and the other was 6 pounds. That's 11.5 pounds between them. To say the least, she was ready!

You look great, hang in there and keep eating chocolate, it might be the only comfort you'll have for the next 4 weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being sooooo close! I am from Kalispell, missing your Mother. I had a baby boy eight months ago. Your Mother came to one of our ultra sounds, and always rubbed my tummy and spoke to my babe when he was in my womb. My little fella loves your Mom, excitedly wiggling whenever she spoke to him after he was born. You are blessed with WONDERFUL parents and I am sooooo happy that you have them so close to you now.

Raelyn said...

Oh, I love puns!! Really, I do!! ;-D
This post produced in me cockeyed smirks.... The entire way through!! ;)
My sister-in-law just had her baby--I am an aunt again!!--you are next, Friend!! ;-D

Rosie said...

Get the boppy! They are worth the money!

Sue said...

You look great, Serene. I cracked up at your baby/chocolate ratio photo.

No wonder you are nesting; that baby is going to be here in no time at all. I'm excited!


PS. Can't wait to find out the name...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

oh hush, you are still so skinny, minus the chocolate belly! And yes, pedicure...100% agree with the pedicure! :)

Raelyn said...

Happy Halloween!! ;-O

Lara said...

You are pretty much the cutest pregnant lady ever.

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