September 18, 2013


Those of you who follow this blog on Facebook will have seen this already.

But I want you to know that I didn't post it lightly.

I meant it from my the bottom of my ever-honest-to-golly-gosh heart.

Just for you.

This is what would happen if I were the one sharing such triumphs.

*clearing throat*

Look at my garden!

Well ummm... I think it's in there, somewhere. At least, it use to be before the weed army moved in and took over the vegetable empire.

I bet if I put on some tall boots and went out to brave the devastation left by the weed army, I'd find a vegetable to two... somewhere... maybe.

Anyway, but look at my made-from-scratch cake!

*awkward silence, crickets chirping*

Okay, since my kitchen utensils don't actually know what that means, I did the best I could.

Does this count?

(pssssttt, this is the part where you say "yes")

And finally, I have the most respectful children!

Why just the other day, Hubby comes in and tells me this story.

He was in the basement tossing out old sheet rock and other garbage through the window, when Claira (age two) approached from outside.

After watching him for a moment she finally asked, "What da heck you doin' dad?"

Oh ya, we're on a roll.

P.S. If you really do have an awesome looking garden, have made some sort of amazing cake from scratch, and have taught and trained your children to be pretty close to perfect, than give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. (I mean that sincerely)

I'm just going to sit here and hope that someday I can be like you when I grow up.

In the meantime, I will eat my chocolate and practice my "survival-of-the-fittest-30-weeks-pregnant" skills.

'Cause hey, we're all still breathing.  :)

8 super cool people speak:

Raelyn said...

I am an idiot who, only recently, realized that you can access some people's Facebook pages sans having an account!! So yeah. Your Facebook page is now officially in my favorites!! Even though you post on here regularly!! ;)
Okay. As for gardening? My Mom was always very good in maintaining hers. As for baking cakes from scratch? Well. She always purchased cake mixes. As for having respectful children? I. Was. Never. One. Of. Them!! But, I work on this character defect!! Does that count as anything? ;-D

Anonymous said...

You do have a bunch of vegetables. There are a bunch of tomatoes in the corner of the garden. They are beautiful.

As for the PB and J, just about everyone likes that. It's a classic!

Finally, I don't have kids, but from what I know, "What da heck you doin' dad" is pretty respectful for a two-year-old.

balloongal said...

Yeah, still breathing. I'm with you.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Anonymous - LOL! Look at you looking at the bright side of things!

I think my tomatoes got blight again this year. Not sure, but they are struggling.

True, PB&J is a classic. But two of my kids don't care for them. Crazy right??

And believe me, Claira can be pretty naughty. Also, my older children have been far less respectful but I now have to be careful about what I share when it comes them. Don't want to write down anything that will embarrass them later. :)

Mama Smith said...

Ha...Ha...At least, you made an effort at growing a garden...The fact that hidden in that jungle...are GREAT (lots of them!) smile

Love our little

Sue said...

"Still breathing" is good. Very good.


Anonymous said...

I think you rock as a mom! When I grow up I want to be like you! I know you have hard times, we all do, but honestly you make having a family look fun and exciting. I know I look up to you at least!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ahhhh! Thank you so much!! You just totally made my week!! :)

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