September 4, 2013

First Day of School

Summer was... interesting this year.

It had its ups and downs a bit more-so than usual. 

The ups came from the all the fun summer stuff we did and the fact that I got to have all my children home. 

Oh, and it was warm and sunshiney. So I wore flip flops and lived barefoot whenever possible. Heaven. (try not to look so disgusted, sheesh)

The downs tended to stem from the fact that we don't have any air conditioning, I gained an atrocious amount of weight, (see picture below) and  my pregnancy hormones this time around seem totally haywire.

One minute I'm perfectly happy, the next I'm perfectly annoyed, and before I know it, smoke and flame are streaming from my ears and nose.

Try not to take too much enjoyment from that mental picture.

You're welcome.

So as school approached, I was definitely fighting mixed emotions.

Once August hit it just seemed as though the kids had had enough of doing nothing, of not having a schedule. I really don't think it would have been so bad if I didn't feel so darn lousy all the time.

I for sure recognize that compared to some, I have easy pregnancies. But since I tend to battle different levels of morning sickness the whole time, I'm afraid I would often fall into survival mode.

And so it was that the first day of school arrived.

The boys were so very darn excited they very nearly exploded out the door. But I was able to hold them back from the bus stop long enough to snag a couple pictures.

Although, Joseph kept being so stinkin' goofy that I refused to let them leave before I got at least one good photo.

Jacob was not happy with his brother for holding up the show.

Oh wow! Do I make good-lookin' boys, or do I make good lookin' boys? Hmmm?

Oh ya, I make good lookin' boys.  Love them!

It was also Savannah's first day of school... homeschool that is.

*gasp* Say what!?

Depending on your view-point, you are at this moment experiencing everything from pride in my decision to down-right horror.

But that's okay. You forget, I too was homeschooled from 4th grade through high school.

I know all about people's reaction to the idea.

Sure homeschooling is far more popular and accepted now than it was 20 years ago, but every now and then I still get the occasional, "But you seem so normal!" blurb.

(It's all an act, I'm really not normal at all... mwah ha ha ha ha!!!)  

Eh hem.

Anyhow, why would I do this to my bright, happy, social child who loved school?

Well, it's rather long and complicated, so here is the reader's digest version.

Last year was a really rough year for her. She was not at all challenged in school and quickly became bored and irritable. She would come home and within five minutes be in the foulest of moods and mope and moan and whine about everything.

I recognize that everyone has bad school years and that a lot of what happened was due to age, but like any parent, I worried.

And when we worry, what do we do? We search, we ponder, we pray, we eat chocolate.

Lots and lots of chocolate.

One day, the thought came quite randomly and totally out of the blue, "homeschool her".

I immediately laughed the idea to scorn.

Bahahahaha! Ya right! I'm having a baby in November! I still have two other little kids at home. Consistency is so not my forte'.

And yet, I couldn't shake the thought and every time I tried to think about putting her in school, it never felt right. So after several weeks of fighting, I finally caved and started researching homeschool curriculum, and it just seemed so right.

Fast forward to the first day of school.

As the boys headed off to the bus while Savannah stayed behind, I felt such peace in the decision that I knew it was the right one, for this year at least.

We are now two days into it and I'll admit, it's not easy. But hopefully over the next couple weeks we can figure out what will work best for her.

In the mean time, I'll be eating chocolate.

Lots and lots of chocolate.

8 super cool people speak:

Stacy said...

Oh sweet Serene! We're in the thick of our third year homeschooling and while it isn't easy, it's definitely rewarding in wonderful ways. If you were inspired to do it, you'll be inspired in HOW to do it. Good luck, my dear, and we can commiserate mightily.

Tristan said...

I'm so proud of you Serene. I love that you are willing to seek and follow the spirit for each child individually! Even after homeschooling for 9+ years I can't lie and say it all gets easy. It does get easier though. You each find new routines and ways to relate to one another and that carries you a long way. Praying for you as you work out the routines!!

Raelyn said...

Caught up!! Hooray!! ;-D
I love it when God whispers into our hearts and souls to do something, we argue like rebellious children, and yet He still encourages us!! Been there. Done that!! Turns out, God is even more stubborn than me!! ;)
By the way? I was homeschooled!! Did I ever mention that before? I was homeschooled, and it was the best decision that my parents ever made!! How so? Mom was able to teach all four of us individually. With my learning disabilities, sister's dyslexia, and youngest brother's Down syndrome, this was the best approach!! I would have been so behind any peers developmentally. Instead, Mom was able to notice my that strongest subject is words and vocabulary. For which, as a writer, I am eternally grateful!! So. Along with other important subjects, Mom encouraged my writing skills!! No "professional" teacher could have ever done that!! Did I have a "normal" childhood? Yes!! We were involved with a Home School Support Group at church. There were fun events, such as field trips. Not to mention. Church, Sunday School, plus Summer camp!! I would not trade homeschooling for the world!! ;-D

Pink Panda said...

You go Girl!!!

Sarah said...

I busted out loud laughing! That picture was hilarious!!!
I love you, Girly! I need to come move to Idaho yesterday.
Hang in there Super Woman!

P.S. Your babies are so cute!
Love you!!!!!!!

Sue said...

You are a braver woman than I, but more power to ya!

Hope it all goes great for her.


Annika said...

Way to be with homeschooling!!!

Anna said...

My adventures in homeschooling surprisingly have coincided with me almost entirely by myself downing an entire costco bag of peanut butter cups. Technically there are still two left. Good to know I'm not alone.

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