February 4, 2013

There should seriously be a law against moms getting sick.

Ear infection.

Sore throat.

Aches and chills.

A few sick kids.

Hubby out of town.



As I sat in the corner last night sucking my thumb, Savannah came up to me wondering what we were going to do for dinner. After a quick think through, I told her there were hot dogs in the fridge. It was the best I could do at the moment.

She was so good. She got out the dogs, one for everybody, heated them up, placed them on six different plates, asked who wanted buns, (which is really just regular bread) and gave them all the ketchup and mustard they wanted.

She even put mine on a "bun" and put the ketchup on it in a very special way. She handed me the plate and said, "Look mom! It's a butterfly! Just like you make for us!" 

After the kids were done eating, Savannah cleaned up all the plates, turned to me and said, "Whew! That was a lot a work!" Haha!

Sometimes I can't help but think that when the going gets tough, my kids true colors really shine. I have such good kids.

People use to tell me that they are a lot of help when they get older, and that things are less intense. I didn't think it would ever happen or that we'd ever reach that point, but it's true! Kids really do grow up!!

Eeesh... I'm not ready for them to grow up or anything, but I must admit, during times like this the extra help is so very nice.

The scary thing is, I'm really getting up there in age!

Now, I don't obsess over age or wrinkles or anything. I may only wash the makeup off my face at night a few handfuls of times... a month... eh hem. And I actually really like "smile lines" on people!

But when I was looking at these pictures, I confess I really did a double-take.

Little miss Claira loves to go through the tupperware and find a cute hat to wear. Then she'll pick one out for me so we can be stylish together.

She's thoughtful like that.

I know, she's adorable.

But then I looked at this one and may or may not have gasped... just a little.

Holy wrinkly wrinkles Batman!

I turn 30 this year.

It's funny how you feel so cool and grown up when you turn 20. But people tend to freak out when they turn 30.

I'm not freaking out, just... wow. Look at those wrinkles!

Okay, now that you've all shared my moment of crisis, I'm going to go drown my sicky pain in more Ibuprofen and try not to think evil thoughts about my husband for being in London.

11 super cool people speak:

Elizabeth said...

I feel your pain!! Sorry you are going through that right now. My oldest (4) has helped me a couple of times like that recently when I was sick (Okay, not making dinner, but *trying* to get breakfast and clothes for little brother.) Pretty sweet to see what they can and will do for you when you need them! See, you must be doing a great job as a mom to have such a sweet, helpful daughter!

Sara Lyn said...

Savannah is so sweet! I'm glad she was able to help!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh ugh!
Get better soon!

Catch! I am sending you virtual homemade chicken noodle soup!

Raelyn said...

Oh, I am sorry that you have not been feeling well!! Can I get you something? Such as chocolate? I always have the hugest sweet tooth whenever I'm sick!! Hmmm, I wonder why.... ;-D
"Look mom! It's a butterfly! Just like you make for us!" That is too sweet!! ;)
"Smile lines".... I love that!! And, I like them on people, as well!! ;-D
Wait. You turn 30 this year? I just celebrated my 29th birthday!! We are, like, a year apart!! ;)
Now, go get some chocolate, girl!! ;)

balloongal said...

My kids often step up when I'm sick, too. It would be nice if it happened other times, though.

Momza said...

Oh how I remember the misery I felt when I was a young mother to many. It was so unfair to have to get out of my sick bed to tend to children's needs when all I really wanted was to stay in it and sleep my illness away.
I hope you are feeling better and your hubby brings home something sweet for you. And also, you've got an amazing little helper at your side too! What a love! Wrinkles are outward signs of inward wisdom. Say that to yourself every day with a smile!

Sarah said...

I hope you're hanging in there Beautiful!
Love on You

Stef said...

What a wonderful girly you have! I think my kids would have rather starved than to try and make something in the kitchen. Maybe not. And you look great, by the way!!

Amy said...

He's in LONDON?????


I turned 30 last year. Still getting used to it. Oy.

Mama Smith said...

Another reason...for us to live nearby...Yet, you are made of "tough stuff"....darling girl! Glad that HUBBY is home...Hopefully, he can do stuff...so YOU can REST UP!

Sue said...

Get well soon! I'm glad your big girl is taking such good care of you and everyone else...


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