January 14, 2013

Monday Monday Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Hubby went out of town last night, so I stayed up waaaaay too late working on projects.


But I managed to flop out of bed in the most unladylike manner to get the kids up at 6:50am for school.

At 7:40am my phone rings. School is cancelled due to the  -14 degree weather.

I managed not to throw my phone or crush it with my impressively powerful arm muscles.

I could have slept in.


Don't worry, this is an old photo from summer, back when I pruned my raspberries.

I just wanted to show off my bulging muscles.

And now, son has plugged the toilet.

We're out of toilet paper.

Now we need to make a trip to the store in said freezing weather. All six of us.



Kids want to exercise with me, and all the while I keep hearing, "this is so easy" as I hyperventilate in the corner.

Jacob encourages me by saying, "You're doing good mom, just follow my lead!"



Now I'm taking a few minutes to write this because I don't think my legs will carry me up the stairs.

I think they hate me at the moment.

This is what happens when you deviate from your life's motto.


Guess I had better grab a few chocolate chips on the way to the shower.

You should all come check out this super fun "Made by Moms" auction! Lots of stuff on clearance!

11 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Good for you! (Wish I were doing anything close to exercise.)

And what the heck are all those scratch marks on your arm???


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha.... I guess I should have mentioned it was an old photo from summer, back when I pruned my raspberries. :)

This LDS Military Wife said...

I love chocolate...And not like when normal people say they love chocolate. I have a problem. Probably a diagnosable one. And no, diagnosable isn't a word. Keep up on the working out! It stinks but is so worth it. And you get to eat more chocolate. I've got 15 more pounds to loose and a pair of skinny jeans I'm going to fit into come fall! And where did you get a picture of my kitchen sink?

Larsen said...

ooooh. Sucks. So sorry. We're chilling in front of the TV today...

Raelyn said...

I just discovered your Blog. I, too, was born with craniosynostosis, among other birth defects. I am now 29 years old. I love, love, love to write!! I do live with learning disabilities. Unfortunately. But, I'm slowly being taught, that, in so many ways, as Tony Stark/Iron Man said in "The Avengers", "It's a... terrible privilege.". Everything is. It's my cross to bear. ;)
Alayna is beautiful!! No, wait. As my phrase goes, she is Beautifully Unique!! ;-D
"Every time I hear that dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.". I love that!! For chocolate is a girl's best friend after all, not diamonds!!

Amy said...

That picture literally made me laugh out loud. Not just the fake, amused little lol.

I'm sorry you're freezing! We're freezing too! In our, uh, 30-degree weather.

Don't hate me.

Mama Smith said...

I had to smile...to think...we were going to trade our 22 degree weather for your -14 degrees...(smile)

Garden of Egan said...

Sorry your legs are angry with you.

Hopefully you have plenty of chocolate stashed and a maid.

balloongal said...

Good luck. I hope you're catching up with rest at some point.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Raelyn - Thanks for commenting! And thank you, I think my Alayna is beautiful too. :)

Brittney said...

i love the old lady pic!! HAHAHAHA

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