January 18, 2013

Indoor Reflecting Pool - Part Two

You know what they say about history repeating itself?

Well, I'm here to let you know, it's all true.

Alayna was the first one to create a custom indoor reflecting pool for our house.


 photo alayna_zps29c5baaf.jpg

Now I'm not saying I'm anti-indoor reflecting pool, and I'm sure she was only trying to do something creative and nice.

Which in parental language interprets into: destructive and messy.

But she taught her protege well.


 photo DSC_0607_zps50a60779.jpg

It was all part of the plan.

First, Claira had a diaper blow-out, then cleverly smeared it all over the baseboards.

After I placed her in the tub I went to go clean up her mess, not realizing it was all just a distraction.

That's when she made her move.

 photo DSC_0613_zpsa12d31e8.jpg

She doesn't even have the decency to look the least bit sorry.

Kids these days....

5 super cool people speak:

Sarah said...

That is SAD Serene! :'( I feel for you, you know I do! Wish I could send you some chocolate INSTANTANEOUSLY! :)

Raelyn said...

Alayna!! What an example you are for future siblings of such creativity!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;)

Sue said...


I can't even laugh at this one. Brings back too many memories of big messes!


Larsen said...

The worst! Sorry to hear that she's been so easily trained by Alayna! Boo!

Mama Smith said...

After spending this last weekend with her...I think this could be something to be thankful for...I have a hunch...she is capable of MUCH MORE...than...setting up a "clean the bathroom floor" moment...(smile) I just wish I had caught on camera...her..."response" to Luke...when he took the "cookies" away from her...(I am still chuckling over that scene) (smile)

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