September 5, 2012

Strong Tummy Muscles Are Bad For Your Knees

I have once before told you why I don't have an advice blog.

But in this case, I feel duty bound to make an exception. Some information is just too important not to pass along.

Me: How was school?

Jacob: Good! I was so good again I didn't get a one or a two or a three!

Me: Okaaayyyy.... whatever that means.

Jacob: But look what happened.  *pointing to his knee that sported a big band aid*

Me: Oh no! What happened?

Jacob: Well, umm...I don't know. My tummy muscles split open my knee.

Me: *blank stare, crickets chirping* Your stomach muscles split open your knee?

Jacob: Ya! 'Cause I was doing this airplane, *starts a demonstration* you stand on one leg like this and it makes your tummy muscles strong, then it split open my knee.

Me: Well, okay then.

So be warned. Next time you're working those abs, be sure to keep a first aid kit handy.

Sounds like your knees just might need it.

Hey! Maybe my kids should have a day on my blog where they can offer you all advice on your life problems, cooking questions, gardening and cleaning concerns, discipline insight, or whatever!

And the best part is, I wouldn't even charge you... yet.

So, send all your questions to my super intelligent and always right (or so they tell me) children at

We could call it... "Wisdom Wednesday". Or some other super tacky blog title.

It will change your life.

I can tell.

7 super cool people speak:

Cluttered Brain said...

haha Serene! Love the pictures of your kiddos. But the writer in me maybe it is the editor who thinking you want that word to be Your children can advise us yes, but when they pass their wisdom on it will be ADVICE....ROFL. I think.
Anyway just a helpful tip. You are wonderful and I love reading your funny snarky blog!!!! I think your boy should wear his hair like that to school. Just sayin.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Hahaha... inevitably, I have a typo. It's just a given. :D

Amy said...

That is hilarious! Tell your kids I need advice on how to get my baby to sleep all night. I'm sure their wisdom and council will solve all my problems.

Doran & Jody said...

I will have to tell the gym instructor that I cannot do ab workouts anymore!

I need my knees to run to the fridge.

Shaylee Ann | Mother {at} Heart said...

Oh, Jacob, thank you!! I was thinking recently about trying that airplane thing, you know, and thanks to you, now I'll be prepared and no harm will be inflicted on my dear knees - I hope! ;)

Serene. Your children are hysterical. "Wisdom Wednesday", "Kiddy Kounsel" (teehee), or whatever you call it will be my new favorite weekly post. I'll have to think up some super good questions!

Sue said...


They crack me up. Seems like they have inherited their moms vitality and sense of humor.

Not a bad thing!


Mama Smith said...

As much as I have seen these two interact with one another (Jacob and Alayna) I am CONVINCED they are going to be super close...and join forces...and have the world "bending at the knee"...and having it scream out..."Uncle...Uncle"...(Name that movie) (smile)

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