September 7, 2012

Step One to My Imaginary Organized Life

"Mommy! I want to paint with you!"

Glancing up in horror, I see Alayna reach out an eager little paw for the paintbrush. "Nooooooo....." I screeched. It was like a slow motion scene from a bad action flick as I sprinted to the other side of the counter to stop her. Hair was flying, arms were flailing....

By the time I closed the four-step gap that separated us, I was panting from over exertion and effort.

I should work out more.

I was right in the middle of  *cough* eh hem... "organizing" my house, which included finishing projects that have long been thought about but not attempted.

Because doing crafts is important to organization.

I'm convinced.

As I worked on my project the next couple hours, Alayna remained steadfastly by my side, handing me whatever materials she thought I needed. More paint, another picture... a drink from a cup that I have no clue where she found or who drank out of it last. But the floaties in the water were enough to convince me to pass on the offer.

I hadn't updated the pictures on our wall since 2009, before Alayna's surgery.

It was time.

No, I didn't repaint my wall. It's a camera issue.

I did the whole, modge-podge-photos-onto-a-canvas thing. I really love the way it turned out!

The Sassy Pepper has a really good tutorial. Only I painted my edges instead of using paper.

Although next time I really want to make all the photos bigger!

 See? Totally feeling more organized already!

Okay, next project was to tackle this bad boy.

I really wanted something I could put in my bedroom to use as a "command center". Somewhere I could keep track of all the kids school papers and the bills instead of them being stuffed into kitchen drawers and scattered across counters and end tables.

Errr... not that my house ever gets that way... *awkward silence* Heh, really!

But I still wanted it to look nice, since it would be in the master bedroom, which is right next to the kitchen.

So I figured it was time to let myself go and give my house a fighting chance at looking decent.

I'm quite unselfish like that. Besides, I consider sweats and a cute shirt to be decent.

So, after getting instructions from a friend, I went to Home Depot, bought all the paint, washed the hutch, took it apart, and started priming.

Half the hutch later, I ran out of primer.

Blast it all. So I loaded up the kids, ran back to home depot, got more primer, then started home. On the way I called my friend back and asked about glaze for the distressing part thinking I needed to get it from a craft store or something.

Nope, Home Depot.

So flipping what I'm sure was only kiiiinnnnd of an illegal u-turn, I went back to Home Depot and got the stinkin' glaze.

By the time I got back to painting, the wind had picked up... rather strongly. Aarrgghhh!! I tried moving the hutch to the side of the house to where the wind wouldn't be so strong. Half an hour later the wind shifted. So I moved everything to the back of the house.

It only kind of, sort of worked.

But I was determined to get it done THAT DAY!

Hours later, my hand was in total cramp-down mode from holding the spray paint top down. And the older kids were home from school. This was the signal for all the neighbor kids to come over.

Which was fine, until the boys started throwing water-soaked splash balls at each other as they ran through the jungle of hutch pieces scattered over the back yard.

I think I may have growled and strongly encouraged the boys the play somewhere else before I duct-taped them to my roof.

It scared them off for about two whole minutes.

Anyway, we survived and later that night Hubby and I dragged it inside to our room.

As I started putting it together I realized I hadn't painted one very significant piece that I thought was on the inside of the cabinets when in reality, it showed on the outside.

Double blast.

We hauled it back outside, I painted it, let it dry, then right before bed we hauled the dang thing back inside where I finished putting it together.

Remind me NOT to quit my day job.

Painting furniture is far too stressful to be enjoyable or relaxing.

I'll never scoff at someones outrageous price on painted and distressed furniture ever again.

14 super cool people speak:

Sandee Spencer said...

Quite the ordeal but it came out gorgeous! You are going to love having this organization center in your bedroom! Great idea!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh I LOVE this!
I would like to do something like this but after reading your tutorial....I think I will just admire pictures.

tracie said...

I love doing canvas photos! I made four last year and I love them. I need to update them. That blue cabinet is fantastic!

Elizabeth said...

so cute! I am super impressed that you got all that done in a day! Every furniture painting project I've done has taken me weeks of half painted furniture sitting around the house before it ever gets done! :)

Wonder Woman said...

Love it all! So cute. Pinterest is awesome.

Amy said...

What, it's cute! Good job getting it all done in ONE DAY! Yikes, woman.
I re-did a hutch last year. Turned out fabulous but it sure didn't take me only one day to do it. Had to sand and prime and paint several layers. And since we live in an apartment, I had to use my cousin's garage, which they so very, very generously let me take over.

It was worth it. I'd do it again, but not until I have my own backyard to use.

Sarah said...

I'm going to remember that threat too: duct tape to the roof! It could be scary, for a whole, you know, two seconds :)
Again, WELL done! So pretty!
Can't wait to see what you do next! :)
Love you Serene, you AWESOME crafty girl!

Sue said...

Wow, you are accomplishing great things over there!


Julia said...

I love the hutch! Great job!

Julia said...

I love the hutch! Great job!

the Gardners said...

I am super impressed! Love the wall photos and what a makeover of the hutch! You've definitely got talent!!!!

Mama Smith said...

Got see see it all IN PERSON! AWESOME!

Shaylee Ann | Mother {at} Heart said...

I love how eventful your life is. You are going to have some just awesome stories for your grandchildren!

LOVE this hutch! You did a fabulous job on it!

Also, I love the duct-taping-to-the-roof threat. I'mma use that some day.

Shaylee Ann | Mother {at} Heart said...

I love how eventful your life is. You are going to have some just awesome stories for your grandchildren!

LOVE this hutch! You did a fabulous job on it!

Also, I love the duct-taping-to-the-roof threat. I'mma use that some day.

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