August 8, 2012

One Year Older and Wiser Too....

So, I had a birthday last week.

58 out of my 372 facebook friends wished me a happy birthday. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to feel loved or uninteresting.

At any rate those 58 people are now in my will. They will all inherit five dollars upon my death.

My cousin Callie however, will get twenty.

She came over the day before my birthday to shower me with gifts! A pair of earrings she knew I wanted that would match my new shoes, and probably the yummiest cake I've ever eaten.

Turns out it was to be my only birthday cake.

Hmm.... maybe she should get twenty-five dollars....

Between the seven of us, we polished that sucker off in one sitting. We didn't even light a candle.

The next day moved forward more or less like any other day. I managed to impress everyone with my amazing culinary skills by cooking a well-rounded meal, completely from scratch-ish stuff. I think I managed pretty well considering we hadn't been to the grocery store in three weeks, and it was my birthday.

After dinner, Hubby insisted we all load up in the car so we could grab a treat. This resulted in Hubby and I getting a Jamba Juice, while the kids got to use up their free frozen yogurt coupons they earned from the library's summer reading program.

You'd think they had just won a gold medal (in honor of the Olympics of course) they were so thrilled.

When we got home, my parents video called to say happy birthday. The kids were loving seeing themselves on the computer screen.

Granny and Papa were merely an added bonus.

At this point the kids could barely restrain their excitement since I was going to open the presents they had so carefully and individually wrapped... all by themselves. So with my parents watching from the computer, I opened my gifts.

My gift from Alayna. A piece of wood Savannah had painted earlier that day.

My present from Jacob, two stuffed animals from the kids collection downstairs.

My gift from Joseph, change from his piggy bank.

And finally, from Savannah I received a homemade heart she had cut out of cardboard and covered with tissue paper, with a poem attached.

The poem went like this.

I Love
you Dearly
Mommy, You're
my shining
Whenever you
are far, I *heart*
you Dearly so,
You're the
Amazing star
I ever seen,
And always.
I know.

She gets her writing talent from me.

Just sayin'.

The biggest surprise of all though came the next day. I received a text from a number I didn't recognize, telling me to go look by the mailbox because a little gift was waiting for me.

Hoping I wasn't about to get egged or ambushed, I pensively checked to make sure the coast was clear before noticing a bowl sitting under the mailbox.

There was no name on the Happy Birthday card and when I replied back to inquire who this mysterious gift giver was, they simply replied that some things are more fun to be a mystery.

So I have no idea who left this for me, but it was awesome. So thank you mystery person!

And there you have it! I am now one year older and wiser too according to my friend Gina who called to ask me a freezer jam question because I was wiser.

And due to my newly acquired birthday wisdom, I had the answer for her.

So go ahead, ask me anything, anything at all! Between me and wikipedia, we've gotcha covered.

10 super cool people speak:

Heather Smith said...

Happy belated b-day!

Amy said...

Oh I could be such a jerk and say it was me who left the chocolate.
But I won't.
Because it wasn't.
Because I live, like 20 hours away from you or something.

Happy Birthday though!

Mama Smith said...

Well...I sent your birthday presents...months ago...Maybe, I should have saved them...for your birthday...but, couldn't wait to give it to you...(smile) Great pictures...though...More to download onto my computer! are MUCH WISER...and still as BEAUTIFUL as ever!

Sue said...

I love that birthday poem!

And the chocolate, of course...


Will and Marcie Davis said...

How fun......and I LOVE all their CUTE adorable gifts! I especially LOVE the secret gift! SUPER fun!!!

Sarah said...

Those gifts from the children were HILARIOUS! Outright FUNNY!
Cute shirt you're wearing AND birthday earrings and hooray for mystery person! :)
Can't wait to talk to you again Super Woman Birthday Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I gotta say those family pictures turned out Beeeeeeeeeeautiful too! I LOVE your head shots:) ! Cute babies on the car too:)
Love you!

Sarah said...

So what did Luke get you - besides the Jamba Juice?

I loved Savannah's poem.

Garden of Egan said...

Great gifts!!!!

Happy belated!

kbankids said...

Happy Birthday Serene-
Sorry I missed it. You know I still love you though right, even if I'm forgetful and too wrapped up in my own life to look at the computer once in a while. Love ya

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