August 6, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

I'm writing this post from my bed, and not for good reasons like, sleeping in, or napping. Whatever those mean anyway.

At about 4:30am this morning, I could hear Claira crying from the girl's room. Oh, did I mention that she moved out? She did, and we both sleep so much better.

Anyhow, I threw back the covers and stood up, only to discover the room was in motion.

Now, I've been dizzy lots of times, but this is the first time I've ever experienced the phrase, "the room was spinning". It really was. And no matter how many times I blinked, the room continued to swirl around in the most nauseating way.

Sure enough, for the next two hours I was reacquainting my face with the porcelain king. I'd forgotten how much my face hates being in such close proximity to it. Finally the dry heaving subsided and I dozed off on the bathroom floor. Later I managed to drag myself back to bed. But every time I moved or lifted my face, the room would tilt and my stomach would protest.

It would appear the general consensus is that I have an inner ear infection, or vertigo.

I've decided I despise it.

Poor seven-year-old Savannah has been doing her best to take care of the kids while I change diapers from a prone position. So far, there's been no blood or fires, so I think we're doing okay!

My neighbor is graciously feeding them lunch and another friend has offered to take my children off my hands for a couple hours.

Sometimes I do believe angels walk around in the form of human beings.

Still, where is the complaint box? I protest! I'm a mom! I don't have time for all this nonsense! I think I'd be okay if the world didn't spin so much and the nausea wasn't so overwhelming. I mean, come on, I've been pregnant enough to know how to work through such things. But this vertigo thing is a beast!

Okay okay, enough whining. I really want to show you guys our family pictures!!

I'm really excited about them, especially since the were taken by my cousin Callie. She did such a great job! It turns out the day we chose was quite cold and super windy.

But the kids were super-troopers.

Savannah - Age 7

Joseph - Age 6

Jacob - Age 5

Alayna - Age 3

Claira - Age 1

The Boys

 The Girls

Our Crazy Family

My new blog header!

I'm totally lovin' Claira in this one.

In case you're wondering, the letters we're holding are suppose to say "FAMILY". Suppose to...

What people think my kids are like.

What my kids are really like!

Now, I went back and forth, back and forth with myself about whether or not to post these next pictures because I feel a little silly posting just pictures of just myself.

But Callie did such a good job on them and somehow managed to make me look pretty. So I will share.

And now that you've seen all these pictures....

What you think I look like.

What I really look like.

Just sayin'.

Follow Callie on Facebook at Callie Ann Photography to see her gorgeous pictures and keep track of all her specials!

13 super cool people speak:

Julia said...

Can I just tell you I absolutely love your family pics! Love the ones on the truck of your kiddos! You're beautiful :) I think we all have pics like the last one of ourselves :)

Larsen said...

Fun photos. You do look fabulous, esp. in that last one. No, not that one, the VERY. LAST. ONE.

hee heee.

get feeling better!

Sue said...

Great job on the pics. And I hope your vertigo goes away soon. My mom has had episodes of that a few times, and it is really miserable.

Rest is the best cure.

(Fat chance, eh?)


Shaylee Ann | Mother {at} Heart said...

Serene, you are stunning!!!! And your family is absolutely precious!! What do the letters spell out in the last few family pictures? :)

I haven't commented here forever! I promise I still read your blog though! ;) I hope you get feeling better! I wish I could send you some chocolate!!!

Love you, lady! :)

Neisha said...

you have a gorgeous family!!

Lalani said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous as always. Love the new header. Feel better soon! I agree moms shouldnt have to put up with nonsense like getting sick. We have things to do! :-)

tomiannie said...

These are awesome! Hope you feel better soon -- there really oughta be a law against stuff like that for moms.

Amy said...

I LOVE them!! And you are gorgeous, darling. Just gorgeous.

Hope you feel better soon! That is NO fair and NO fun!

Heather said...

Great family pictures!
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Sarah said...

Your new header is just lovely.

Mama Smith said...

LOVE...LOVE....LOVE these pictures!

Katherine said...

I also love the pictures, but I'm confused by the letters. F-D-M-I-L-A?

Mommy Melissa said...

Serene-Callie is an amazing photographer, I will agree, but she didn't have to try very hard to "make you look pretty." I only dream of looking as good as you on a bad day, and I've seen you on a bad day, remember? They are awesome pictures! Love your family!

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