May 21, 2012

Vocalize the Good

You know when you get back from something that feels life changing and you are so full of new knowledge and information you just feel like you're going to burst? Yea... that's me after this convention. And I don't think it's from all the candy bars I ate either.

It was awesome.

When I got home late Saturday night Hubby commented that he had cleaned the house. I kind of laughed at his desire for recognition and said,"Yes, I see that! It was actually the first thing I noticed when I walked in the door. Thank you so much!"

I bit back my smile as I thought of the six-hundred loads of dirty laundry piled sky high in the laundry room, the three loads of dishes cluttered in the sink, and the dirty bathrooms that need to be scrubbed.

But I love him for trying. He did manage to pick-up, wipe down, sweep, and vacuum.

So I gave him a little pat on the head.

(Then I read to him what I just wrote above and he gave me a sarcastic "he he he")

But seriously, it was cute and I'm proud of him.

It's good to be home and I feel all rejuvenated and ready for this new week.

I even made the mistake of teasing Hubby so mercilessly yesterday that he pinned me down and and tickled me. Oooooooooh.... I hate that and he dang well knows it!  But the man weighs twice what I do so he when pins me down, there is no escaping. Alayna tried to come to my rescue by spanking his bum but it didn't work.

So when he was tackling Alayna, I got payback and managed a few good tickles in of my own.

Then booked it out of there as fast as I could.

I know how the saying goes, "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!"


So, I was thinking about a couple of incidences that have happened recently, especially after reading my friend's experience with a rude lady at church who told her she needed to control her children.

I generally do blog about people's funny or sometimes rude comments about my children, but I really feel like I want to mention a couple of good responses I've encountered.

The first was a couple weeks ago at stake conference. (A large gathering of members in the area who come together for a two-hour long Sunday meeting) We showed up early, but not early enough. I didn't want to sit in the hard fold-up chairs way in the back, so we took a soft bench in the Very. Front. Row.

But it gets better.

When Hubby got up to gather some of our children who decided they wanted to sit with someone else, a few people sat down and took half the bench. So our family was now split and sitting in two benches... in the front row... an isle and some people separating us.

Then the two hour nightmare began. Screaming, wiggling, noise making, coloring, bathroom breaking, I felt sure everyone around us was irritated, annoyed, and looking down on me. I was really mentally beating myself up over the chaos I felt we were creating.

To my great surprise, after the meeting was finally over, the lady who was sitting with her family directly behind us, came over and said how much she loved watching our family and how she remembered "those days" and that I was doing a good job. I was truly touched by that because I was seriously contemplating duct tape.

The other incident was just yesterday, again at church. It was after Sunday school when I came back in from taking a screaming, squawking, wiggly, squiggly Claira out of the room.. Hubby had been out taking care of Joseph who apparently had hit someone, "but not hard" as Joseph said.

A gal who was still sitting there called out to me and said how much she loved watching my kids, especially Claira with all her energy and expressiveness. She just went on and on about it.

I don't think people understand the difference it can make for someone else on how you decide to react to them and their situation, and whether or not you voice it.

And that goes for both good and bad comments.

So right now, I just want to recognize and appreciate the nice people who took a moment to express their good thoughts. It's like when I give my husband a hard time for never complementing the way I look. He always says, "Well I thought it!" Pish, and what good does that do me?

I need more vocalized good thoughts. They're like chocolate candies. You can never get enough!

So I dare you to say something nice to someone who may seem a bit frazzled this week. Double-dog dare you.

9 super cool people speak:

Brenda said...

You are SO right! Thanks for reminding me, I will be speaking up!

Amy said...

I didn't tell someone her hair cut looked cute yesterday. Shoot! Next time I see her, I'll tell her.

And you're a great mom, you know that? You give me hope that I can do this thing.

Heather S said...

I LOVE this post! just one little compliment can go such a long, long ways!!!

Sue said...

I agree about encouraging others. It's so easy...but so important.


Jenny P. said...

So true, Serene! I'm glad you shared the good times because really those are the ones we need to remember. I've had a few like that as well and it really does help.

Larsen said...

Okay. I'll say something nice for a change.

Mama Smith said... his book..."How to Win Friends and Influence People"...he said he always tried really hard to find one NICE things to say to someone...but, mean it...He said he saw this postal man...super grumpy and snappy at everyone...He said he had to really try and find ONE NICE thing to say to the man...but, finally noticed that he had awesome looking white he made a comment to that fact...He said...he couldn't believe the CHANGE in the man...He was so taken aback...that he someone said something NICE to him...that he actually "smiled" back at Carnegie...and said..."Why thank you!" So, you never know...LOVE IT!

balloongal said...

It does make a difference. When we first moved into our current ward (almost four years ago), we brought our then two children with us to choir practice, running around and just being kids. A lady said to me, "Oh, we've all gone through that," in a nice way. It made me feel less guilty about my kids being kids.

Teachinfourth said...

Catching a single glimpse at a situation or person does not truly tell the whole story...sometimes it takes digging a little deeper.

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