May 14, 2012

Ode to My Children

I hope perhaps someday you'll forget 
the piles of laundry and stains that set,
nor remember the way my hair
often stuck out everywhere.

And the dirty dishes that were always around
was nothing compared to the time I found
the trail of poop that led down the hall
through your room, into the bathroom stall.  

I don't always react the way a good mommy should,
to the indoor juice pool you made just 'cause you could.
Or to that big bowl of spaghetti you dropped
onto the the floor I had freshly mopped.

Or that one time you threw your shoe 
at that unsuspecting lady in the store who
did nothing more than walk by our cart
but she was so nice, bless her heart.

I know sometimes at the end of the day
I'm not always smiling like a sunshine ray
And sometimes I growl and grimace and frown
because your mud turned my white shirt brown.

Perhaps someday time will fade
the memories of the messes I made
in some lame attempt when I tried to make
you the perfect birthday cake.

But I hope you will remember the fun we had 
playing as a family, especially with dad.
The singing, the dancing, the doggy-pile making
are worth all of my good dishes breaking.

Your smiles and laughter and cuddle-bug hugs
make everything worth putting up with you lugs.
The world today is telling me that
I should never have had you, to hang up my hat.

That you are not worth the dollars it will take
the news claims I need to raise you and make
some grand and fancy person who 
views everyone else in dollar amounts too.

But I see the worth and beauty of your soul
to me your happiness is worth giving my whole,
perhaps others will not understand 
that you are worth more, that you are indeed grand.  

I know I'm not perfect but I hope you can see
that I try really hard so that someday you'll be
the best that you are, honest and true
smart and kind and lovable too.

You are amazing and wonderfully bright
so I give this my best with all my might.
I hope you know that I try to be true,
because of how much I gosh-darn love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

8 super cool people speak:

Wonder Woman said...

-sigh- I love this. It is so absolutely perfect. Print this and frame it in a bedroom, or put in in their scrapbooks/journals. And submit it to MMB.

Thank you, thank you, for writing this.

Amy said...

Awe! Funny and sweet at the same time. I love it!

Not looking forward to cleaning up a trail of poo one day though. Inevitable, I suppose.

Sarah said...

WOW Serene! You such a good Mommy! I hope you got the best Mother's day ever!
I wuv you!

Mama Smith said...

Life of a "Mommy"...The hardest...the sweetest...and in the end...the "most worth while"...

Sue said...

Darling poem.


Larsen said...

I think that could get published...... you'll have to come with me to the next writers conference I go to!

Garvin Smith said...

That's exactly the way I feel about you!

hjsmith said...

wow Sarah(: you made me cry. You put it all so elequently. Thank you. ok now I need some tissue(: Love you and miss you tons.

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