May 8, 2012

May Family Challenge - Show and Tell Night

See what I mean about my consistency problem? I was suppose to post about this yesterday, but was distracted by my garden. I was so proud of myself for planting it all yesterday, even got everything covered up against the cold nights with wells of water and milk cartons, except for three of my pepper plants. I ran out of coverings. I vowed I would find something to cover them up with before I went to bed, only to promptly forget about them.

This morning, they, and all my marigolds that I worked so hard to station strategically around my garden, were frost-kissed. We are assembling a cheer team to try and entice them to pull through and live.

How does the saying go? "Whatever doesn't kill you only makes your stronger?" I'm going to make a sign and stick in my garden.

Maybe the plants will be rejuvenated if they can see that every everyday.

What can I say? I'm an eternal optimist!

Just... don't ever ask me to babysit a house plant....

Anyhow, I don't know if you remember me posting about these family challenges LAST MONTH, but this month's challenge would make the perfect family night activity!

Sara from Play With Your Family has decided to challenge us all to have a Family Show and Tell Night.

"Your kids could share their favorite school project, play the piano piece they learned for recital, or show you how to dribble a soccer ball. Whatever their thing is this year, let them have a moment to be proud of their accomplishments.Suggestions for Family Show and Tell Night:
  • Make an invitation/ reminder for your kids with the day and time so they can be preparing what they will share with the family.
  • Invite grandma and grandpa or a neighbor family to your presentation.
  • Film your show and tell night. This is going to be memorable. ( I am hoping my husband will give us a dance party at the end which we always love to catch on video)
  • Have refreshments afterwards, or during if it is your talent.
  • Write an introduction for each member of your family that can be read before they show and tell. Mention some good choices they have made this year or reasons you are proud of them. Make them feel special.
Oh I am so excited to see all the ways this event can pull your family closer together. Make it a priority and I know you will not be disappointed. Please let us know how your show and tell night goes. I can't wait to see pictures about it and to see all the wonderful things your family has done this year."

May Family Challenge: Show and Tell Night With Your Family
Let us know how it goes by:

  • 1: Commenting right here on our blog! 
  • 2: Jump on over to our Facebook Page and leaving a comment or a link for everyone to see! 
  • 3: Email us with a picture, if possible, and a description and we will share it! 
  • 4: Or share your experience and a picture with us by linking it up here

It will be fun seeing what everyone does! Of course, knowing my family, my kids will think of some great accomplishment and we'll end up with something like this.

'Cause we're pretty awesome like that.

4 super cool people speak:

Stef said...

What a great idea! I love it!!

Sue said...

This sounds like fun!


Mama Smith said...

As I was looking at your plants...reminded me of LAST week...when I put out some plants I grew from SEEDS...and out of NO WHERE...a SUPER FROST came in and killed "2" different types of plants I had put out! IN ONE NIGHT...(or morning!) ARRRGGGGG! If I had just waited a couple of more weeks...they would be doing AWESOME!

Larsen said...

I think that dirt is healthy to eat, just in moderation, and that is great idea for a Family Challenge! {Catching up on blog posts!}

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