May 3, 2012

Dinner and a Show

For those of you who know my father, you know one thing to be true. He can't carry a tune in a bucket. However, you would also know that this little detail has never stopped him from belting out a song at the top of his lungs whenever he feels so inclined.

It's usually to wake everyone up at a camp out, or while he's working on a job, when you have friends over and he's in an exceptionally good mood, at 4:00am, or just flat out because he likes to sing.

I have many, many memories of him breaking out into random song, at random times, in random places, very... randomly.

Well I inherited my father's exceptional talent of NOT being able to carry a tune. True story. Maybe I'll prove it to you someday.

However, I have a confession to make. I'm super nervous to admit it because clearly I'm all about appearances on this blog.

Truth be told, whenever Hubby has to work late or has a meeting or something which detains him from having dinner with us, and it falls to me to feed five grumpy/crazy/crying/hyper/sassy children on my own, my father's upbringing tends to come out.

For whatever reason, while I'm trying to convince Claira to eat her food and the kids are going at the mac&cheese at the table, I tend to break out into song and dance.

No joke.

Now you know my secret. I'm sure the families who can see into our windows have witnessed this frightening display. Sometimes even I'm embarrassed by the songs I start belting out and can hardly believe I actually remember the words from my teenager-hood days. ("teenager-hood" is my awesome word of the day)

If you only knew people... if you only knew.

Well, last night, and you must believe me when I say I have no clue where the song came from or why it was conjured up in my head, but before I could stop myself, I was belting out the words... as much as I could repeat them without actually knowing any of the words... to "Macerana".

I know! Don't look at me like that!! I'm SOOOO embarrassed that I even remembered the dance moves! Oh heaven help me, it was frightening,

Nevertheless, if you happen to look in on our dinner last night, you would see the kids riveted in fascinated horror while I danced and sang the Macerana as loud as I could.

We even watched it on YouTube because the kids wanted to know how to do it.

So after a few practice tries, here are my kids version of "Macerana".

Dad, you will be proud to know that all my children have inherited your obviously exceptional singing and dancing talents.

And that's why we love you.

P.S. If you are super observant, you will note that Alayna does indeed have a pair of underwear on the outside of her pajama pants.

Simply because, she thought it was funny.

10 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Love your zany family.


Stacy said...

Oh my word, so funny.

And having been left on my own to deal with four screamy kids at dinner and bedtime, maybe I need to do more singing and less eye-rolling, heavy sighing and yelling.

Neisha said...

you're kids are so cute!!

Shaylee Ann said...

:) :) :) I love every bit of this post. :) Alayna's pants choice makes me giggle. :D

Valerie Brough said...

That is hilarious...only because just a few days ago I broke out the macarena for my own children as well. I also remembered the dance moves and it was a great way to break up our day of being alone together and bored. great!

Elizabeth said...

And Savannah has on her "shake it" shirt. How appropriate! :)

Stef said...

Ahh, I love it. We could be friends!!!

Steve said...

ha ha ...we do the same song...lemme confess,its same get frightened by my talent show

Garvin Smith said...

It's good to see that I'll be remembered. I don't need a monument or a building named after me. I have you, Scupper, to keep my legacy alive!

Mama Smith said...

My goodness...I can't believe the things I nearly missed...Haven't had much time go over blogs...nearly missed this "talent show"...(smile)

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