May 10, 2012

A Simple Claira Post

I love this little girl. She makes me happy. She has the most adorable little personality... when she's not emptying every drawer in the kitchen.

Okay, even then she finds such pure bliss in it it's actually kind of cute. I admit this... begrudgingly. If you only knew how many times a day I'm putting drawers back together.

She's a smart little cookie too. After falling down the stairs a couple of times and darn near stopping my heart, she would crawl to the edge and yell down until someone came and brought her down. Then after showing her how to go down the stairs backwards twice, she was doing it like a pro.

Whenever she's doing something naughty, I'll give her the stinky eye and a "Claaaaiiiirrrraaaa......". She'll look up at me, give a sheepish grin, and start to put everything back. Smart girl.

Claira loves, loves, loves to be outside! Seriously, every time a door opens, she makes a beeline for it. And that girl can crawl fast!

And when ever the door closes before she can get to it, oh boy, she lets out an earth-shattering screech! Her favorite past-time, is playing in the dirt... in case you couldn't tell.

I surly do get tired of messes, but sometimes you just need to let kids be kids and allow them to bring on the dirt!!

The only problem is, she also loves, loves, loves to eat the dirt!

What is it they say? Kid's don't eat enough dirt, right? That children who eat dirt are healthier! (seriously, google it and stop giving me that "you're a horrible mother" look)

I have to keep a sharp eye on her though because you never know what she'll eat next. Good thing she doesn't care for dandelions that much.

Have I mentioned yet much I love this little girl? 'Cause I do. Lots and lots.

6 super cool people speak:

Angel Day said...

Actually, dandelions are really good for you. You can eat the flower and make teas out of the leaves. They help strengthen all kinds of organs. I say let her eat them :D

Stacy said...

I do know how many cabinets you put back together each day. It's probably roughly the same amount I do. And I hear ya on the outside thing- Ian starts begging to go outside at 6:15 every morning.

Anonymous said...

Cute post! I could seriously insert our Luke's name and pictures throughout this whole post. How old is Claira? Probably right around his same age. :) Fun girl.
Natalie Taylor

Sue said...

She is such a funny little thing.

Can't believe she actually eats dirt! Seems kinda gritty to me...


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Hahaha, that is so cute! Babies always make dirt look as delicious as chocolate, I never can understand HOW! :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Natalie - she turns one this month!

And thanks everyone!

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