May 18, 2012


I'm out of town right now at this amazing convention. It was such a last-minute decision to come. A friend of mine called me up her way to Salt Lake City to tell me she had an extra ticket. Knowing how expensive they were and this was such an incredible opportunity, I decided to take advantage of it.

So, Hubby is home running back and forth from work and home to pick up and drop off the two older kids to and from school, while my brother and awesome sister-in-law are letting me and my three youngest kids stay with them.

Seriously, I have the best family ever.

True story.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little something I learned, something that brings my whole world into focus and now it all makes perfect sense.

See? I just KNEW chocolate had nothing to do with it!

My life is now complete.

7 super cool people speak:

Amy said...

Wish I had a magic calorie beater. You know, like a fly-swatter. Dang things make me look like a pudge in my skinny jeans (pregnancy aside.)

Valerie said...

What a blessing to have a husband to handle things while you get a much-deserved break.

Sue said...

Thanks for enlightening me about calories. The information has soothed my soul.


PS. Hope your soul gets some soothing as you take a little vacay from the kiddies.

Mama Smith said...

Absolutely LOVE THIS QUOTE! Gave me a WONDERFUL CHUCKLE this morning...After only 3 1/2 hours was DELIGHTFUL! (smile)

balloongal said...

I've seen that quote before. So funny.

Larsen said...

Whaaaa? This best friend situation isn't working out well when I don't know you're leaving town for a CONVENTION that I'm not invited too, and there was probably lots of chocolate.

Okay, we clearly need to hang out.

Garvin Smith said...

I believe it's true!

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