August 3, 2011

One year older and wrinkly too...

My family wanted to know what I did all day for my birthday. So, here it is.

12:01am - Hubby comes home from work. He says, "Happy Birthday" then we go to sleep.
5:00am - I wake up exhausted yet restless, unable to fall back asleep.
5:45am - Hubby leaves for work
7:00am - I fall back asleep
9:00am - Noisy kids wake me up - the day begins.
11:00am - Take the kids to the library
1:00pm - A friend and her kids come over to play, not knowing it was my birthday. But it worked out perfectly. I had someone to talk to and my kids had someone to play with while I cooked and baked all afternoon. One dinner for my family and one for a family who just had a baby.

I even baked myself a cake knowing the kids were all about cake on birthdays, even if it's not their own.

So imagine my immense surprise when Hubby walks through the door at 5:00pm with a small cake, ice cream, my favorite cookies, and roses... all with the Walmart price tags still attached.

I had to smile. The man's improving! 

Of course then we had to joke that Walmart needs a new slogan. What do you think, "Walmart. Saving the world. One marriage at a time."

Seriously, have you ever tried going there at 11pm the night before Valentine's Day or Mother's Day?

Man city.

5:30pm - Friend and her kids leave
6:00pm - Take dinner to other family
7:00pm - My brother and his wife arrive. We eat dinner.

By then the kids were beside themselves. They wanted that dang cake and ice cream! So we obliged them before one of them had a stroke from too much anticipation.

Whew! I know I'm getting old and all, but I sure was impressed that I could blow out all 28 candles in just one little breath.

That takes skill people. Real skill.

Then the roses were handed to me. One from everybody. 

(And I still don't understand why men can't just be normal for the camera. Wait... maybe the goofy faces are the normal ones! Hmmm...)

Even little Claira had a rose for me.

My bother and SIL gifted me why some wonderfully perfect jewelry. Just my style.

The kids were finally in bed about 10pm.

Hubby and I watched a show, then collapsed into bed. Sleep was almost instantaneous.

I must be getting old.

10 super cool people speak:

Saimi said...

Happy Birthday Serene and let's not talk about you being old missy, I could be your mom! Now that's OLD.

The cake is beautiful as is the birthday girl!!!

Amy said...

Happy birthday you lovely lady! Enjoy your cake and roses.
p.s. video is cute. You guys are just adorable.

Carrie said...

Sounds like a great birthday! Besides the you have to cook part;) Happy 28th birthday! It the BEST year because you are definitely considered an adult but still in your 20's. You just made me feel really old...

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday - That sounds like a wonderful and perfect day!!
The pic at the end with the kids and the roses kinda says it all!
You are blessed :-D

Cheeseboy said...

Your kids look like contestants on the Bachelor. Much cuter, of course.

Happy Birthday! Even with it being pretty crazy, I hope it was terrific.

Sue said...


I think it was all adorable. Especially the roses.


Patty Ann said...

Happy Birthday. Getting old isn't all bad, I would know, my birthday candles just about burned down the house this year!! Then there are the kids, well, they got me a trampoline for my birthday. My grandson declared that it was the best birthday ever!!! Yep, getting old. It really is ok.

Amber said...

Seriously, you MUST be getting old. Ben and I hardly get to bed before midnight BECAUSE it's the only time we have for ourselves. Ha!

I am glad it turned out okay; birthdays can be good and bad.

Renee said...

Typical Abraham in the background on the computer. LOL You do not look a day over the last time I saw you in Montana. :) You still look like a teenager. Love ya and hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ohhh...I LOVE this post! Its SO us too!! Gotta love it!

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