May 3, 2011


 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

Rebekah, Angel, Jenny, Me

Man, we had sexy legs! Our toes weren't so bad either. 

And we had rockin' jammies. 

We could also quote the entire Star Wars Trilogy from memory.

November 2010

Jenny, Me, Rebekah, Angel

Now, we're just plain sexy. (is "plain sexy" an oxymoron?) 

Even if Rebekah's long hair is fake. I've never seen anyone clip hair into their... hair before. Interesting.

And we can still quote the original Star Wars Trilogy from memory.

Some things are just better in multiples. 

Like chocolate bars and shoes.

And cute little girls.

It's one of the reasons I keep having kids.

They're just better in multiples.

(yes, even the boys, I just happen to be having another girl, so this post is about girls)

Don't worry, someday they'll have the Star Wars Trilogy memorized too.

They've already got the sexy toes thing down.

13 super cool people speak:

Amanda said...

Am I the only one wondering about the hand ascending from the bottom of the first picture?

Tristan said...

Okay, I have to know - did you know tomorrow is Star Wars Day? Seriously, it is! I'm trying to come up with some fun surprises for my hubby and children for the day. So far here are ideas, not sure if these are my final picks or not....:
Tatoine toast (cinnamon toast)
Naboo nuggets(chicken nuggets), Jaba jiggle(jello) and Obi-Wan kabobs(fruit)
Boba Fett-icini with Yoda Soda (green sprite)

Tristan said...

Oh, here is the link to tell you more about Star Wars Day:

Amanda Joy said...

Boba-fetticini is the coolest idea ever... if only my kids were older:)

M said...

Kudos to you since I don't think I could quote a single thing from Star Wars,

and yeah, who is the person behind the blanket in the first pic? Love the bunk beds though - good times

Cherie said...

You look exactly the same - just taller - Hee hee!!

I like the cute pictures!

Amy said...

Governor tarkin. I should have suspected you'd be holding Vader's leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.
charming to the last.

Hahaha! I LOVE quoting movies! And star wars? K, I always thought you were cool Serene, but now you rock my world.

Sue said...

What? There's a Star Wars day???


PS. You and the sibs are and were pretty cute girls. Your own little girls fit right in to the good looks bunch!

Garvin Smith said...

These are some of the best, prettiest, pictures I have ever seen!

Mother Smith said... STAR WARS day? My goodness...our children will be well "prepared" for such an event! (smile) This picture of you 4 girls is one of my absolute FAVORITES!

The hand? I do believe it was "Caleb's" hand, wasn't it?

This was taken in a "camper" and Caleb is in the backseat of the pickup truck...and the girls were IN the camper...GREAT GREAT MEMORIES!!!

Now, making new ones...with the NEXT GENERATION! Darling picture of Savannah and Alayna!

Mona said...

Alright. This just made my day to see you four as I remember you and then as you are today. Oh. Wait. I detect a little melancholy mixed up with the delight - darn. Why can't I just be glad that you are all accomplished gorgeous women now? My own little girl was little with you and now...well, you'll understand the mixed reaction when the years really start piling up in "multiples"...

FYI: I've resurrected my old Sunday blog: - Love you!

Vanessa said...

So cute and so true. I love having sisters, and I am glad my little girl has one now. I can't wait to see them grow together, playing, fighting, and destroying things. Girls are fun, but I have already been told that the next one better be a boy. I also had to change my blog address so now we are at...

hopefully we can still stay in touch. How is pregnancy going? Just a little longer. Yay.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Couldn't you sisters have had the courtesy to stand in the correct order!? Sheesh! :) I kept flipping back and forth trying to match the kid pictures up with the adult version. Very confusing! ha ha!

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