April 19, 2011

Of bums and bellies

In church on Sunday, Jacob was starting to get restless as his wiggles began escaping. At one point, he turned around in the bench and started watching the people behind us. I leaned over and asked him to turn back around.

Looking up at me and in his whinniest voice declared, "I can't! My bum is getting hot!"

Oh man, I just hate when that happens, don't you?


Yesterday, I was playing with Jacob, pretending to try and shoot him with the nerf gun.

I say pretend because I didn't have any bullets.

At one point, he turned and stuck his little tush at me, shook it and chanted, "You can't get me!"

Aiming my bullet-less nerf gun at his bum, I pulled the trigger.

"Ha! Got ya!" I yelled!

"Nuh uh!" He retorted, "You just got my bum shield!" 

Bum shield? Cool, I want to know where I can get me one!


I was just putting my shirt on when Joseph suddenly bursts out laughing.  "Hahahaha!! Mommy, you have a big, fat, belly! You look like...." He then proceeded to puff out his cheeks and hold his arms out in front of him like he was holding a ginormous ball.

I can't tell you how much my self-esteem was boosted that day.


Savannah approached me and asked, "Mom? How does the baby come out of your belly?"

.............ummm...................... well........................ err.......................*switching to elevator music now*

I'll just leave out the rest of that conversation.

13 super cool people speak:

Amanda Joy said...

That is so beyond awesome. I can forsee similar experiences in my future.

I hope that mini portion of "the talk" went well... it brought a smile to my face:)

F e l i c i t y said...

{giggle, snort, choke} Oh, Serene! Wow, your kids are awesome. Your house sounds so much like mine. . . . And my family has the wonderful privilege of having the last name "Butt". No joke. It's for real. I'm the "butt" of every joke, and my mother is just shameless the way she tells people that she has "cuter butts than they do". XD Love ya, and your little stinkers! :D

Krista said...

Can I put in my order for a bum shield? I'd like to protect mine from getting fatter.

Sue said...

I enjoyed these little snippets of life at your house (and your ward, too).


Jocelyn Christensen said...

OH yes...the vagina! We talk about how babies are made and how they arrive like every other day at our house! Scarlett thinks the V-word is the funniest!

Cheeseboy said...

Why is it that my butt is always getting hot at church. Those pews must be heated or something. Either that or the speakers must be boring. Yep, boring.

Amy said...

Just tell her it really hurts and be done with it.

You're beautiful, don't listen to the little bum. :)

Thanks so much for entertaining us with your fantastic children!

The Bagley Family said...

Charlie asked me how the baby gets out and I was saved by Peter's wisdom...'BIG operation, and then we have to help a lot, till Mommy gets better...it is AWFUL'

jaacs said...

lol. Too funny! I don't mind talking about how they come out (I've had three c-sections and just point to the scar)...it's when they ask how the baby got there that causes me some anxiety. They are still young, fortunately, so I can keep the answers REALLY basic.

Also, my girls took a picture of my 'BIG bum' and proceeded to play with my arms and tell me how squishy I am. Thanks, kids. Thanks!

Maybe I should do that to them after they have their kids, huh? :0)


Brittney said...

ahahhahahahhaha love it, love your kids, this was awesome. I hate having a hot bum too.. some chairs that aren't breathable make it worse. They should work on making the pew fabric breathable.

Mama Smith said...

Which side of the family...do your children take after? Never mind...I have it on good authority...which side...

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Kids say the funniest things! I wish I could be one again so I could people watch in sacrament meeting. Sometimes it's way more fun. :)

Ben, Heather and kids said...

when i was expecting #4, our oldest asked how he was going to get out of my belly. as i was stuttering for words and looking at my husband, our daughter promptly told him that the baby will crawl out of my mouth! :o

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