April 25, 2011

Easter in a nut shell.

It was one of those weekends where a thousand things were going on at once, a lot of them last minute or unexpected. But in a good way! We had a lot of fun.

Of course, I attribute a lot of it to that fact that Mr. Sunshine finally showed his face! If I could reach him, I'd slap him for taking to long to show up. Some people are so rude.  But I think he read my thoughts since the rest of this week is cold, windy, rainy, with chances of snow. The two inches we got last week were enough to have me crying. At the rate this week is looking, the kid's Easter candy might not last very long.

Errr... not that I would have anything to do with it's disappearance! *cough* Honest!

But let's not dwell on the perpetrator of disappearing Easter candy, we'll just skip ahead to Easter morning.

I confess, I have only ever bought my kids "new Easter clothes" once, about three years ago. It's not something I tend to think about, perhaps because it wasn't a tradition in my family.

Still, it all worked out this year. I pulled out the dresses and bow ties from my brother's wedding back in November, which I don't think they had worn since that time.

They were just so stinking cute (Which they get of me, obviously. Err... the cute part, not the stinking part) I just had to take some pictures.

And... take 5!

And... take 84!

And... take 638!

Oh well, we tried.

Apparently, "smile" means "show off your big muscles" to boys, and "pose like a princess" to girls. Which... now that I think about it, makes a lot of things much more clear to me. Still, who knew?

Almost from the moment they woke up Easter morning, the kids were asking about the Easter egg hunt, begging, pleading, crying for it to take place already.

After church.

After lunch.

After Uncle Abe and Aunt Annie get here.

After dinner.

We're all about torture around here.

We unexpectedly and last minute had another family join us for dinner and the egg hunt, and that was also a lot of fun.

Of course, notice how, at this moment right before my children were let loose of the Easter eggs, that their poor friends were totally forgotten as they about busted at the seams, itching for the go ahead.

Who are their parents anyway? Some kids and their manners.

I tried my darndest to get pictures of them finding eggs. But do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of running kids on a candy mission?

I mean honestly, sometimes I think I expect too much of myself.

 Here is my cute sister-in-law helping Alayna.

Some images should never be made available to the public eye.

I'm pretty sure in this picture, the boys already have three or four eggs worth of candy in their mouths. They were totally ignoring me. They were too intent on cataloging their catch.

It's all about inventory, you know?

I can appreciate that.

Some people's brothers.........

At the end of the day, we were all exhausted, but it had been fun, a good day.

I know this for a fact because I only had to scold Hubby four times for making silly faces at the camera before he finally stopped.

Of course, then Savannah had to help him know what to do after that.

"Smile Daddy!"

I hope you all had a great Easter too!

We will have to continue the festivities tonight for Family Home Evening, since we haven't had a chance to dye our Easter eggs yet.

And believe me, the kids have made me aware of the fact.

Now, if I could just get the kids to stop asking me for their Easter candy until after 11am, that would be awesome.

Then again, I have such high expectations of them.

8 super cool people speak:

Amanda Joy said...

It looks like Easter was a blast. I spent Abbie was throwing up all weekend, again, so Asher and my husband went to church alone:(

I felt bad that Abbie was sick during the big hunt on Saturday, so yesterday I let her carry eggs around the yard, and help me pick daffodils and tulips out of the garden:)

Royalbird said...

Love the pics of the kids in their church clothes. I usually do the new dress for my daughter and some new shirts or ties for my boys, but this year, they got nothin'. They were lucky to even have candy-filled eggs and Easter at all, even!

Saimi said...

Love how you keep it simple with the Easter plastic bags!

Renee said...

I have to remember not to read your blog at work. LOL When it got to Abe I started laughing. That picture it so typical of him. :) I am glad you posted a picture of Annie since no one seems to post them on the Smith blog. :) Miss you guys!!!

Sue said...

One of the most amusing Easter day accounts I've read so far!


Mama Smith said...

OH...I am so grateful for your post...so I can feel a little bit a part of your EASTER! So MISS having our FAMILY...for such events...We did go to another family's home for EASTER...they had 7 of their 8 home...plus, another family of 5 were there...As we looked down the table...Garvin said...
Does this look familiar?" and I responded nearly in tears..."OH YES...and how I miss ALL OF US around the DINNER TABLE!"

Charlotte said...

We totally made our kids wait until after dinner to do the egg hunt.

Cassie said...

That's what my pictures looked like with all three and I didn't even post and gave up trying to take them! At least you just say whatever and go with the flow!

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