March 9, 2011

Joseph turns Five

'Tis the year for low-key I guess. It's not that I'm doing it intentionally mind you, it just seems to work out that way.

I had always planned on doing the kid's first big "friend party" when they turned five. I did one for Savannah and had always planned on doing one for Joseph too.

But circumstances were such that it just didn't work out this year. Thankfully, Joseph didn't seem to mind or care. He has never asked for a party or for friends to come over or anything, so I figured he'd forgive me this year.

So last week, my little man turned five years old.

When I gave him a choice, he chose to have a chocolate cake. A boy after my own heart.

Although, I really was surprised when he offered one of the cake beaters to his sister so they could share.


I'm pretty sure I would have hoarded mine and anyone who approached me would have discovered why they're called beaters in the first place! 

I mean, err... *cough* had it been my fifth birthday. 'Cause I would never do such a thing now in my old age!

Promise! *crossing fingers behind my back*  

Already my kids are better than me. Sharing and all that.

They even went so far as to clean the bowls and spatulas for me.

*sniffle* So thoughtful.

While the cake was cooling, my brother and SIL came down to celebrate with us. (They probably heard chocolate cake was on the menu)

We decided now was as good a time as any to hand out presents.

He loved it! Now the boys can finally stop fighting over his old bike. And despite it being negative 800 degrees outside, he wanted to try it out.

What a stud.

And just as cool (if not cooler) was the present Uncle Abe and Aunt Annie brought for him.

I've had a hard time getting him out of it at all! After all, it's not exactly appropriate church attire.

Then we took the kids to see this:

It was really cute.

Now Savannah's more convinced than ever that she never wants to cut her hair. 

Oh great, just great.

And the boys told Aunt Annie that it was "the bestest movie they ever seen!!"

But maybe that was just the popcorn talking.

After we stuffed ourselves on pizza and I was frantically trying to finished decorating the cake, Granny called on skype to wish Joseph a happy birthday.

And now, the REAL moment you've all been waiting for...

Ta Da!!

What?? What!? 

Oh, okay fine! I see how it is! Laugh if you want to! Just because my baseball bat looks nothing like a baseball bat!

Humph! And you know what Luke said it looked like? A fish!

A fish?? Please! I was totally crushed! Devastated really. Can you believe he called it a fish!! 


Because quite frankly, I think it looks like a blimp.

So there. *thrppt*

The kids hardly made it past the song before they started digging in.

And there you have it.

That's how we party around here.

17 super cool people speak:

Kristina P. said...

That is the coolest costume ever. Do they make it in big people sizes?

Wendy said...

Looks like a fun time!!! And I love how the kids are just sticking their fingers into the frosting on the cake!! That's awesome.

Happy Birthday to the 5 year old!! What a fun age!!

kelly said...

I'm assuming there was supposed to be a picture of Tangled in there. And I agree, GREAT movie. :) Luckily, I see no harm in cutting hair. Short brown non-magical hair is what I've had most of my life and it's suited me just fine.

Five. I can't imagine having a 5 year old. Glad my kids will never get that old ;) It's bad enough my husband is about to be 30 ... haha?

Sue said...

I do admit to thinking the bat was a space ship.


PS. Looks like an idyllic day for a five-year-old. Happy birthday, Joseph! And good job on the sharing!!

Lisa said...

All the friends would have given him would have been all a dollar gifts, so that kid totally scored! A BIKE? SERIOUSLY GREAT PRESENT for a five year old. You win. And beaters? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

The Martos Fudge said...

HAppy birthday to your little boy. It makes me want to cry to even think mine will be five next month. Sniff Sniff... I think you did a good job on the cake, and I don't see a fish.

Brittney said...

i love to hear your giggles in the background of movies :) and I think the cake is AWESOME

T said...

do I get hate mail if I agree with Luke on the fish thing?

but really... in the end - what matters is whether or not it tasted good - and judging by the enjoyment of beaters and bowl I think we all know there were some happy kids (and adults) eating cake.

(man... we were deprived - my mom always worried so much about Salmonella that I still have fears about cake batter...)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Optimus Prime.

I rather thought it looked like a blimp too. No offense, Luke.

Beaters! LOL!! I love licking the beaters too. Yummalicious.

f e l i c i t y ☂ said...

Serene, you are such a crack-up!! You have me laughing and nearly in hysterics every time you post, did you know that? I love the cake! It does not look like a fish. I promise I noticed it was a baseball bat the moment I saw it. * wink * Happy birthday to your little man. Glad he had a happy day! :)

f e l i c i t y ☂, at
{s i m p l e · e l e g a n c e }

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Your cake ru-ELS!

also, so does tangled and yes, your daughter should cut her hair like she does in the do on a disney princess ever.

Stef said...

I know it was a bat! Who throws a baseball at a fish...I mean, come on!!
What a cutie! Bikes and can't go wrong!

Hyrum said...

My first thought was a submarine!

Patty Ann said...

I think you did a great job and it looks like he had a wonderful day. After all, that is really what it is about. love the baseball cake. I'll bet he did too!

Mama Smith said...

I so loved being on I can ENJOY the festivities! It was almost as good as being there...only I didn't get any of that CAKE! GREAT PRESENTS by-the-way!

Valerie said...

Why they're called beaters!!! Ha!!!
Happy belated birthday to your little guy.

Cheeseboy said...

Sweet ride dude! And happy 5th to you!

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