November 1, 2010

Halloween and All

I'm totally lame.

Lame-O, with a capital "O", that's me. I am well aware of this and have no wish to deny it, and I am comfortable enough in my own skin to be mildly okay with it.

At least I was, until I saw Jocelyn had a She-Ra, Princess of Power costume for Halloween.

Pish, now? My whole life is ruined. Destroyed. Annihilated. My entire mortal existence will never be the same and is now marred by the fact that I want a She-Ra outfit, bad.

Life is just so unfair sometimes.

If you have no idea who She-Ra is, I will pray for your soul.

This year, I really was lame though. While I have decorated for Fall, I didn't bring out a single Halloween decoration. I didn't dress up either, not once. Not even a little.

See? L.A.M.E. I usually make an effort, but this year, it just came and went so suddenly! It must have knocked on my door while I was puking over the toilet, because I totally missed it.

But never fear! My children did indeed dress up and enjoy some good ole' trunk-or-treating.

Sure, their costumes aren't fancy. Sure, everything they're wearing was a gift from someone at one point or another. But they didn't seem to care one stinking bit. They all just picked something from what we had.

Because deep down, I think they're really all just like me. They secretly only care about the candy.

 The Lion: I may be an artist, but I never claimed face painting as one of my skills. At least his costume was two sizes too small. That makes it cool, right?

The Fairy: After running around and whacking everyone over the head with her wand, she was put on fairy probation.

The Princess: The blue eye curly thingy was totally her idea. And she loved it. It was hard to get her away from the mirror. 

The Strong Man: I don't know what to say, other than, this is my favorite picture. Let's be honest, it's just awesome.

And don't worry, I will do my motherly duty and make sure the worst of the candy gets eaten.

By me.

Because let's face it. Kids just don't need to be eating Twix, and Snickers, or anything chocolate for that matter. It's just not good for them, you know?

I know, I'm such a wonderful, selfless mother to be sacrificing myself for my children like that.

It's called true love.

21 super cool people speak:

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I totally agree...but not with the part about you being L.A.M.E.

Let's just see if we can't hook you up with a She-ra outfit after you think they come in Maternity sizes? :)

Your little Lion there rules.

Oh, and did I mention that we let our kids eat as much candy as they wanted...and Guy was up at 1 am barfing up chocolate?! hmmm...nice.

Sue said...

Could you come up with an excuse why I ate so much of the trick or treating candy last night? Considering that I have no kids at home to protect, I mean.

You, a profoundly creative excuse-maker, are exactly the person I need to explain my Sunday evening candy binge. (Well, it was a Dots and Tootsie Roll Pop binge, actually.) And one Charleston Chew for good measure! Oh wait, I forgot the Junior Mints.

But that's it. Honest. Though I did chase it all with some hot chocolate. And Cool Whip.

Not the fat free.


PS. I think your kids are more than adorable, and I love the recycled costume concept. That's how Halloween oughta be! Catch as catch can and go for the loot!!

PPS. Hope the nausea eases up soon.

Kristina P. said...

Yes, totally lame. Dressing up 4 kids so they look adorable.

By the power of Gray Skull!!

Saimi said...

That strong man looks like he could knock someone into next week! I wouldn't even dare come close to his candy bag. There is the little fairy, but she's got that wand, humm perhaps the lions candy....Nah he'd just bite the hand that comes close to his loot.

Ah, the princess she's a sure bet, so sweet and dainty. I think you'll be safe with her!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Aww for cute.
Sorry U are still feeling pukey....
*sigh* That sux.
at least you have candy to console you...when U R feeling less pukey....

T said...

you've had to pray for my soul enough over the chocolate thing (don't worry M.O.T.H. is taking care of that) that I'm glad I know who She-Ra is...

(and I totally can just pretend I'm THAT young and don't have to admit it's because the 3 yr old I used to babysit for was obsessed with her...)

Larsen said...

Didn't you see my costume? Not only did I really dress up, but so did all my adult friends.

Oh, wait. That was for the Melodrama. We loved Halloween too! Though I did decorate for it, but I haven't much for fall decor now....

Lisa said...

I kind of wanted to be "OH MIGHTY ISIS" and I know you're way too young to know who SHE is, but FYI, SHE is as awesome as She-Ra. One day, Serene, maybe not in this life, but one day, you and I will have the costumes of our dreams. :)

M-Cat said...

Any good mother knows the sacrifices she needs to make. Really. Feel assured you are doing your proper duty taking care of all the 'bad' candy!

And who is She-Ra? LOL

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh goodness! High five, girlfriend. I was a bah humbug this year too. No costumes or decorations. In fact, I didn't even buy a single piece of candy this year. WHAT THE WHAT? We usually don't have any trick or treaters, but we're prepared just in case. This year we had 2 trick or treaters and my hub and I were hiding in the basement trying to keep the dog from barking. ha ha It was so embarrassing.

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Neisha said...

haha!! My favorite is 3 Musketeers and I tried to convince my daughter that it tasted gross and that she should give me her (large) candy bar..........yeah, didn't work

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Yes, totally! Kids can eat the healthy tootsie rolls and I'll save them from those poisonous Twix. :)

Garden of Egan said...

Very cute kiddlins!
Did you leave them any of the chocolate or did you snarf it all!
Hope you are feeling better!

The Martos Fudge said...

I know what you mean, Halloween came by here and all I heard was the Zooommmm as it flew by. However thankfully we still have Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kids had fun and we got our chocolate, so really the important stuff happened.

Amy said...

I didn't dress up either. Not one iota.
We're not lame. We're pregnant. And as such, we're excused from any and all added and/or unnecessary aggravation

Cherie said...

Your kids look so darn cute!! YOu've got it made! Cute kids = awesome mother. Just make sure you wipe the incriminating chocolate off of your mouth!

Amber said...

I didn't dress up just because I HATE dressing up. So there.

Stacy said...

Hee hee! this post made me giggle because I just finished one the described how lame-o I was for Halloween! I might win the lameness contest though, because you actually used a real camera to take your kids' pictures!

And my kids are safe from the poisonous Butterfinger bars. It was a close one, but I took one for the team.

Patty Ann said...

Love it Serene. I especially love the last pic of them all in the car! What else can you do??? Somebody has to save them from the chocolate Halloween monster. It might as well be you!!!

Mama Smith said...

Your brother got LOTS of RAVES over his costume...and it only cost us $2.00....Did you get to see it? It is his FB picture! TRUE SMITH MALE coming through! (smile)

We never went overboard in costumes for any of you growing up...As long as you had stuff on your face...ALL OF YOU were simply were dressed enough to go out and get CANDY!!!! (smile)

Brenick said...

i must be a great mother too.. because my son didnt even get a single mini candy bar. hahaha!

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