September 29, 2010

R.O.D. is controlling my life

I think I've figured out why my blog has been so bad lately. So very... not funny or creative.

I'm pretty sure I have a Reading Obsession Disorder, which has been affecting my mental functions and distracting me from blogging.

There, I said it.

I, Serene, of a very... not colorful blog (as I've recently been informed), have R.O.D.

I've always loved to read. Of course, I kind of blame that on my parents. Not that I'm one to shift blame or point fingers, because honestly, nothing is ever my fault. Ever.

Just ask me.

But for every birthday, every Christmas, or for any type of occasion where gift giving is involved, my mom would give us books.

And underwear. But we're not going to talk about that right now.

I can't say I always appreciated it as a young kid or teenager. My friends would show off their latest gadget, toy, or snazzy outfit. Then I would hold up my latest copy of The Work and the Glory.

And hide the new pack of underwear.

But then I went away to college and "fun" reading became a foreign notion as I fought with all my might not to drool on the text book I was desperately trying to understand.

And since I didn't actually graduate until I was pregnant with baby number three, and had started doing freelance art, reading still eluded me.

For years, I have been in a reading famine.

But then last year, I decided that, by golly, I just really needed a good book. Something to take my mind off the stresses of life.

And from buying new underwear.

So, I started re-reading many of the books I actually own. This soon extended to visits to the library, and now I have developed R.O.D.

In the last two to three months, I've probably read at least thirty books. Thirty, people!

And especially these last couple of weeks since we've had computer issues and I haven't been able to read too many blogs, I've been reading about two to four books a week.

Do you see my problem here? I have issues people, issues!

I have a gazillion other things that I need and should be doing. But all I want to do is read. Then read some more.

And every time I finish a really good book, I crave more! I can't wait to start another one! I think my famine has just turned into a monsoon.

I need therapy.

And a lot of chocolate.

Even my husband is ready to issue a block on my library card.

So don't tell him that I'm asking you guys, what books you've been reading lately?

Just a very few of the authors I've been reading lately:
Brandon Mull
Donna Hatch
Lynn Gardner
Tamera Alexander

Not that you should be encouraging my latest obsession, but you really need to encourage me in my latest obsession.


33 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I suffer from ROD as well.

It may be chronic...


Neisha said...

I love to read too! I could read all day long, especially if I have a really good book!!
Thanks for sharing the authors names, I'm always looking for new authors.
I just wish my 2nd grader loved to read like I do!!

Amanda Joy said...

I am re-reading the Tennis Shoes Amoung the Nephite series. The 11th book just came out and I started reading these when I was in junior high. Another fun series like Fablehaven, is the 13th reality series by James Dashner. My all time favorite book is The Alliance by Gerald Lund. Another good series is Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. There are too many awesome books:)

T said...

I refuse to seek out a cure for R.O.D. - I'll be (hopefully) posting about my recent reads over at my book blog ever few days (I've read WAY more books than I've reviewed in the past!)

and Pshaw to the non-colorful blog comments - who else could intertwine books and underwear so seamlessly into a make me smile post?

M-Cat said...

I use to seriously suffer from ROD and then, I don't know what happened, I just don't have time anymore. When I do find a good book though, I don't stop until I am finished.

Gina said...

Um, since I blog about books turning into movies, you could say that I am a little bit obsessive about reading. A little. Like, I've read over 50 books this year and none of them have been short, obsessive.

I'm really into fantasy, so I am just finishing The Belgariad. If you want book ideas, check my blog. I have a lot of them.

Katie said...

Serene, I realize there is no chance you will actually read anything by him, because not one person I have told about him has, but one of my favorite authors is Samuel Shellebarger. He wrote some incredible historical fiction in the thirties and forties. Prince of Foxes is, in my opinon, his best work. His books are exciting AND they make you smarter.

Joel & Rebekah Greenway said...

You obviously have too much time on your hands, time to have another baby! hahaha

Cherie said...

I have R.O.D also - but you could have a worse obsession!
I actually just finished reading the final Harry Potter book - I had read it so long ago I forgot what happened and the movie is coming out in November yada yada yada - Anyway, the book was really good! I had forgotten alot of what happens.

Patty Ann said...

Oh yes, my R.O.D. is rampant in my life!! The biggest problem is that I am passing it on to my nearly teenage daughters! (The teenager long since caught that bug). It is coming down to the fact that there is NO ONE in our entire house available to CLEAN! If I just had a little extra money to hire a housekeeper, I would be set!

Garden of Egan said...

I have always been a crazy obsessive, outlandish gotta have more to read..reader.

The Twilight Series? Three Days.
The state of the house/laundry/dinner at the end of those three days.....memorable.

I don't think there is help for the disorder. I just recommend that you embrace it.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Seriously...You need help! I wish it was contagious though...

Kristina P. said...

I have just the opposite problem. Not enough books, too many pictures of Lindsay Lohan getting out of cars without wearing underwear.

Wendy said...

I have a few of Lynn Gardner's books but haven't read them yet. Is she a good author??

It also sounds as if you have been in SERIOUS need of such brain stimulation and body relaxation. I love to read as well, but I've been opposite you since the summer started, I've read maybe three or four books and that's it. Normally I read at least a dozen over summer.

Not this year though. Oh Well.

Lara said...

I came to the same place in my life a couple years ago, when I realized that I was missing out by not taking the time to read. Since then I've found that about a book a month is about perfect balance for me (plus a few more in the summer).

Mama Smith said...

Hump...Just because we have "16" bookcases of books...(could use another have been an influence on your R.O.D. problem........Parents get blamed for everything...........(smile)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Reading is great!
Good to know you are still around..and you have new clean underwear your mama bought you...LOL.

Love ya Serene!

Sara Lyn said...

I have a couple of books to send you. :) Send me your address so I can send them on.

iamwoman said...

I LOVE to read. I am quite obsessed as well. If my life seems off-kilter, (is that even a word?) I know it's because I haven't read anything in awhile. I used to say that I could live in a library--and I actually got away with making an entire class as a "library aid" a credit in HS. I feel ya, baby. I feel ya.

Wonder Woman said...

Love Jodi Picoult. She always makes me think. Also love any LDS chick lit.

ldsjaneite said...

Since I finished grad school, I have found myself every New Year making the resolution to read LESS books. And I keep failing!

Melanie Jacobson said...

Have you read Stephanie Black? She writes LDS suspense. I think she's pretty dang good.

Cheeseboy said...

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. I should do the "More You Know" messages for NBC.

My reading consists of Blogs, children's picture books and Ute fans message boards. Perhaps someday I'll open a book.

Larsen said...

Hunger Games will leave you feeling liek this:

What the heck just happened to me.

Dusty Britches will leave you feeling like this:

I want a corset. *Sigh*

Charlotte said...

I have been suffering from ROD my entire life. I usually limit it to 3-5 books a month, but I've been known to diet to one or gorge on 20, too.

Charlotte said...

As far as books, just finished and loved the 13th tale. Also read the entire Artemis Fowl series (it was okay- good for capturing preteen boys' interest), the Help,
the History of Love,
the Book Thief,
the Hunger Games,
Sisters Grimm,
Percy Jackson series, Hourglass Door,

I could probably go on for way too long.

Teachinfourth said...

That's why I only buy used underwear...

Kirk and Cami Hull said...

Shannon Hale
Eva Ibbotson (the backs don't do justice to the stories inside)
Joanne Fluke

Tarmy said...

Congrats on the pregnancy and good luck!
I love for ideas.
Have you tried:
Mette Ivie Harrison
Julie Berry
I am Not a Serial Killer (horror, but well written horror...)
the Once Upon a Time Series- my favorite is Cameron Dokey
Brandon Sanderson- his kids books are fun- I think you love em or hate em

ROD might as well be my middle and last name...

Rubber Duck said...

oh! i LOVE READING with a capitol <3

I've found a book called "Emeralds and Espionage" There is a whole series and i LOVE IT! but the books aren't in print anywhere I can find except Seagul Book

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ha! Believe it or not, I've read that whole series too. I just happen to find them at the library!

Rubber Ducky said...

Really??? Wow your library must ROCK! Hmmm now I've got to find a book to read... My problem is that I have so many good looking books and I can only read 1 at a time!! It about kills me ;)

Rubber Ducky said...

Ps. Did you read the 9th book?? I read up to 8 and I thought was the end....and it bugged me because of the way it ended. But I found the 9th book and practically read it in 2 days!!

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