September 7, 2010

Have I mentioned lately...

I was awakened by Hubby wrapping his arm around my waist and gently pulling me in close.

He's not much of a snuggler and hardly ever willingly does it, so I smiled, burrowed down deeper in the warm covers and prepared to drop back off in to heavenly oblivion.

Wait... my eyes flew open. It was light outside! Slightly panicked, I jerked my head around and managed to half whisper, half croak, "What time is it."

Without flinching or opening his eyes, his lips barely moved, "Just after seven."

Relief flooded through me as I realized I had not slept in past seven-thirty, the time I get Savannah up for school.

I was cozy and my body rebelled against me, not wanting to get up just yet.

But the damage had been done. My mind was already oiling the creaky gears of my mind's wheels as I thought about all the things I needed to get done today.

Groaning, I rolled over and caught of whiff of campfire smoke.

I paused, sniffed my hair, and recoiled.

We had come home late last night so I didn't bother to wash my hair.

Dropping my head into my pillow, I thought about yesterday.

We had gone to "Grandma's House" to see Luke's family. He was also determined to get in a four-wheeler ride with the kids.

So we did.

It was in the afternoon by the time we finally got going, which was probably a good thing because although the sun was shining, it was pretty chilly up there in the mountains.

Not that the kids cared one bit.

They were too busy gathering treasures. Like sticks, flowers,

rocks, and dead plants.

The trail we followed took us up to "Hidden Lake". This particular trail is insanely bumpy as the rains had washed away the dirt, leaving nothing but rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

Oh, and there was nothing but rocks.

Did I mention the trail was nothing but rocks?

Just so we're clear, the trail was very rocky.

I did my best to hold Alayna in place as I drove up the trail, feeling strangely like a bobble-head toy.

I'm amazed my brain didn't shake out my nose.


I'm suddenly feeling strangely like Dr. Seuss. Perhaps because of Savannah's hat?

*clearing throat*

Girl with sticks.

Boy with stacks.

Boy with stacks of sticks.

Girl trying to ride off with the four-wheeler.

Okay, so I make a lousy Dr. Seuss. But hey, I tried.

Maybe you guys can come up with a little Dr. Seuss action for these pictures.

Anyway, back to me plopping my head into my pillow this morning.

I looked over at the clock, it was time to get up.

I rolled off the side of the bed in an indecently ungraceful manner and shrugged on some sweats. I carefully woke up Savannah and we groggily sauntered our way to the living room.

Once she was dressed and eating her breakfast, I attempted to brush out her hair. Not sure if the over-powering campfire smoke smell was coming from her hair or mine, I felt guilty for not waking her up earlier so we could wash her hair. I vowed I would spritz her hair with from fruity-smelling body spray before we headed to the bus stop.

Then I thought about the hot dog roast complete with cheese puffs and chocolate milk the kids had for dinner before coming home last night.

While I had remembered to bring their pajamas, I had forgotten to bring their toothbrushes. Cringing, I vowed she would brush her teeth before we headed to the bus stop.

I finished making her lunch then glanced at the clock.

Oh blast! It was time to go!

We grabbed her backpack and jacket and sprinted to the bus stop.

I gave her a kiss and saw her off.

It wasn't until later that I realized I had neither sprayed her hair, nor brushed her teeth.

Have I mentioned lately what a totally awesome mother I am?

The End.

P.S. Don't forget to stop by Incredible Women for even more questions and answers about yours truly! If you can stand it. If not, that's okay.

It's just something that I'll never be able to get over, leaving tons of emotional scars.

Nothing for you to feel guilty about as it weighs on your conscience.


16 super cool people speak:

Neisha said...

looks like a great day!

Saimi said...

I love the mountains, and from the looks of it so does your family, rocks, sticks, campfire hair and great food! What's not to love!!

Besides, you are a GREAT mom!

One Cluttered Brain said...

I saw your totally AWESOME interview! in fact i think i was the first comment?
Can i get a prize?
I prefer cash, 50's and 100's will do
Love ya! MUAH!


Braden said...

Fwiw, I think the quality of the time you spent as a family is way more important than the spritz and teethbrushing. Let it go.

I do not like to camp with sticks,
I do not like attracting ticks
I do not like to smell like smoke,
Put down that stick! Don't try to poke...
Ouch! I do not like to camp with sticks
To stay inside is what I pick.

Mama Smith said...

Braden! LOVE IT!

How did your kids get so blessed to have both set of grandparents living in such BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!!!! (though, I would choose MONTANA over WYOMING!) (smile)

Patty Ann said...

Oh yeah! They look like they had an amazing day!! don't worry about the wood smoke and the unbrushed teeth. She will survive it and it is a testament to the fact that they really did go and have a great time. Now she can say, "See, we really went all weekend! Do you wanna smell my hair? Doesn't it smell just like marshmellows?" sometimes you need something to show and tell!

T said...

I was going to give my attempt at Seussian verse - but Braden out-seussed us already.

Her friends will smell her campfire hair and her marshmallow breath and be jealous of all her fun - don't take that away from her with all your mom-guilt "hygiene" stuff :)

Sue said...

The interview is interesting.
The Dr. Seuss is entertaining.

All in all, a great post!


ldsjaneite said...

At least she's not a teenager going to school...smelling like that. At this age, hopefully it doesn't bother her as much IF a child comments. And if she wasn't complaining/insisting about her own hair or breath, then why blame you? :-)

Lisa said...

Nothing says well bred like a rock/stick collection displayed on your fireplace mantle. Just sayin'.

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful scenery.
Looks like such a good time.

I personally feel that everyone should go to school stinky.

Amy said...

Oh, how I wish I was in a Dr. Suessy mood. I could come up with some prose that would impress the shinanigans out of you, which in turn would make me feel like a champ cuz I just think you're so cool.
As far as the smelly hair and furry teeth?
Meh. Let it slide. It could have been worse. You could have let her go to school in ballet slippers. Or snow boots. In Arizona. Where it doesn't snow. (Yep. I did both. Why my mom didn't put up more of a fight I have no idea.)

Charlotte said...

Think of the stink and dirt as part of show and tell on how she spent her weekend. Detangle spray is the best "I forgot to wash my kids' hair" cover up around. Not that I would have any experience in that area...

Garvin Smith said...

Was the road rocky?
Was it kind of like life?
Or was your writing too cocky?
causing some strife?

Garvin Smith said...

Who was the teacher that inspired you?

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I love the tone of the way you write.. I bet you type like you talk, am I right? You probably make people laugh easily, and you don't even have to try hard and you are just funny...keen sense of humor, quick wit.. You write such a great blog!!
I am sure no one noticed the campfire smoke hair, or the unbrushed teeth!! ;)

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