September 8, 2010

Flying laundry and other family oriented topics

This is why I love having kids.

I can't even begin to imagine how boring my life would be if I didn't get the chance to walk through my living room and discover a sock hanging from my ceiling fan from time to time.

Besides, I may have just discovered a way to get the kids to help with the dusting.

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have totally ignored the fact that my kids were laughing hysterically while throwing the laundry around.

But the underwear was totally worth it.

You should have seen the pride in their eyes when they announced this incredible accomplishment.

I think it was worth 100 points.


Okay, so I realize that some of you may be feeling a bit miffed at me.

You make your way, all the way over here to my blog, only to have me send you away again.

But truly, you need to... no, you HAVE to go check out my guest post over at Jocelyn's blog, We talk of Christ, We rejoice in Christ.

She is having a month long celebration of the family, where each day is celebrated by talking about the truths found in the Family Proclamation. And she actually asked me to guest post! *gasp*

I realize some of you aren't Mormon, but you really should stop by. I wrote on a topic that, I confess, I am slightly passionate about.

I lovingly entitled it, Family Planning: It's none of THEIR business!

You'll like it, I promise.

Not terribly spiritual I'm afraid. But the topics going on over are and they are great! So be sure to stop by and give your two cents on my post!

Besides, if not for me, at least go to check out all the incredible giveaways going on over there too.


And again, be sure to stop by Kara's blog Incredible Women to read the new questions and answers on my totally undeserved week long feature!

You know I love you guys, right?

*double chest pound, peace sign*

16 super cool people speak:

Neisha said...

haha!! at least they're happy, right? :)

Mama Smith said...

HOME - with little ones would NOT be NORMAL....if articles of clothing were put away neatly in drawers and closets!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Nice. Love the double check pound peace sign at the end! thanks again for your excellent post!

Mama Smith said...

I just finished reading your guest post "We talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ"...Very good...

One of the hardest challenges we have in THIS having complete TRUST in Father...and OBEY His directives that He asks of"multiplying and replenishing" the earth...

I had friends who use to ask me...when we were in the midst of having children..."How do you know when you have done your part?" "How do you know...when you can QUIT!" (having children)

This same question was asked by the daughter of the prophet, David O. McKay, after she gave birth to her 8th child...Her prophet father replied..."I don't know...that is between you and the Lord."

It is with all that we do in THIS LIFE..."It is between YOU and the LORD! and no one else"...

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Hahaha, looooooooooove the flying underpants, so funny! And that is a great blog! Thanks for sharing!

T said...

man, you are just everywhere these days!!! (no wonder you're feeling overextended!)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Man. I'll have to check out your stuff over talking about Family...
It is BOUND to give me a lugh.
Love ya Serene!
the underwear on the book shelf is

Garden of Egan said...

Off to check out the sites. I plan on being totally uplifted. Hope you don't let me down.......oh, well, you never have.

Love ya.

So did you finish dusting up there with the socks and the underwear?
I would have. Then I would have promptly stuck those undies on a deserving bottom.

Braden said...

Awesome. I love your kids. They make me smile and laugh several times a week.

AllisonK said...

Your post was FANTASTIC! I enjoyed getting to know you a bit by reading here. I look forward to wonderful stories!

Patty Ann said...

Count your blessings, Serene, they haven't reached the bologna throwing ages yet. I had very neat, round circles on my ceiling for years (until I finally got around to painting it). Don' forget the walls, inside the cupboards, and on the windows! I would have been so happy to settle for a few pieces of underwear on the ceiling fan! Oh yeah, and your article is right on and amazing! (as usual!).

Charlotte said...

Good thing it wasn't food being tossed around!

Cheeseboy said...

I loved that post.

My wife and I have the opposite problem here in Utah. We have chosen to only have 2 kids. We are not having any more... not because we can't, but because we have CHOSEN that.

People here ALWAYS ask when we are having our next one. When we tell them that we are only having two, and that is our choice, they are often blown away by it. They should mind their own danged business.

I don't ask them about how many kids they are having, and they shouldn't do the same about mine, so I agree with you 100%

Kazzy said...

I think sometimes when little boy laundry gets dirty/stinky enough, it gets a mind of its own!

Teachinfourth said...

Can you really talk about underwear and Christ in the same blog post?

What church do you go to? The Church of What's Happinin' Now?


I kill me.

A Modest Girl's Public Confessions said...

I love how you're not afraid to show your kids' messes to the world. All moms should be more like you-A little less afraid of having people see their messes.

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