July 22, 2010

Just another day

The wind howled and screeched as it slipped its way through the open windows. Rain beat so hard against the glass that it could have been mistaken for hail. Thunder shook the house and at that moment, the power went out.

Two small figures huddled together in the dark, whispering intently.

Batman One: Hey Batman, do you see da bad duys?

Batman Two: Ya, Dey are over dere! Dey are going to det the smarshmellows! Hurry Batman! Hide da smarshmellows!

Batman One: Tay! Follow me!

In a flash the two small figures leapt from their hiding place.

Oh no! Batman One yelled in horror, here are da bad duys!

Battle cries shredded the silence that had enveloped the morning as the two brave Batmen fought to defend their beloved, imaginary marshmallows.

The battle was intense, there were so many bad guys! After taking a blow or two, Batman Two decided to give the bad guys a piece of his mind.

You are mean bad guy! Gggrrraaaarrrr! Pow! You can't have my smarshmellows!

At last, victory was theirs.

Or so they thought. It wasn't long before they realized that they had more serious problems coming their way.

Uh oh. Batman One said quietly as he started backing away, Here tum da taradactals!  

Yea, said Batman Two, as he too began to back away slowly, eyes intent on watching his feet as he did so, here dey tum to det our smarshmellows!

Ahhhh, and hot lava! Screamed Batman One.


Before you could blink, they were off in a frantic run as they tried to escape the pterodactyls and hot lava that were headed their way.....



... and then we will be happy and he will loooooove me. And I will love him, and we will be happy...

The princess walked through the midst of the chaos, completely oblivious to the lava and pterodactyls as she tried out her 984,635th paper airplane.

*sigh* This is the best one ever! She exclaimed as she sent it sailing, sort of, through the air. Once it crashed landed, she skipped over to it happily, pure joys radiated from her face.

Suddenly she stopped cold in her tracks, as a horrified expression crept over her once angelic features.

Oh no! My marbles! Where are my marbles! she exclaimed.

Panic over took her as she frantically began searching for her marbles.

I lost my marbles! Oh what shall I do? I lost my marbles! (tell me about it)

Soon, she was overcome with moaning and groaning, and nothing could appease her as she searched relentlessly for her lost marbles....


It started out innocently enough. All I wanted was my sippy cup that sat on counter. Is that so bad?

I declare that it not so.

It wasn't MY fault that my brothers left several full cups of water on the counter! Or a half-eaten bowl of cereal!  I mean, come on, its not as if I ASKED them to do that for me.

And my sister? Well, if she's okay to leave her toast sittin' around, then I'm okay to poke holes in it.

Just saying.

I don't know why mom got so upset when she caught me exploring the wonders of how water can alter the appearance and durability of paper. I was merely enjoying the world around me!

I mean, sheesh! Can't a person be appreciated for their gifts?

How dare she interrupt my creativity!

I knew I should have stuck to my original plan of becoming a sumo wrestler, I just knew it!

Oh oh, I know! I bet if I throw myself to the ground while screaming, flop around for a while and push my head into the counter, I bet she'd stop cleaning up and let me get back to my creativity!

Yea! Let's give that a try....


At that moment, lightning and thunder seemed to hit simultaneously as it shook the house so much it set off the piercing fire alarms for a few seconds.

When it was over, there was silence....

For about 3.2 seconds. Because unless they're sleeping, that's about as long as my kids are capable of silence.
Note: I started this post last night, so technically, this was how my day started yesterday.
If that matters at all... which it doesn't so... yea, never mind.

21 super cool people speak:

Wonder Woman said...

I just love little boys. And I love that you document these things.

WV: wophy- (n) How little boys say "trophy".

Lisa said...

Flying dinosaurs, lava, bad guys, lost marbles, holey toast, stolen marshmallows AND a power outage? A day in the life is hysterical!

Saimi said...

Holy toast Batman, did you see the pterodactyls eating marshmellows.

Your right Batman, I thought I lost my marbles, that was a pterodactyls eating marshmellows. What about that Sumo wrestler?

We better get in our paper airplane and get the heck out of here before the storm hits again!

Ah the life and times of The Serene Chronicles. Chapter 984,635

HA! Love it Serene!!

Neisha said...

haha!! love it all! you have a knack with words :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

I love the batman marshemellow talk!!
So funny!

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! Supercute, and I am a guy saying this. My boys would be Spiderman and Wolverine.

Amy said...

I love kid conversations, they're hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh. After a super long day of feeling way too pregnant and useless and STILL having to go to work, laughs are definitely the best medicine.
And crushed ice.
Hope the smarshmellows are safe and sound. Smarshmellows!! hahahaha!

Amber said...

You are awesome. Just sayin'.

T said...

hey, if she finds some extra marbles under that couch, I'm pretty sure they're mine... they've been missing for awhile.

you DO know your kids are precious right? I mean, besides being excellent blog fodder :)

Kami said...

"Dey" are so cute, haha! It was like reading a children's adventure book, too cool! They've got awesome imaginations, so cherisable.

Mama Smith said...

I love the characters that are residing in your home...2 batmen...a princess...a sumo wrestler...mountain climber...an artist...writer...novelist blogger...all to give us...viewers...entertainment...to bring SMILES...to our blessed day! I will be chuckling throughout the day...just thinking about it...(smile)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hey Serene - I have been meaning to ask you if you would like to do a guest post for me in September for my family proclamation celebration? Email me if you do: jocelyn.christensen@gmail.com

Garden of Egan said...

I'm not sure, but I think you are living in the Land Before Time.
Hopefully the smarshmellows were protected and they lived happily ever after!

Larsen said...

What an awesome way to capture your kids at play....I wish I could sell your writing for a book. It's great!

I have a post up for you. Enjoy when you have time.

Sue said...

I had two little tow-headed boys who were close in age, and they played much the same way.

Thanks for the memories...and the chuckles, too.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

You see such the cuteness in everything. I would have been like... "Nap time! And let's make it quick, the lights are out in heaven and Jesus is warning you with the clouds that MOM means business!"

And then I would have gotten on my computer and blogged.

the end.


Mr. Stupid said...

HAHA. This is so cute. Batmen, Lava and pterodactyls. The best crime fight ever!
I and my brother were always Spidermen. We ended up throwing glue at each other which was supposed to be the white web!


Teachinfourth said...

Superheroes are fun, but playing the villain can be fun, too...

Braden said...

This is probably my favorite post of yours ever. You totally caught that. That will be a treasure in a few years!

Nikki said...

Well, I can go to bed now. Really, can't read anything better 'den dat' in one night!

M-Cat said...

I love the creativity of your kids!

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