July 12, 2010

Camp in a Nutshell

WARNING: Tons of pictures and Mormon lingo ahead. If you don't understand any of the lingo, don't hesitate to ask about it!

Since I'm not willing to give up my chance to be Captain Obvious, I would like to state that I am back from Girl's Camp... and have been since Friday.

I spent the weekend recovering from sleep deprivation and sugar overload while looking up local psychiatrists.

I was told a group of girls, not from our ward, that I looked 13 years old. After being informed that I had four children, they decided I could pass for 18.

I'm drawing wrinkles on my face next time to save my dignity.

But I had a blast! Truly, I was laughing so hard at times that I couldn't breathe! These girls are so great. Just downright amazing! They were all so willing to pitch in and help with anything that needed to be done, and they all tried to make sure everyone was included. It was awesome to watch.

Now, you must know that some things that happen at camp, stay at camp. Camp code of honor and all that.

But the girls did pull off some rather good pranks.

I could spend a whole post on the pranks but since most of them fall into the "you'd have to be there" category, let's just say, I was impressed with their skills.

The first day at camp, the girls were super rockin' cool during their skit.

One thing in particular that I loved about camp was the plumbing.

Toilets should never, ever be taken for granted. Just sayin'.

And yes, I showered every day.

The girls should thank me for that quite frankly.

The wards all took turns taking good care of them. So the first time our ward was assigned to cleaning duty, I had to laugh at assignment sheet.

Who calls a bathroom a latrine? Seriously!

When was the last time you said, "Excuse me, could you point me to the nearest latrine?"

If you decide to try it sometime, you'll have to let me know how that works out for ya.

But the girls were good sports about it,

especially Christina. I'm totally digging the pose.

Gi'me a smore! Yummm...

And yes, that would be me, the one with the gigantic mouth ready to devour my marshmallow.

Carly: I wanna eat! No more pictures foo!

Wednesday we went on a six mile hike.

I won't tell you how long it's been since I've hiked. I would only embarrass myself.

Our ward claimed head of the hiking group, so the priesthood from our ward navigated the whole stake and only managed to get us lost once.

Thank heaven for mini miracles, and GPS.

And you see Rich there? Ya, the one with the fanny pack?

Poor guy was given such a hard time for wearing that that the girls called him "Fanny" for the rest of the week.

But he was a great sport about it and wore it proudly.

Since I am now scarred for life over being called 13 years old, I am afraid you won't be able to tell me apart from the other girls.

Me, in the glasses, second from the left. Pushing 27 years thank you very much!

Almost to the top!

Do you see why I love these girls?

Victory! We made it to the top!

Me, on the left. 13 going on 27. Humph!

By the time we made it back to camp, I had two blisters on my toes.

Your welcome for not taking any pictures.

Friday, we goofed off down by the creek.

What can I say? The girls bring out my inner dork.

That's healthy though... er, right?

Me, second from the left, 13 going on 27.

I won't tell you how old Kaydee is. Because I'm realizing we do indeed look about the same age... even though she's 15 years younger than me.

Michelle and me, super cool camp leaders.

As the week came to an end, the girls wanted to make sure the men who came as the priesthood holders for our ward knew how much we appreciated them,

and all their hard work.

Just kidding. They really were great!

And Rich, what can I say about a guy who has four older sisters? He was a great sport!

Totally digging the necklace and hot pick nails.

Last night of camp.

Good times and great memories.

I love these girls!!

And I heart all the other young women leaders from our ward! Such awesomely fun women!

Me, on the left, 13 going on 27.


Okay, I know it looks like I'm shooting Jennifer's bum, but I swear that was unintentional.

It was!

Charlie's Angels!

A vague attempt at looking like normal women.

There are many stories and experiences that could be shared.

Like when I lost my car keys. Eh hem....

But just know that I really love working with the youth and I had a great time at camp!

If they decide to keep around me after viewing my inner dork, I'll look forward to going again next year!

Maybe by then I'll look at least fourteen? *crossing fingers*

28 super cool people speak:

Lisa said...

I'll be there in a couple of weeks. I can think of no greater compliment by a gaggle of girls, than telling you how young you look. They probably want to borrow your clothes, too. They never ask me if they can do that. They don't know what they're missing.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Looks like a total blast!

T said...

and you survived... none the worse for wear - kudos to you!!!

how many times did you flush the toilet upon returning home - just to appreciate the sound of plumbing?

Hil said...

Looks like so much fun. How could you possibly have 4 kids? You look great!! Gives the rest of us hope. Especially those of us in full force pregnancy. :)

Braden said...

I'm getting geared up to go in 2 weeks! Pretty sure no one will mistake me for 13, 18, or even 25. I'm glad there are leaders like you to do these kind of things

Garden of Egan said...

Your inner dorkiness was perfect. Girls Camp.... good times. It is hard to NOT have fun.
Uhm....latrine is a totally normal word for bathroom.....if you are really camping.....in a tent and not in some condocabin.
You are lucky. Real campers don't get to shower every day either.
Missed yer guts.

Sue said...

Looks like the girls had just the kind of leaders they like best! (Crazy ones...)

I have such great memories of girls camp. Thanks for reminding me. You did a great job on making the whole thing come alive.

And on looking 13, too!


Kristina P. said...

It looks like so much fun! I liked Girl's Camp when I was a YW, but not a ton. Don't like camping. But this makes me miss it!

Ben, Heather and kids said...

you are a hoot! i'd NEVER guess you at 27! NEVER. the best way to stay young is to never grow up! (thats why i had 4 kids.. j/k..sorta)

Saimi said...

What a perfect YW leader you are! I put my time in a few years back and yes we had a blast, but Nursery is where it's at for me!

Our camp bathrooms were called Biffy's and they resembled that of an outhouse.

Larsen said...

MY SMILE IS HUGE. Great post, once again!

See Mom Smile said...

Oh i want to go to camp with you! Love camp. And everyone knows when you are in the wilderness, a toilet turns into a latrine.

Cherie said...

How can you NOT have fun at Girls Camp right! Looks like you had a really fun group of girls there and seriously those are the nicest camp "latrines" I have ever seen...What?
Be glad that you look 13 because I started doing girls camp as a leader when I was 20 and through the years they tell you that you look like one of the girls and then one day....they don't - Ha Ha
Enjoy it while you can!!!!

Kami said...

YW camps, I always loved them! But yourz definitely looked like it rocked! I totally agree with the girls; you definitely look young and I wouldn't believe you if you said you have 4 kids. Haha! Yay for inner dorks! Great post!

gigi said...

You are just so dang cute! I hate to say it girlfriend but you do look very young, and that's a good thing!!

Your pictures are wonderful and there is nothing like the fun and memeories made at girls camp! You rock!

iamwoman said...

Can you believe I have YET to go to Girl's Camp since I WENT to Girl's Camp. Am I just not cool enough to be a leader in Young Women's? They don't know what they are missing. Because seriously.. I guarantee I am a bigger dork than you. haha!

Looks like so much fun. You're hilario.

Cheeseboy said...

"Fanny" HA HA! So awesome. Totally deserves it too. I mean, a fanny pack?!

My wife (YW Pres) leaves in two weeks. However, she is at a cabin this year, so I don't feel bad at all for her.

Patty Ann said...

It looks like you had an amazing time! i am so glad you got to go. (However, I am also glad that I didn't!) I have never been accused of looking 13 (except maybe when I was 12).

M-Cat said...

Girls camp is SO THE BEST!! I loved doing trek this year, but that means we don't get a girls camp. Boo.

You seem like exactly the kind of leader the girls will remember the whole rest of their lives.

Remember - "You save a girl, you save an entire generation" President Hinkley.

YW is the best org ever!

ldsjaneite said...

So are you saying you've never called any toilet facility a latrine, or just not a bathroom? Because I learned a latrine was any kind of outdoor bathroom, uh, place. But that bathroom is some pretty modern convenience stuff, too! I wouldn't call it a latrine.

O Girls' Camp. When shall I return to you again? Until then, I will enjoy singing the songs with preschoolers. "Bananas Unite!"

Kazzy said...

I Girls' Camp cool, or what? I loved working with the YW. Still miss it...

Amber said...

Being a YW's leader has been my favorite calling thus far. I hope I get the opportunity again!

For the record, I think you look 17. I mean, AT LEAST dating age. (P.S. DO NOT go to a stake dance. You will be asked to dance by a poor, young man.)

Oh, and I use "latrine" all the time.

Mama Smith said...

Some of my MOST INCREDIBLE - greatest experiences was being in Young Women...They kept me "young"...though, NONE of the girls ever took me for "13"...(smile)Go figure!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Aww! i'm glad you had a good time! Someday i'm hoping to participate in a girl's camp..I don't know why, i just think it would be fun!
Sometimes fun comes with a little bit of hard work and sweat--it's all worth it in the end though.

Sandra said...

So I looked at all the pics and read everything you wrote, but honestly, I am so impressed with your profile write-up...26 years old with four kids 1 to 5 years old...I bow to you woman! And you are a graphic designer..blah blah blah..excuse me while I nurse my inferiority complex! Seriously, you are terrific and I am ever so impressed!

The Martos Fudge said...

Hey girl... I LOVE working with the youth. It totally makes you feel young. Especially when you get asked to dance by the young men. You look great, I am glad you had fun at camp. Did you have technology withdraw. I know I did... And hey if I could live at 13 again I probably would. Life was easy back then.

Jess said...

super fun! I'm a little jealous even! Camping. Youth. Drama. And you DO fit right in sista! Ah, to go back! My mom, best friend, and tons of other people I know went this year!

Oh, and did you know you know my friend Meredith?? Yeah, you guys are blogger buddies!! I'm gonna have to join the mormom mommy bloggers or whatever that's called! LOL

Holly said...

When I went as a cabin mom we had little A Frame huts with vinyl flaps on the ends and wood floors to pitch our sleeping bags on... DID have plumbing and were allowed 3 minutes to shower. I had some people donating minutes to me, as with my long thick hair, I couldn't even get it all wet and lathered in 3 minutes. LOL!! Def not time for conditioner! Hehe!! I'm FB friends with most of those girls... from youth conference, too... They're all grown up, in college and most married now. WOW!! I'm OLD!

Glad you had fun and LOVE your girls!! Cherish blending with them so well!! It's a GIFT!!

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