July 19, 2010

3 MORE reasons why you should have kids

We're all friends here, right?

And surely you know by now that if I can post pictures of my basement in all it's, err... played in glory, *cough* yea, that's a good way to phrase it, or admit that my kids have licked yogurt off the floor, that I'm the honest sort, right?

Last time I gave three reasons to have kids, I was in a "loving life and having all these crazy kids" mode.

Today, I'm writing this because I need to be reminded of why I even had kids!

What? You'd feel the same way if you took your family to the Visitor's Center at the Temple only to have your husband wander off, your three year old stomp on the Christus, then jump on the furniture, your four-year old tackle your one and a half year old to the ground who let out a ear splitting screech attracting all 30-something people in the small room, and your five year old sitting nicely, ferociously attacking the touch screen computer as she would get frustrated when it didn't do exactly what she wanted.

It does make one wonder if one should be allowed to reproduce at all. Just sayin'.

So, on that happy note and without further ado, here are three MORE reason why you should have kids.

3. Leftovers are no longer a problem. Leave something out long enough, and it usually disappears.

See? Having kids should be considered "green"!

2. They leave you presents by the bathtub.

I might be the only one here who can say this but, I've never been left a present by the bathtub, until I had kids.

See what kinds of things you can start to boast about once your posterity are involved?

1. Okay, let's just be honest here.

Who WOULDN'T want to have this in their living room?

I know I sure love it!

Oh, I'm actually referring to the kids. Not that fact that they are engrossed in a cartoon that's probably older than I am.

*squaring shoulders*

Feeling better. Now I can face my kid-filled day!

*screaming erupting in the background*


16 super cool people speak:

Kristina P. said...

I'm just holding out for all the free child labor.

Wonder Woman said...

We went to Temple Square a couple of weeks ago when my parents were here. I only have 3 kids, one who can't walk, and I COULDN'T have done it without 3 extra adults!

all the kids on the bench are adorable.

T said...

I dropped by the visitor's center a few weeks back on an errand for the ManOfTheHouse and all his Youth Conference cohorts - only had my two girls with me so I figured we'd look around while we had the chance.

Turns out you CAN have a spiritual experience there when you're not chasing 5 children. who knew?

(hehe, your word verifier says rumbl... I think I know the source of your background scream)

Ben, Heather and kids said...

thanks for reminding me why we had kids! :)

Saimi said...

It's why we do what we do! Love the pictures!

The Martos Fudge said...

Yeah after my day yesterday I need to go around and find reasons I had kids too, thanks, It makes me feel better when I see other moms struggling... I love your blog, and your life is never boring. Keep it up... you are doing great.

iamwoman said...

I was talking to my friend last night about how crazy my kids were being and I didn't stop talking because I just couldn't handle dealing with their craziness anymore. Kai was on time-out AT LEAST 10 times yesterday. I questioned my ability for sure.

M-Cat said...

And as they get older and can do more for themselves, you will come up with a new list of why it's great to have kids. They fetch you stuff, do chores, you know - the good stuff!

Lisa said...

I know I love me a garden bench in the family room~the perfect decorative touch. :)

Sue said...

After reading this, I almost wish I could do it all over again.



Larsen said...

I seriously thought that your "present by the tub" might be poop. Cause those are the kind of gifts I get.

Sorry to hear about the VC drama! Oh, visitor centers. You know I served my mission at one right???

That furniture is the best. Sure looks comfy too.

Neisha said...

is that sour cream she's eating?? (*gag* if it is)

ldsjaneite said...

That going green works for all ages of kids. There IS a reason I was known as the Garbage Disposal in my family when we were frowing up. And how many times I finished off my brother's food instead of throwing it away. And yes, I do mean his baby food.

I love that present by the bathtub. That would make my day (and especially my mom's!) if that present was left for me!

ldsjaneite said...

Ha ha--I typed "frowing up." Well, it could have happened that way, too. I mean, I was eating EVERYTHING!

Tree said...

That last pic is priceless! LOL Your house sounds like my house...only mine are much older. :)

Thanks for stopping by and following! I'm returning the "follow" luv!

Garden of Egan said...

Thanks for posting all the reasons to have kids, cuz there are days I wonder why I did.
And mine are all out of the house! Go figure!

Cute pictures.
I think the kids are adorable.

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