April 28, 2010

What does Webster know anyway!

Word of the day: FEEN

In the english language, it is commonly known as the color "green". A color pigment most often found in plants, the contents of my kid's diapers, and on occasion, the color of last month's leftovers still sitting in the fridge.

"Feen" has also been know to endow magical powers in the average four-year old boy.


"Turn feen! Turn feen!" Joseph shouted from the back seat of the car.

Before reaching the intersection with the red light, it magically turned green.

"HAR HAR HAR! I have da POWER!!"

 As we approached the next, red-lighted intersection, the command was once again given.

"Turn feen! Turn feen! Turn feen!"

And before we had to slow all the way down to a stop, the light magically turned green.


A minute later, we pulled up to a red light and came to a complete stop.

I turned back to Joseph and asked with my very best shocked face on,

"Joseph, I thought you had the power."

"I do!"

"But the light is red."

At that very second, the light turned green.

"Har har, see?? I DO have da POWER!"

Now that IS power!

Oh ya, he gets his bulging muscles from me! Wait....

16 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

That is so awesome! Feen is a magical color!!!!
Way to go awesome Ninja light-turner boy! Can I borrow him the next time I have to go down 17th?

Scrappy Girl said...

Wild Child is what we call a "booster seat driver." She usually yells..."It's green GO!" or "STOP, the light is red."

M-Cat said...

I love it. Sissy has her thing:

If the light is red" STOP! Dogs STOP! The light is red."

when it turns green: "go dogs go, it's green ahead."

And I never get tired of hearing it

Lisa said...

My dad had that magical power, but it never, EVER obeyed me. Figured out years later, that he was watching the other lights to see when they turned yellow and then the countdown would begin. Now I HAVE THE VERY SAME MAGICAL POWER!

Sue said...

It's not easy being feen.

(Or saying it, either.)


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Cute! I have a magic apron...I can pull object out of the pockets that weren't there before. It's a great trick!

See Mom Smile said...

I soooo need him on my morning drive rushing to not be late to school!

ldsjaneite said...

Oh my word--did he learn that from his uncle?!? Because I've heard those exact words said COUNTLESS times at stoplights. Or maybe he learned that from his father? Grandfather? Perhaps it's a male thing.

(Of ocourse, uncle never said "feen." Maybe if I try "feen," it will work better for me....)

Mother Smith said...

You have DA POWER, JOSEPH...!!! Next time I am driving around in Idaho...I am taking you with me...so I can have GREEN LIGHTS ALL THROUGH OUT my driving experience!!! (smile)

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I wish my kids had powers like that! And WHOA! Check out the gun show goin on over there!

Saimi said...

He does have all DA power! Go Feen!!

Cheeseboy said...

Of all the superhero powers to have, the ability to change stop lights? The greatest power of all!

BTW - this post is SO well written. Sometimes these dialog type of posts are the hardest to do WELL but you pulled it off with ease. I see a lot of bloggers really screw this up... especially dialog posts with their kids.

Thanks for letting me rant, but what I am getting at is this is a perfectly written post.

Sarah loves it all said...

Love it. I love how little kids talk. There's the cutest girl in my primary class that uses P instead of F so she sings "Pollow the Prophet."

triciathomas said...

Adorable!! Being a kid is such a magical time!!!

Braden said...

When my kids were little and the new star wars movies came out, I convinced them I was a Jedi by using the power windows and my parent's remote control garage door opener.

Charlotte said...

We do the same thing as Braden all the time, but my younger kids are too tech savvy and figured it out too fast.

Can he lend me the power of feen next time I'm running late?

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