April 27, 2010

A love story... of sorts.

When Alayna was born, (my only all natural, felt-like-pushing-out-a-spikey-bowling-ball-that-was-lit-on-fire experience) she had a full head of beautiful, silky, super dark brown hair.

And how I loved her little head of hair.

So when I handed her over to the surgeons, I was just so devastated when they had to shave all her hair off so they could cut open her head for her big surgery.

No really, I was ready to scream when they handed all her wispy hair to me in a little bag with the words, "toxic waste" printed on it.


And I was just SO thrilled when her hair started growing back in! It was kind of a symbol that the whole experience was behind us and that she is perfectly healthy.

I so loved watching it get longer and longer. So despite the fact that my dad thinks it would be cool for her to show off her scar to her boyfriends (though she'll never have any unless they can survive getting past her father) and telling them how she's had the bone plates taken off her head before, I'm just fine with her scar being hid by her hair.

What is it with men and scars anyway?

Of course, now that my dad is losing his hair to the chemo, maybe he'll reconsider his thoughts on staying bald to show off "cool" scars. Then again, maybe not!

Well, a couple of days ago, I took Savannah's pigtails out and started to brush her hair. When I did, several small chunks of blonde tuff fell out. Mortified, I asked her if she had cut her hair! The clumps I found in her room sealed her fate. Thankfully it wasn't a whole lot, and not very noticable.

But on Sunday, Luke commented on how uneven Alayna's hair in the front looked. Not thinking much of it I didn't bother to investigate.

But today, I was looking at her and realizing that something was indeed amiss with her hair.

What the... SAVANNAH!!!!!!

Suddenly, the pieces all came together as my Sherlock Holmes instincts kicked in... which have been pretty rusty since having kids. You know, pregnancy killing brain cells and all that. But the blonde tuffs from Savannah's head, Luke noticing something was funky about Alayna's hair. I mean Luke noticed!! As in a male... noticing something about hair. That's HUGE!

After a few futile attempts at dodging my "did you cut Alayna's hair too?" questions, Savannah finally admitted that she had.

Seriously? Are you kidding me?

I can't... I mean.... BAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!  I just... *growl*

*hyperventilating* It's just hair right? It grows back right?

I DON'T CARE!! Her hair was growing in so good. Now she has a BALD spot in front.

I... I... I need to go eat something milky, chocolatey, and very, very sweet.

Now now, don't give me that "Oh mom, you're overreacting" look!

*sniff* I love your hair sweet girl! It is a symbol to me that you are okay!

The next person who touches her hair, loses a finger.

Or worse.

No, we don't have a dog. That growling noise is coming from me.

Because I protect the things I love.

Like Alayna's hair... and my chocolate stash.

27 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I totally get this, Serene. That hair has become a symbol of health and well-being, which makes it precious.

Having said that, she looks absolutely adorable...like a little pixie!


PS. I just had to crack up to think that her sister cut it. What a pistol she must be...

Kristina P. said...

Oh, no! She is still darling. But man, that is a bummer.

Lisa said...

Oh, bless you for having gone through the surgery and now the hair! Seriously, I get it. Angry slit eyes.

One day, I'd put my daughters long, glorious blonde hair in ringlets and bobby pinned them all over her head. Came home to find locks attached to bobby pins on the kitchen counter. She "couldn't get them out. They were snarled." So she cut them out. Mm hmm. Still not over it. That's why I eat chocolate every day of my life. And it helps.

Scrappy Girl said...

What a beautiful little girlie. My 2 little ones both had that same dark head of hair...they are adopted so I missed out on that spikey firey thingy you described. Ouch!

Out of all the wild things my 2 littles get into they have never cut their hair...oh no! I hope I didn't just jinx myself. If so, can I blame you?

famr_4evr said...

I can totally understand your hair thing!! The first 3 of my children had no hair until about 3. then #4 did have hair, but at age one I had to cut his hair so he would look like a boy. Then #5 had no hair until about 3. Now to have two sweet girls who had hair from the start (not as much as you showed in your first pict) and I have LOVED doing it in such fun ways.

Cheeseboy said...

I think it looks terrific. I gave my son a haircut once and it turned out way worse than that.

I can't believe how much hair she had.

See Mom Smile said...

Soooo sorry. I have had a haircutter before and it's the pits! Her newborn picture is precious. Yes, it is rude to call her hair toxic waste!

M-Cat said...

It happens to the best of little girls. At least you can say she did it herself. My granddaughters OTHER grandmother took it upon herself to cut baby's hair. HIDEOUS!!! We had to go find someone to attempt to fix it.

And your girls will laugh about this one day. So will you.

annie said...

Having a 3 year old whose hair is just barely finally starting to come in - I would KILL whoever put scissors near her her hair!
Found you through Pearl - love your blog!

Kristine said...

I would FREAK if one of my girls cut their hair!!! Thank God they love it long. They've never had a haircut....NEVER!!! They're 8, 7, 5, and 2. I hope, for your sake, it grows back quick.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Girl, I'm with you! I felt the same way when my baby girl cut her hair. it grows super slowly, so it is still trying to grow back out a year later! Toxic waste! I don't THINK so! Hmpfh!

Anonymous said...

Are you leaving scissors around that are easily accessible to clever children?

She still looks adorable! Especially when she smiles, you totally forget about the hair.

Joel & Rebekah Greenway said...

hahaha well tell you what, since dad is losing his and I'm dying my hair flaming red, what color would you want me to die my hair if her hair gets cut again? how about bright pink? blue? not green, won't mesh with my eyes...hmm something to think about...

Jackie said...

Is this a rite of passage for motherhood? Having kids cut theirs or someone else's hair.

Love it!

The Martos Family said...

She is indeed a beautiful girl, I am so glad that she is okay. I cannot imagine the trial it has been on your life. 2 weeks ago my son took a chunk right off the top of his hair, yep it is still very clear that he shave a spot. I warned him ahead of time. "IF YOU EVER TOUCH YOU SISTER'S HAIR, I will shave your head myself, so that means NO MORE SPIKES, like you like!!!" What is it with kids scisors and hair?

Braden said...

AHHH! I can't imagine how that felt. I did't know you back then, when she was born, but I'm so glad everything is ok now. Has she had bubble gum stuck in it yet? That's the next rite of passage.

Saimi said...

What a scary ordeal you went through....I'm talking about her surgery not her homemade haircut.

She's so darn cute who's ever going to notice the big chuck of hair missing in front, really it's not that bad!

Take er easy mama!

Stacy said...

Oh, I totally get you, in every way. It's amazing how the scars- the figurative ones, not the just the literal ones- hang around for such a long time.

She's gorgeous, Serene. Even with a short patch in front.

And I looked at Alayna's surgery pictures- she did amazing! You were so lucky that her eyes never swelled shut!

Charlotte said...

I feel for you. My oldest (a girl) was bald until she was almost three and as soon as it was long enough to put a clip into it, she cut it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

To lose her hair twice now? I think I you need some extra chocolate today. In fact remembering my daughter's hair, so do I.

Teachinfourth said...

You should have seen the haircuts my dad used to give me…

Good thing that hair grows back.

ldsjaneite said...

I don't know--I'm still protective like that when it comes to haircuts...but it's my own hair. Yes, I know. I need to lose that pride of my hair before I start to lose the hair itself.

You could say you're trying bangs in reverse on her. It's a new trend?

Patty Ann said...

Love the story! It reminds me of the time my boy cute one of my girl's hair. Actually, he cut the pony tail off! Oh boy, you did not want to be my next door neighbor for that gut wrenching scream. It took YEARS to grow back in. Sigh, the boy thought it was way too funny! Now their hair looked alike, as he said, "we could be brodders now!"

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my! Do you ever have a boring day? I mean seriously! I was in IF today and actually thought about coming to steal you to take you to Cafe Rio. Now I can see I should have taken you to steal you to the chocolate isle of Walmart.

I think every child goes through a haircutting phase. I hope hers passes soon.
You should probably sleep with one eye open.

I can hardly wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Oh, and those are about the cutest brown eyes I've ever seen!

Rachel Sue said...

I so get this.

1. My 3 year old cut 4 inches off her hair. I had to chop it.

2. My girls were both born bald. My boys both had hair. I cried the first time I had to cut their hair and only did it because the hair had completely covered their eyes. Apparently, it is also socially unacceptable to put little boy hair in ponytails. . .

Amy R. Nelson said...

Thanks for your comment on MMB yesterday!

What a beautiful gal you've got there! I actually have problems with hair at my house too, so I understand what a big deal it can be when it's not where its supposed to be!

Mother Smith said...

Looking at the last picture of Alayna...NO WAY anyone is going to get past her GORGEOUS BROWN EYES...and that impish little smile...to notice that little patch missing in the middle of her forehead...(smile)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, what a story! I had to go all the way back and read it all! Her hair was so thick but I must say, she still looks precious without it! What a gorgeous girl!!!

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