April 5, 2010

Easter, we do our best.

Saturday afternoon at Walmart resembled Disney World at the peek of tourist season. It was packed full of people like a can of sardines, especially the Easter candy isles.

We played bumper carts in a traffic jam long enough to grab a couple bags of candy then quickly pushed our cart brimming full of diapers, pull-ups, wipes, and a few other non-easter related items over to the check-out stands.

I felt a little strange surrounded by carts full of plastic eggs, brightly colored baskets, chocolate bunnies, and plastic wrapped presents. I even went so far as to feel a little guilty for not having better Easter goodies... even though baskets and bunnies aren't what Easter is really about.

In the end, my small inkling of guilt was needless. The kids thoroughly enjoyed our small Easter celebration.

We whipped out our super fancy Easter baskets while daddy and Uncle Abe hid the eggs outside.

And the race was on! Who's going get it? Who's going to score?

And it's Alayna who swipes the egg.

Daddy! Daddy, get that feen (green) egg up dare in dat tree! I dan't reach it!

Jacob, just shake the tree and it will fall down.

(whining) "No, I dan't daddy, you need to det it for me!

Just shake the tree buddy!

Crying a little, Jacob approached the tree and grabs hold of the trunk to shake it. 

No Daddy, I... *plunk*, the egg lands at his feet.

(laughing) Ooohhh... har har har.. the feen egg! Har har har! See? I can det it all by myself!

When I first saw Joseph and Alayna together I thought, oh how cute! He's helping her out!

But upon closer inspection, I find that he was just conning her out of her eggs.

Might someone be able to explain to me the mystery of the man with the hands in his pockets? Why do they do it? Warm or cold, the hands are always in the pockets.

The good looking guy there in the blue is mine. The other good looking guy there is the white is my little bro.

Perhaps they just need something to keep their hands busy? Like holding a camera?

Ahh, the spoils of the great hunt.

I have the mostest!

No, I have the mostest!

And what would Easter be without a little egg decorating.

Hey mommy! Why won't you let me up there? I just want to knock over all the dye and splash around in it!

So not fair.

Whoa! Hey look! There's me! I was the official egg glitter-er. 

Yes indeed, we made glitter eggs this year. When Savannah saw them in the store, she just knew she wouldn't be happy for the rest of her existence here on earth without them.

She even took a picture of them, just for you.  

So feel special.

Eh hem, I am smiling through the guilt of eating all the chocolate out of their eggs. I tried not to! But I caved. I gave in. When the kids weren't looking, I would snatch a chocolate from their stash. (bowing head in shame)

And there you have it, our little Easter.

Yea, I know I look like I'm in pain. Well, I kind of was! You know how hard it was to hold a real smile for over two minutes while Luke was trying to get the kids to all look at the camera at the same time?

Jacob! Jacob look at me!

No, Savannah, keep looking over here!

Joseph, look up at me!

Okay ready... Jacob no! Look over here....

Okay good, now smile! No wait, look up at me!

I hope you all had a great Easter too!

20 super cool people speak:

MommyJ said...

Such cute kids...

Would you believe it? We have those EXACT same easter baskets at our house!

Mama Smith said...

OH...How I miss having all of you around...It was different this Easter...NO EGG HUNTS...NO EASTER BASKETS...NO LITTLE CHILDREN...NO EASTER BUNNY!!!

We did have guests over for lunch on Sunday...eating in between General Conference...Did HAVE PLENTY of FLOWERS...which helped it to look like SPRING!!!(smile)

Must admit...it was nice to simply focus on CHRIST this Easter...

Maybe, NEXT YEAR...we can have little grandchildren around...and have a SUPER EGG HUNT in MONTANA!!! (hint - hint) (smile)

Braden said...

Good for you for not giving in to the mass-market Easter stuff. Your kids will be just fine without it.

I can't tell you about the pockets. It's a secret and we're sworn not to talk about it. Guys, I mean. But there is a good reason for it.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm impressed that the chocolate candy made it INTO the eggs. I bought a bag of hershy's eggs on Thursday and they were all gone by Sunday morning. Luckily I also had a bag of jelly beans and one of malt balls as well. (In my defense, Friday was a rough day. I had to clean the house after a week of neglect since Superman was coming one and my OCD SIL and BIL were coming.)

Anyway.....it's good that you ate the chocolate. The kids don't need that much sugar. At least that's what I told myself every time I popped an egg...

Amber said...

We don't bother with eggs. I just dole out the chocolate when they ask!! Works perfectly!! I also feel less guilty.

Saimi said...

OK, first I have to comment on your adorable children. Second on how adorable you look and third, those 'cars' slippers/shoes!

Your kids are going to have great memories of all the fun you let them have!!

What a great mommy you are!

Sue said...

I'm kind of with Savannah on those glitter eggs. Awesome!


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! you all just crack me up. I so enjoy reading all your comments.

Saimi: Gosh, thanks!
And seriously, those slippers are the cutest things ever! It actually makes me happy you noticed! LOL!

Lisa said...

Serene do you live in Ammmon or IF, your backyard looks like its in the neighborhood my brother lives in he lives on Aquamarine in IF. R u close to that?

Anne said...

How fun! We are doing our "fun" Easter this weekend.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow, it looks like you had a ton of fun.
I can't believe you weren't gathering eggs in the snow. We were using our snowblower on Saturday. It was disgusting.

Your smile is darling!!!! You are so cute.

M-Cat said...

Looks like a great Easter egg hunt and decoration day to me!

Jackie said...

I feel like that EVERY time I go to walmart! But you can't beat the prices...

Charlotte said...

I totally don't get the overdone Easter either. We decorate eggs, hide plastic eggs with candy, and get new Sunday clothes. We do have baskets that my grandfather made and my mom and I painted, we use them every year.

No presents, no Easter bunny, and this year our fancy Easter feast was leftovers (but that was because I didn't realized an already cooked ham would take 2 hours to heat in the oven and didn't start until after conference ended at 6 ... our Easter feast will be tomorrow, or maybe next week when we debut our Easter Sunday clothes, which are only half bought so far).

All those pictures of you, I had no idea I was reading the blog of a teenager. (A very pretty teenager).

Heidi said...

:-) Happy Easter!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Charlotte: LOLOLOL!
You know, I get that a lot! As a teenager I was always being told how much older I looked than my actual age.
Now I'm told I look so much younger than my age.
Apparently I stopped aging when I turned 19.

Does that ruin my credibility? ;)

Krista said...

You won't catch me anywhere near glitter! I'm finding the glitter from the basement that Mimi is not supposed to get into all over the house.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Glitter eggs. Looks pretty but messy cleanup. LOL.
i loved the fact that Easter landed on General Conf weekend. IT was a most wonderful weekend.
Cute pics. i LOVE getting to know you more each day. When Casual blogger conf comes around I will so KNOW ya!!! :) This is so totally cool. Do you live in UT or ID?

Rachel Sue said...

I've been looking at pics on other blogs of easter celebrations and it amazes me. It's like Christmas all over again!

Evelyn Perkins said...

Walmart in Poky was insane at Easter too. Since when was Easter the second Christmas?!? Ridiculous! Remind me why we celebrate Easter again...Hmm. Thanks for the laughs! You guys make a great comedy team! The kids are your writers and you deliver perfectly! Hahaha!

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