April 19, 2010

Diary of a washing machine.

Dear Diary,

It must be spring. 

Today, my usual load amount doubled. 

Dirty dirt. Evil mud. Sneaky water. Nasty baby bums.

 My arch rivals always win in the spring!

*sigh* Oh well, time to submit my daily report.

Savannah: TWO outfits

Joseph: FIVE outfits

Jacob: FOUR outfits

Alayna: TWO outfits

 Serene: TWELVE loads of laundry today.

I despise spring cleaning. So many loads of laundry! *groan* 

Insensitive humans. 

I should have put it in my warranty that TEN loads in one day is my limit.

Is it too late to ask for change in household humans?

Serene's over-worked and underpaid washing machine.

What would she do without me.

12 super cool people speak:

The Damsel In DisDress said...

Dear Washing Machine,

Man up.

The Damsel

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Love the diary post, but I agree with damsel... "just do it" washer... and since you are getting proficient, teach the dryer to fold the laundry while it dries...

Anne said...

Wow, did you fold them all too? If so, you are a superwoman!

Charlotte said...

I'm with Damsel! I have 12 loads to do (high efficiency means that is 30 regular loads). Normally I have 6-7 (15-18). Welcome spring.

Pearl said...

LOL Damsel! That'll teach the washer to mess with you!

Laundry...the bane of my existence. I despise doing laundry. I don't mind throwing it in the washer, it's the folding and putting away that kills me.

Saimi said...

Hahaha, hey washer, go out and bring some friends home to give Serene a break, then you could be famous like the washers on 20 Kids and counting.

Scrappy Girl said...

Dear Serena's washer...

Count your lucky stars that you are not the washer here at Four Seasons Farm. The kiddos here try to bring in more dirt than they left outside. The middle child keeps forgetting to take time for a potty break while playing outside. And did I mention that in the middle of the night last night I was rudely awakened with a load of sheets and blankets that reeked like puked up chinese! Thank goodness the mom just threw the poopy panties in the trash! It's time to put on your big girl panties and deal with it!

Scrappy's washer

Mama Smith said...

Why do you think we had "2" WASHERS and "2" DRYERS!!! Family of 10...

P.S. There were times...even with "2" washers and "2" dryers...it would take a WEEK...to get through all the laundry from our ANNUAL CAMPOUTS!!! Ah...Yes...the "good ol' days!" (smile)

Heidi said...

I like that the girls had less outfits than the boys.

I'm assuming this is one reason why we kids did not have many outfits to choose from. If you wore it and it got dirty, you stayed in the dirty outfit for the rest of the day. I guess being too uncomfortable or embarrassed taught us to try not to get TOO messy...maybe.

We had one washer and dryer and they seemed to hold up to the amount of clothes. But I'm thinking the cat, milk, and graham crackers was not as pleasing to it.

M-Cat said...

Dear Serene,
Institute days of nakedness. Please.
Your overworked washer.

Patty Ann said...

Oh Groooannnn, I knew there was something about this season not to like! However, I do have to admit that doing them at home is oh so much better than going to the laundry mat. I really hate that. Just wish I had TWO washers to and dryers to take care of the loads! Thanks for the post and for reminding me that, most of the time, I am finished with those 12 load wash days!

Sue said...

I had four kids, too, except mine were three boys and a girl. I remember well those days of pile upon pile of laundry.

Fortunately, my washing machine was a better sport than yours. I'm assuming he's not a Kenmore. That family raises industrious children...and hard workers.


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