April 6, 2010

Crazy: A word dear to my heart.

I've been called crazy, more than once.

To my face. (And who knows how many times behind my back! These things are recorded in heaven so I WILL find out who you are eventually.)


Because of my children. Did you know that having more than two kids close together automatically makes you crazier than a coo coo clock stuck on 2am?

Who knew? I didn't, until I had about six different people tell me that it is so. It's pretty awesome when I tell them we'll eventually have more.

And all you other mothers with more than four kids, or with kids closer together than mine are now laughing so hard you've got chocolate milk coming out of your nose. Gross.

Gosh, what does that make all of you I wonder? Hmmm.... I must think on that one.

Now I would be less than honest if I were to say that I don't care what people think about me, 'cause I do. But I also have to say that my motherly pride tends to swell up to deflect such comments so that I don't care one lickity-split what they think about me.

Granted we didn't PLAN to have this many kids this fast and I'll be the first to admit that it is down-right, stinkin' blinkin' hard sometimes. (wouldn't it be awesome if we all walked around saying cool words like "stinkin' blinkin'"!)

But can I just say, it is also a stink-load of fun! And I wouldn't trade it for all the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factories in the world... however tempting it may be at times.

And why should loving my kids so much I want more make me a crazy person anyhow? I never read that in the book: You might be Crazy if.

I mean, who else but kids would consider THIS putting their toys away? Well besides perhaps your husband.

Just think how boring a home be without such things. Honestly!

I just happen to notice this toy up here yesterday! Haha, I thought it was so funny when I saw it sticking out! I wonder how long it's been there?

 Oh wait.... hmmm... Ah ha! I've been looking for this!  

*sigh* Yes indeed, kids are the best.

Being crazy definitely has its perks.

27 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

Hey, it's off the floor.

I think your family sounds awesome. Personally I don't think it's THAT many kids.
Your last name isn't Duggar.

Hugs for your day.
And enjoy the snow!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Snow. I hate you. Go away.

I think I'll be drinking a lot of hot chocolate today!

LOL, I don't think it's a lot of kids either! Which is why I find it so funny people give me such a hard time!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Great post!
The first thing that came to mind when I saw this post is little poem.
I'm sure you have heard it.
"There was an old lady who lived in a shoe--she had so many children she didn't know what to do--" Oh great now I can't remember it. *sigh* Anyway it turns out she whips them all soundly and sends them to bed, or something like that. LOL.
That's who you want to be. The lady that lives in the shoe. Right?
I'm up awfully early right now. Maybe this is just funny to me. HA!
I only have 3 kids and I am CRAZY BUSY with them right now. And I didn't even space them close. *sigh*
However many children you have I hope you NEVER lose your funny. Hey at least it gives you something to blog about--HA. Those conference pics of your boys in the leashes I think it was are hilarious. And your little girl taming them--or whatever she was doing...and priceless.
At least when they get older all of them will leave the nest at once...You know one leaves the other isn't too far behind.
You rock Serene, and I hope I did not offend you with the lady and the shoe comment.
I just need my Diet Dr P this morning.

Now you can make Choc chip cookies. You found your wooden spoon. YEAH! :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Sorry I was so wordy on comments today. You just bring it out in me! :)
Super Serene!--That's what I'll call you from here on out.
Super that you actually found that wooden spoon...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have 4 kids and one of them is staying with cousins this week. Let me tell you, whoever said "if you can handle 3, you can handle 4" is WRONG! Having 3 at home almost seems peaceful....serene, if you will. But I love all 4 of 'em to pieces. Surprisingly, I find toys or other objects in random places too. My favorite is finding toys in the kitchen drawers, I need a spoon for crying out loud! Not legos!

Great post! You always make me smile :)

Saimi said...

You're not crazy, you're fun!!
I too had my children close together, but I loved every minute of it. What I wasn't thinking about was graduation. One after the other they left. It was really sad for me.

It was then when I realized maybe that wasn't such a good Idea after all. All of a sudden everone was gone. The boys, their friends and the house was very quiet.

You might want to space your last child 5-10 years apart so you can have one at home.

The Duggars might be on to something!

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm not sure how close together your kids are but our friends had their kids a year apart. I think as soon as she was cleared to be physical again, they got pregnant. It all worked out, and the kids seem to do everything together, which is good. I think as kids get older, it's easier having someone around for them to play with. My stepdaughter is with us every other weekend and it's tough because we're the only ones around...so she wants us to play with her. I'm almost 40. I'm too old to play!

Cheeseboy said...

At least there is never a dull moment, right?

Last October we found an Easter Egg in a vent that one of our boys hid at Easter! It was nasty, but it never stunk... but maybe that is just because our house stinks so bad that we couldn't smell a rotten egg.

Sue said...

I only have four children, but I had them close together and can remember a lot of comments even at that time, so many years ago. These days, I'm sure the comments come even more frequently, because big families seem to be getting rarer and rarer.

When I was young, 3-4 kids was average; now I bet 2 kids is average. And a family with four is considered large.

All I know is this: I LOVED coming from a big family, and there is nothing like having siblings to enjoy. We had great fun as kids, and we're having even more fun now. And what a support system!


M-Cat said...

I only had three boys with the first two being 18 months apart. TOtally PLANNED that. At the time, it seemed completely normal. Now it is glaringly ridiculous. Hats off to you!

Krista said...

People have called me crazy and it has nothing to do with my kids. My last two were 7 years apart. Now that was crazy - but she keeps us hoppin'.

Heidi said...

I'm called crazy for so many things. I wish it was for having kids. But in a similar vein, I have been told I'm crazy for wanting to be married, for wanting to marry someone with standards and values that I have, for wanting to marry someone FOREVER, and for wanting to have children at all.

Perhaps that's why I have my stuffed turtle--so I can just show everyone that I agree: I am crazy.

I think crazy simply means: I've found happiness and you're just jealous and/or cannot fathom it. I prefer my happiness.

I love your stinkin' blinkin' crazy self!

Mike and Adrianne said...

People give me nasty looks all the time when I take all three boys to the store and they always ask, "Are these ALL yours?" or my favorite, "Are you going to try for a girl next time?" I just say, "We would be happy with a girl or a boy next time." It bugs me the they think the only reason I would have another baby is to have some of each sex. So, I know what you mean about people calling you crazy.

I'm glad I found your blog.

Patty Ann said...

Serene, I loved this post! It reminds me oh how my home used to be. At one time, my poor husband was the only male in a household of eight females. The poor man would come in the door with a bag of chocolate held out as a peace offering! I am still surprised they did not bite his hands off in their rush for the chocolate! You are NOT crazy! You are just your own kind of normal! Keep it up girl, the rest of us love it!

Linda said...

I have two eyeballs on my living room ceiling, army men in my lights and a whoopie cushion in the drapes over my bed. Love it.

I love it when folks see me with just a few of my kids and I tell them that there are more. They think I am Mother Teresa. Well, maybe not her because of the whole nun thing. But you get the point.

Andrea said...

Well if you are crazy, it's the GOOD kind of crazy. I love your posts. And that little girl of yours is a doll baby.

Royalbird said...

We are crazy too, with four kids in 4-1/2 years (and every intention of having more)!

Great post!

Mama Smith said...

We had the neatest thing happen...years ago...We took ALL of you out to dinner (don't remember if Hyrum was yet born...so it was either with 7 or 8 of you little munchkins) We were waiting for our "bill" when the waitress came up to us...and told us that our "bill" was paid for...Some lady was touched (or felt sorry for us)...never found out WHY) had paid for our bill...anonymously...I have found...that it is the "older" generation who fondly remember "large" families...and often "smile" in seeing a LARGE FAMILY...Memories of days gone-by...

Mona said...

I was once seriously called "loony" and I've never shaken it. Having children only made it worse of course...of course. At least, with children, loony rhymes with "cartoony" and they like mom when she's just a little crazy...not insane...just a little crazy.
Love ya like-crazy, Mona

Rachel Sue said...

I did know that qualifies you for crazy. I get that too.

My favorite story about kids putting their things away is from my SIL. She found a PB&J sandwich on the light switch.

Kira said...

I'm okay with being crazy too. Seth thinks I'm crazy too. Oh, he thinks WE are crazy. Some people can't have kids, some people can't stop...even if they try. At least we are all "crazy" and happy together. It's tough, but I don't regret it.

One Cluttered Brain said...

TAG you are IT on my blog! Check it out you SUPER woman!!!
Can't wait to see the picture...LOL.


The Martos Family said...

Hey... I don't have 4 yet, butit's not for the lack of trying. But I will some day... I tihnk it's funny how you put toys on top of the cabinet, the other day I climbed on top of my counter for some reason and as I looked over I saw, 2 plastic golf clubs, 1 kids construction hat, 1 ball, and many mtal cars. All of which were used by my son at some point to make really loud noise or hit his little sister. But I LOVE HIM still. The other day while running between isles through the clothes chasing both of my kids at good will, I mean shopping at a very expencive store... A alde looked at me and said. I feel sory for you. And since I was cursed I mean blessed with a big mouth. I turned to her and and said "don't I love it, And feel sorry for you if you don't have any." Gotta love that moma bear instinct inside of us.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, I actually didn't put the ball up there. One of the boys threw it while we were cleaning up and it just landed there!

Gracious, I can't believe what some people say! Way to stand up for your kids!

Braden said...

We get stares all the time. 5 kids? You did that on purpose? That kind of thing. It's better now that the teenagers don't go to the store and on errands with us. People are so dumb sometimes.

Krajcimama said...

I'm crazy - I know it...but I don't like when other people remind me of it or judge me for it. I mean - they have NO idea how wonderful my children are, nor will they because they are MINE and I'm not giving them away.

We didn't plan on having 4 kids in 4 years. The only pregnancy we planned was the first one. The other two just kinda happened AND the twins were a total shock. It is funny, though, that any time I'm introduced to anyone new by someone I already know they make sure to slowly and clearly tell them about my kid situation. Something like this, "Janene just had twins...and she has two other children, too. There's Danika, who just turned 3, and Nate, who just turned 4. So, she has 4 kids 4 and under!" The new person usually responds in the 'usual' way with "God Bless You" or "You must have your hands full". I've really got to start to think of a good come back!

Thanks for posting this - it's nice to know that I would have a roommate at the loony bin because I love my children and want to give them a big, wonderful family!

Charlotte said...

After 6 kids in ten years people gave up calling me crazy. It was too obvious to state at that point, like pointing out to someone that they have blond hair or are wearing blue jeans.

Lunacy really is the only logical explanation right?

And could you come over and find my whisk? Maybe I should check my light fixtures...

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