January 29, 2009

My "Natural" Story

Thanks for your comments everyone!! I feel so loved!!

Sorry I'm a bit slow at the blog these days. I had forgotten, well, not forgotten, but I had forgotten just how rough the first couple weeks can be! The night before last I got a grand total of mmm, about one hour of sleep. At some point, all four of the kids had decided to get up but Jacob and Alayna were the worst. Luke and I were up most of the night with them.

Anyway, now to answer your questions.

Many of you want to know if I went all natural by choice or if there just wasn't any time. Okay, here it goes, I did indeed CHOOSE to go all natural. I know, I know, about half of you guys just fainted on me.

All you friends who know me know how much I LOVE my epidurals. So let me explain as best I can. Oh, and some of you wanted details so here they are. If you don't want details, just skip the following.
With the boys, who were both posterior (head facing up toward the ceiling instead of down towards the floor) I went into the hospital in tears all scrunched in a ball from intense back labor. (Hey, I'm not afraid to admit I cry and don't like pain) It wasn't even a question whether I wanted an epidural or not.

While my contractions this time hurt like the dickens, it was still quite bearable so I figured she must be positioned right. So, we go into the hospital and they check me, I was already dilated to a seven! So, at first I thought they would tell me it was too late since I was so far along. But the contractions were still coming fairly slow, about every five minutes, so they gave me a choice.

Okay, I don't know if this is sad or not, but my first thought was, well, if I go natural, it would save on our hospital bill! Then Luke started encouraging me, telling me I could do it, blah blah (which is where the "I hate you" comment comes in later). I probably never would have said yes if he hadn't been so encouraging.

Then those little white lies people tell you like, oh this is your fourth so the way has been paved and it will be so easy, started to find their way into my brain. I also think that every women has been implanted, no matter how small, because believe me, mine was very small, with a slight desire to try it or see if they could do it naturally.

So, with the combination of all of the above, I finally decided to "give it a shot". So when the doctor came to break my water, I thought I was ready! Boy was I ever so very very wrong.

First, the doctor had a hard time breaking my water and had the hook shoved up me for a good two minutes then he finally said, "oh there, I THINK I got it but that's not a lot of fluid." I should have seen that as a bad omen.

Still, I will say that when I stood up and suddenly a bunch of fluid just came out between my legs without warning, it felt embarrassingly like I had just peed on the floor. I started laughing it was so awkward. Which only caused more fluid to pour out.

Anyway, contractions start picking up, but still bearable. After about a hour or so, the nurse come in to check me and finds out that I still had a sac of fluid between the baby and my cervix. So, she's got her hand up there trying to break it with her fingers!! Okay, now that hurt. After she managed to give me a strange desire to strangle her, the contractions really started to pick up and I suddenly started to question my totally irrational decision to go drug free. Pretty soon I was doing that silly breathing to see them do in the movies and using language such as, "I can't do this!" and "I want an epidural!"

But it was too late.

Then came pushing time. Oh my, it was like.... let's see, how can I possibly describe it... like pushing a bowling ball that is covered in spikes while on fire. Eh, that's pretty close.

I remember sweating like crazy and yelling, "get her out!!" That's all you want is to just get that dang spikey bowling ball out!

And when she finally did come out, I expected the immediate relief that everyone claims comes right after the baby is out. Oh, there was still plenty of pain, thank you very much, and getting that placenta out was no picnic!

Now, don't let my story discourage you from trying it out if that is your desire. Many of you reading this went all natural. And again I say, my hat is off to you, and better you than me!!

I love this picture! She is so cute! I do good work! Not that I'm boasting or anything... okay, maybe just a little  =)

January 26, 2009

Home Again!

(Sigh) No more shortbread cookies. I LOVE those things! Best part about staying at the hospital, free shortbread cookies!!
Oh, sorry, I guess you want to hear about my new little princess, not how much I like shortbread cookies. 
Well, we decided to go with the name Alayna Grace. 
Actually, I was surprised the voting was so close! I still love the name Autumn, but we both felt like Alayna was it.
We checked into the hospital somewhere around 10:30am-ish and Alayna made her grand appearance at 2:06pm.
She was:
8lbs 1oz
20.5 in
When the doctor first pulled her out her face was pretty blue. The cord was wrapped around her neck pretty tight.

This was my first ALL NATURAL birth. No epidural. And I have to say, I have little to no desire to ever do it again! I like my pain killers.  =)
My hat is off to all you women who had no choice in the matter and to all you crazy women who decide to go all natural every time.
It really is just like the movies. I had managed not to yell or anything up until pushing time, then all screams just sort of escaped from me. Its amazing what will come out of your mouth when you are in such intense pain. 
Luke was amazing though, I never would have made it without him. He even laughed when, at a very dire moment when I would have given my leg for an epidural, I turned to him and said, "I hate you!" LOL. That got a laugh from everyone, even the doctor.
It was a very surreal experience. And yea, hopefully I never do it that way again.  =) 

The kids came to see us at the hospital Sunday morning before church. I had to laugh. Savannah had decided to get all ready herself. She had dome her own hair and even put make-up on. She looked so funny. Luckily I was able to use my magic mommy skills and fixed it before she left. 
Anyway, Joseph and Savannah were so excited and couldn't wait to hold her. Jacob just sat and stared for a while. Took him a bit of getting use to I think.

My baby girls!

Our little family! What am I going to do with all these monkeys! 

January 24, 2009

And We're Off!!

OOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! *&$%$@#(*&^#!!!  (breathe breathe) AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!......................  Okay, okay, I'm good.
I just thought I'd leave a quick note to let you all know that I'll be gone for a couple days, you know, the hospital is a happening place after all.
I'll let you know how it all went when we get back! Uh oh....
(breathe breathe) AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  I DON'T WANT TO HAVE A BABY!!!!............  OOOOOWWWWWW..... (cry *sniff* *sniff*)

January 22, 2009

I'm Still Here

Before you think anything, I will just say it. I'm still pregnant.
Yes indeed, this little girl has wrapped her feet in my ribs, grabbed hold of my bladder and is holding on for dear life to avoid that tunnel of light. Here's my proof. 
I think that baby up there at the top of my blog is going to get knocked out of that pink car by the banner.

Um yea, sorry about the goofy face. 
My mom couldn't wait to show me what she had brought and what some good friends had sent for the new baby.

I know I've slacked on my blog this week but my mom flew in on Tuesday and was brought up to Idaho by my sister Becka and her friend Alisha.
The thing is, when you are expecting company, naturally you clean the house. But when little kids are involved, its a two to fifty five step process. The number is really dependent on the destruction level of your kids and I would also have to say how many of them there are.
First, there is the deep clean, you know, organization, bathroom, laundry, things like that. Although, as noted before, the deep clean may have to be repeated a couple times. 
Then there is the "look good" clean. This step is repeated over and over and over and... well, you get the point. Its all that last minute stuff you do to impress your guests and make them believe that what they are seeing is really what your house looks like all the time! This process is indeed in process right up until you hear that knock on the door. And as you make your way to open it you still have to kick that toy under the couch and toss that shirt into the closet.
All this is done for about 1.75 minutes of impressing before all your work is forgotten and destroyed in the battle between the kids to show off for the guests.
(sigh) And what a glorious 1.75 minutes its was.
Then of course, it is very difficult to blog when your guests are sleeping in the room with your computer. 
So, that's my excuse.

Anyhow, let me introduce my insanely crazy sister.

There are no words to accurately describe her... pizazz. Let's just say she keeps things interesting, never a dull moment. And believe me, what you are about to see, its a mere smudge on the wall of her great handiwork. I think my kids were really sad when she left this afternoon.

I have just discovered that Jacob really, really, loves cream cheese. 

There is oh so very much more. But this will just have to do for now.

January 19, 2009

Fashion is our Forte'...

...or maybe not.

This List Is All True

You know you must have a big baby belly when:

1. You walk into Relief Society at church and half the women in the room, most of who you don't know, literally point at your belly, give you a sympathetic look and exclaim, "You're still pregnant?" or "Hey, you're not suppose to be here today!"

2. You end of talking to several men in the ward, whom you've never talked to before, only to find out people are teasing your husband that you are still pregnant!

3. All the younger women in the ward start giving you a list of things you should try to start labor. After declaring that you've tried them all they just give you a strange look and say, "Oh".

4. Even your maternity shirts won't cover your whole belly.

5. Your kids drop something on the floor during Sacrament meeting and it literally takes you 5 minutes to find some way to contort your body into some odd looking shape, since you can't bend over any more, just to pick it up.

6. Your four-year old kid runs to give you a hug and ends up bouncing off your stomach instead.

7. While sitting down, the kids start using your belly as a table to hold their things.

8. Every time you wince from a kick or contraction, your toddler exclaims in a questioning manner, "is your baby getting too big?" 

9. You can't bend over far enough to see what your kids have wiped on the underside of your belly.

Most often heard statements in the morning:
There is no cheery, "good morning" or any such thing from my children. These are literally the first things said by them when they come out of their bedroom in the morning.

1."Mom, what shall we do today?
And yes, she really does say "shall".

2. "Mom, I need a drink to make me feel better"
Apparently, she often has a "tummy ache" that only a drink can fix.

3. "Can I go outside and ride my bike?"
Somehow freezing temperatures don't seem to bother her.

1. "Mom, I want ice cream"
Which only turns into crying once I tell him no.

2. "Mommy, I need candy."
See reaction to number one.

3. "Is daddy at work?"
Is it obvious who the favorite is around here?

1. "Poopy! Eewww!"
This is most often declared while patting his bum.

2. "More!"
He generally pops up with his sippy cup since he is allowed to go down with a little water at night, and holds it out to me.

3. "Up"
This words also means: down, out, help, or if he doesn't know what to call something but wants it anyway. In the case of the mornings, he either wants to get out of his crib asap, or he wants me to hand him something he can see from his crib. If I get it wrong, it could result in disaster.

January 15, 2009

Hurry Up And Wait!

It only takes one. Just having one baby early and suddenly you expect all the rest to follow suit! But, oh no! These kids have a mind of their own, that's for darn sure! Don't they know its psychologically damaging to a mother for one to come early and for one to take their sweet time? 
Now, I know what you all are thinking,"Oh calm down Serene, you still have a week left! What's the big hurry?"
Only a mother, who has been pregnant, and is not one of those crazy women who actually enjoys pregnancy understands the overwhelming desire to have the baby out.
Also, it is very hard mentally when the doctors keep saying things like, "Wow, looks about this baby is ready to come!" Or "I wouldn't be surprised if I saw you in the hospital tonight!"
Such language was used at my last two doctors appointments. 
So, you get all excited and ready, anticipation is beating down on you and then... nothing. Its definitely a hurry up and wait situation and it totally messes with your mind.
So, here I sit, still pregnant, trying not to think too much on the fact that I'm still pregnant.

In other news...

Remember that picture of Joseph down below of him shoveling hot chocolate mix into his mouth as fast as possible before he got caught?
Well, since that picture has been been taken, I have caught both Savannah and Joseph crouched down in the corner of the kitchen with fist fulls of chocolate chips trying to cram as much as possible down before they get caught.

Naturally I felt upset that they would do that, especially so secretively. Then I remembered doing the exact same thing all growing up! 
Since sugar was quite scarce in or house (Oh trust me, you think you had health conscious parents? Try having a mom why made you pick a couple pieces of your Halloween candy and then throwing the rest away! Oh yea, total sugar Nazi! Love you mom!  =)  we would hunt high
 and low for any kind of "stash" my parents had.
Dad was the one who usually had the treats. Chips were way up on the top shelf of the glass cabinet, chocolate was in his underwear drawer (oh my that's awkward to type) and my mom would often keep stashes of sweets around her office space, in drawers and such.
So, I guess I can't be too upset with my kids, its only natural! Hehehe, at least it is for me!

Well, I'm off to get some sleep!

January 13, 2009

"I Like Kissing Boys"

Okay, no more "Little Mermaid" for that girl!
After watching that movie, Savannah starts a conversation about kissing boys! 
Okay, first of all, I didn't have my first kiss until I was 18 years old. AND, I've only ever kissed two guys, the guy I dated before Luke, and of course, Luke!
Boys were scary!  I don't think I even noticed one until I was 12 years old!
So, after she declares that she likes kissing boys, I did my to explain to her that we shouldn't just kiss any boy or our kisses won't be special, blah blah. And what does Savannah keep asking, "But why?" "Why don't we kiss boys?" "Why, why, why!"
Oh boy, trying to explain this to a four year old is intense! It reminds me of the "how did you get a baby in your tummy" question.
She goes on to say that she gives daddy kisses, and her brothers kisses. All of which I told her was okay and good! But kissing other boys isn't a good thing to do until you are much bigger and older. She finally agreed with an emphatic, "that's right, we don't kiss boys!" 
Whew, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take!!
Where's the "how to" manual for this stuff? 

January 12, 2009

Caught Brown-Handed

(Sigh) How does something so small, manage to cause so much trouble? Ha! And you thought I was exaggerating about his sugar addiction! (cough) Not that he gets that from me or anything....

It's a good thing there are moments like this to remind you why you became a mom in the first place. 

They are definitely worth still living in an apartment, having plastic fold-up tables, one couch, broken dressers that don't match and broken cribs. 

You Can't Win Them All

Yes, I'm still pregnant. But we won't go into that right now, its just too depressing. 

Do you ever notice how you get into the habit of sitting in the same seat, or at least pretty close to the same seat every Sunday in Sacrament meeting? And the same people tend to sit near you? At least I know the people who sit in front of and behind us don't really mind the ruckus we make otherwise they would move, or at least, I would assume so. 
I always figure it was the people who get bored in Sacrament who sit by us just so they can have some entertainment.
Since we have Sacrament last in our ward, people tend to "save seats" so they can sit where they want and aren't forced to sit in the hard chairs that are set up back in the gym. Yes, I confess, we do it too. We ended up back in those chairs once and it was a nightmare with the kids, so yes, I have stooped to saving seats.
Well, yesterday, all the benches where we usually sit were already strewn with coats and books and bags, so, I saved a seat on the other side of the chapel. You never know who you are going to end up sitting by once you change up your routine.
We ended up sitting in front of an elderly couple, quite elderly in fact. That always makes me a bit nervous, you never know if they are going to love watching you struggle with your kids or hate it. We lucked out and they were quite friendly.
With Luke preoccupied with Joseph, and I was busy with Savannah, Jacob was between us just doing his own thing, most of which I caught out of the corner of my eye.
Jacob is standing on the bench turned around, watching everyone sitting behind us. He decides to be friendly and with his chubby little fingers, he bends over the back of the seat and starts "shooting" this poor little couple while trying to tap their knees.
The guilt must have got to him because he next takes a pretzel, puts it in his mouth for just a moment then gets a better idea! He takes it out and offers it as a peace offering to the woman. At first she tries to refuse it but Jacob is most insistent so she accepts before I could intercept! Next he offers one to the man, who also accepts, then Jacob drops on on the ground in front of them. The elderly gentleman uses his foot to scoot the pretzel within reach picks it up, then hands all three pretzels back to Jacob, who promptly shoves them all into his mouth.
And I'm sure all parents know what is coming next. A full mouth always seems to trigger... a cough! That's right. I just thank my lucky stars that Jacob had turned around at that moment. So, at least I caught most of the blow, and not that poor couple sitting behind us. Not that anyone enjoys being spewed on but, better me than them. I'll spare you the gorey details.
Ick, no matter how hard you try, you just can win them all.

January 9, 2009

It's True

Yup, its true, he's mine alright. 

What can you do?
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