October 7, 2009

She scored a 9.9

Luke and I decided to take all the kids with us yesterday for the trip down to Utah and make it a family day.

So we loaded up the kids, and the spare clothing, and their pajamas, and the snacks and drinks, and the books, and the throw-up bowl and sacks, and the all the baby needs (diapers, binkies, bottles, blankets, bibs... why does everything start with a 'b'?) and we started off on the three hour drive to Primary Children's Hospital.

About half way, Savannah made use of the throw-up bowl and Joseph needed a pit stop. Otherwise it was pretty uneventful.

We arrived at the hospital. And, in a nut shell, this is what happened. The doctor came in, looked at Alayna's head and scar for a minute then said, "Well, she looks good! Any questions? See you in six months." I kind of felt like raising my hand and asking, "next time, can't we just send digital photos?" Oh well, at least she's doing perfect, of course. I'm not surprised. After all, she does have brown eyes.

After that we were trying to decide where to go for lunch and if we should take the kids to the zoo or not. In the end our tendency to be cheap and stick to a budget, and the fact that it was pretty darn cold outside won out and we went to Wendy's for lunch (hey, we got them Kids Meals! It was a big treat!) then went over to Temple square, since that's free.

The kids still had fun. And, of course found things to collect. Flowers, broken branches, tree leaves.

At one point, Joseph handed me a little round leaf and said, "Here mommy. You hold this for the prophet."

Oh, the kids all got stickers at the hospital. Joseph thought his was quite smashing on his face.

After snapping a few shots of my family, a senior sister missionary stopped and asked if I wanted one of our whole family. I should have thought to show her how to use them zoom.

Uh, hello? Can you hear me all the way up there? How many fingers am I holding up?

Oh well, perhaps its a good thing. My nose was pink from it being so cold and my hair was flat from the wind. And yes, on occasion I can be vain like that.

Just after this picture, the sister missionary told us the next viewing of the "Joseph Smith" movie was about to start. So we sprinted over to see that. It was really quite an amazing video of the Prophet.

When it was over, Jacob was feeling a little jipped that the movie was all about a Joseph. He walked around for quite a while afterwards insisting that there was a "Weetub Miff" aka Jacob Smith. Haha!

After the movie we headed back to the car since we were parked in 2-hour parking and headed home. That was a bit harder for the kids, but we made it back alive and in one piece... barely. We had to stop off about an hour from home for food, potty breaks, blow-out changes... you know, the usual.

And now that I have this post written, I don't have any more excuses. I better go clean before someone comes over and calls the health department on me.

3 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Wendy's and the temple--two choices you can never go wrong with. I love the Joseph Smith movie!! I think my favorite part of the post is Joseph's leaf for the prophet.

Darryl said...

Sounds like the perfect family outing (or as perfect as you can get under the circumstances). It's great to hear that Alayna is doing so well.

Just think, in six short months you will get to do it all over again :P

Mama Smith said...

Oh....our prayers are being fulfilled...Haven't stop praying for her....What a great FAMILY DAY!!!! The JOSEPH SMITH MOVIE...THE BEST!!! I can hardly wait till it comes out on DVD...We all LOVED IT!!!!

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