October 19, 2009

I love books

Reading and art. My two loves. Well, outside of my family and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a kid I LOVED going to the library. I loved spending hours walking through the hallways of shelves trying to find books that I wanted to take home.

As much as I loved reading as a kid, I wouldn't take a book home unless the pictures interested me or I liked the artwork in them. I would pick a book and flip though the pictures. If I liked what I saw at a glace, it came home with me and my mom would let us check out as many books as we wanted.

I have always loved the whimsical realism of some illustrations. It made the story so much more enjoyable for me. These are a few that I have never forgotten.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Baba Yaga (Okay, I know this picture is creepy but I was always to fascinated by the detail in this picture! How long do you think it took someone to get it done? You gotta admit its fascinating.)

Holly Claus

I had never thought about being a children's book illustrator until one of my art teachers said I should be since I love the world of fantasy so much. Maybe someday I'll pursue it, I would like to. I've been thinking about taking another art class.

Anyway, some books I could spend hours upon hours staring at the artwork while making up different stories in my head. I loved it, truly loved it.

Its probably the fault of my parents who I saw reading ALL the time. While other friends were getting stylish clothes and cool toys that would break in a month as presents, we got books. Books for Christmas. Books for birthdays. Books just because they thought we would like it.

I once asked my dad how he seemed to know at least something about everything. His reply, he just likes to read a lot.

I use to read all the time. Although I don't really get much of a chance these days. But couple weeks ago I broke down. I finally just HAD to read a book!

I started scouring though all my friends books on Goodreads (its like on online book club) seeing what everyone was reading and picked out a few.

But I have a problem. Once I start on a book that I like, I have a hard time pacing myself because I just have to know how it ends! (I read the first Twilight book in less than 12 hours) I'm terrible at pacing myself. I try to, but I'm not very good at it.

This is what happens when reading takes up my free minutes. Don't judge me too harshly, I'm only human!

And now its my turn as a parent to try and teach my kids how to read and to love it. I've been taking them to the library a lot lately and letting them get as many books as will fit into my bag. I love watching them read.

I know it looks like I staged this photo, but I didn't. It makes me laugh.

So how do you fit reading into your day? I really want to know because I need to learn how to pace myself with a book. If I read at night I tend to read all night long.

And what about your kids? Savannah is getting to the point where she'll sit and listen to longer stories with less pictures. Know of any good series?

(sigh) I love books. Do you love books? I love books. Have I mentioned that yet?

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Sara Lyn said...

I think you know my answer as to whether I love reading. :) I pace myself by making myself work some pre-determined amount of time and then "rewarding" myself with x amount of time for reading. And then I tell myself that I am not a good person if I am not disciplined enough to get back to work for the next stint. :) Okay, not really, but almost. HARD work! Especially when it's a really interesting book! I also do things like take books in the car for all the red lights I hit. Unfortunately, the more I want to read the book, the fewer red lights I hit. Murhpy's law I guess. I read while I exercise, make dinner, take a bath (which would gross you out, I'm sure), etc... I LOVE that last picture of Savannah and is that Jacob? I can't tell. Happy reading!

Svedi Pie said...

It might be a little old for her, but Betsy & Tacy books are great, so are the Little House on the Prairie series and Anne of Green Gables. Those are my top three.

I think Ella Enchanted is super cute and she might like that too - but she's probably a few years away from all of those books.

Valerie said...

What cute pics! I love to read too and remember taking home piles of books from the library because we almost never got to buy any. I started reading to my kids when they were tiny and luckily all three of them love it too. They always have books on their birthday lists (along with many other things) and my husband (a non-reader) can't understand why children would ask for a book. :)

I didn't read much for years when my kids were really little, but am glad to be back into it again. I don't allow myself to sit and read for hours at a time, but get through books here and there. I have a book in my car so when I am sitting there waiting for my kids to come out of school I can read a bit and when I go to the doctor or dentist, I can read there while I wait. Besides being happy to get some reading in, I don't mind waiting so much since I want to finish the chapter or the book.

Megan Jones said...

Sarah, I used to walk through the hallways at school with my nose in a book! Since then, I read primarily at home, before bed. It works out well because Earl will normally be on the laptop doing something and it's quiet in the apartment. How old is Savannah again? I'm not sure if you could even find these anymore, but I remember the Babysitter's Club series being good. They even put out a series about Karen, the little sister, and were shorter and designed more for the younger reader. Boxcar Children, maybe? I'm trying to remember what I read years ago...I also loved anything to do with horses. The Thoroughbred series was always my favorite. I think I read my first one of those at around 8 though...Good luck with the search!!

Heidi said...

My tendency to write to much might explode on this subject. Perhaps I should refrain and just write a ridiculously too long entry on my blog for my history, and email you a bunch of suggestions for you and Savannah.

As for my recenve Goose Girl suggestion, I realize now that it would be all right for Savannah's age, but the others in the series are more YA and should probably wait until she's older.

Shara gave some perfect series suggestions. Especially with Little House. My mom read those to me, and it's actually why my favorite book (These Happy Golden Years) is my favorite--it's the first book I can remember having read aloud to me every night. I think I was 4 or 5.

My wannabe librarian mother was very successful in raising a book-loving librarian. I can already tell you're succeeding with your book-loving children. I do love those pictures. They would make perfect READ posters. :-)

Mother Smith said...

Oh...how I LOVED this POST, my darling Sarah!!!! My dream...for for this LOVE of READING...to continue...from generation to generation...!!!! (smile) My first real discovery for the love of reading...was when I picked up one of the "Little House on the Prairie" books...I don't think I have stopped reading "something" since...After, we move...and set up our LIBRARY, again...I will make a LIST of books...that would be great for each gender...I do believe I began a list some years, ago...which included GOOD movies for families...Once we are settled...I do believe I will need to finish those lists...LOVE the PICTURES!!!!! LOVE YOU...Thank you for carrying on this marvelous GIFT to your children...which hopefully will continue with their children..........

Sarah said...

Try the Catwings books for Savannah. Fantastic listening books for her age. There are four books in the series.

Katie said...

It may be another year or two before she is ready for American Girls books, but I loved those. I attribute my interest in history and in reading to that series. I even majored in humanities because I loved the books so much. I also was a big fan of boxcar children and books about indian capitives and horses.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Sara Lyn: Hmm, good ideas! I'll have to incorporate them seeing as how I just spent my whole morning finishing a book.
And that's Joseph in the picture actually.

Shara: You know, I didn't even think about those! Thanks!

Valerie: I think its awesome that your kids request book! I hope mine do.
And my husband's not much of a reader either.

Megan: Hahaha. I do remember those books. And I also remember your love for horses. I'll look up that series, thanks!

Heidi: Lol, I know you and Sara Lyn love this topic. You know, I haven't actually read The Goose Girl yet but I hear its so good. Perhaps I could try reading it outloud to Savannah.

Mom: Well, like I said, its your fault we all like reading so much! =)

Thanks Sarah!

Katie: I remember reading those American Girls books when I was a kid. Man, for some reason I just didn't think about any of these!

Brandy Lynn said...

Sarah-We have been reading the Magic Tree House books everyday after school and my kids LOVE them. They are short and fun enough to keep their attention.
Have fun reading

P.S. I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG. You are sooo funny!!

Sara Lyn said...

Somehow I missed the question about what to read to Savannah. I agree with Shara's mention of Betsy-Tacy definitely! She'd probably also really enjoy "The Ordinary Princess" right now. Kira's girls really enjoy the fairy books. There are books about weather fairies and flower fairies and jewel fairies... All types. Lots of books. I believe they're British but I've found them everywhere I've looked for them. She might enjoy Heidi right now. Maybe not for a couple of years, though. Also you could try Eight Cousins, although you might wait a couple years on that one, too. The Princess and the Goblin is really cute. Another is The Trumpet of the Swan. Or Pippi Longstocking. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. For Christmas, she might really enjoy The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Okay. I'll quit.

Sara Lyn said...

Except I can't leave out the American Girl series. She's probably about a good age for those. By the way, I really love that version of the 12 Dancing Princesses. Beautiful pictures!

Kelly said...

I'm really bad at pacing myself too! I got stuck in a series last week and read and I read 4 books in like 3 days?! So I'm really no help! I need to add more books to good reads, I forget about, but I love getting ideas there too.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Brandy: Thanks! And, ah shucks! I think you just made me blush. =)

Sara Lyn: Hahaha, its okay. And thanks for all the ideas! I have heard of those fairy books and even though about getting some for Savannah for Christmas. I'm glad to know that they're good!

Kelly: What series? I hope you post some more books on your Goodreads, I've always liked the books you've recommended.

Debbie said...

I can't really remember a lot of books from when I was younger, which is funny because I remember reading a lot. Most of the main ones I remember have already been mentioned or are out of print. Some of my favorite books were the ones with good illustrations too. I remember Chris Van Allsburg had a lot I liked. Especially "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick", which was basically just a bunch of pictures with a story-starter type caption underneath it. She seems like an imaginative little girl, so she might like that.

I have recently read some of the "Fablehaven" books by Brandon Mull, which are along similar lines as Harry Potter I'd say. A fun easy read (Juvenile fiction section), but still good enough to read the other books. Written by an LDS guy, but probably a little old for your kids (the main characters are 11 and 14). I'm not a good judge of alotting appropriate reading time. I tend to let the kids run the house and just read when I get into a book. I also don't read a book that intently very often (every couple of months). I guess I'm a book binger...

Christy Carlson said...

Annika and I love books....When Annika was Savannahs age she started reading the Magic Tree house series (Ok more towards the end of kindergarten), but talk about great books for your imagination. The Author also has books that actually teach you about stuff like Hurricanes, Dolphins, Mummies etc...
They would be great books to read together!

Tarmy said...

I love books too! and if you ever figure out how to stop reading in the middle of a book let me know. I'm a book in a day kind of person, if I don't finish it I either don't sleep or I dream about it. I read the fabelhaven series in the first two weeks after my last baby- BAD IDEA! I got so much less sleep because of them. I have re-read all the jane austen books before bed because they're easier to put down- complex and interesting but they get boring.
I was going to recommend the magic tree house series- we listen to them all the time in the car and Rachel loves them. Also Mrs. Piggle-wiggle was fantastic growing up too, my nieces read Junie B Jones books- I don't know what they are like but the one just keeps reading them.

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