October 13, 2009

Hard Work and Instant Gratification

You know, I've been thinking, perhaps I should lay off the cupcakes for breakfast.

Anyhow, I've been busy busy busy, loaded down with a million little things and plenty of big ones. Probably nothing exciting for you readers but for me, WAY exciting, like awesomely exciting! Here's a few highlights.

First up, tomatoes. Yes, back to the old mountain of tomatoes. So I've tried my hand at bottling and guess what? SOOO easy!! But VERY time consuming. I always wondered why my neighbor would take the whole day to do one vegetable at a time. One day was corn, another beans, another tomaotes! Eek! Now I know.

I found a recipe for Italian stewed tomatoes since I cook with them a lot.

FOUR HOURS later, I have six bottles. Haha, seems kind of ridiculous for only six bottles. Oh well. I still had a bunch of ripe red tomatoes left so after making a batch of Pico de Gallo, (thank Brittany, SO good!) I went ahead and bottled the rest and got six bottles of bottled tomatoes.

I know, its silly, but I feel the strangest sense of accomplishment just looking at these 12 jars. It was a lot of hard work to get those 12 bottles done! Not as much as when I look at the next picture but still, I feel so.......... strangely accomplished!

Now I'm going to try the mock jam using green tomatoes. Who knew it would be so exciting?

I feel all... homemaker-ish.

Here's another totally, awesomely cool thing. (well, for me anyway)Luke picked the pumpkins that we grew in our garden and he and the kids carved them! It was so fun.

Eh hem, excuse Joseph's weird outfit, I just don't know what to do with that boy, especially when he dresses himself. (sigh)

Here's a better view of Joseph's outfit and a good look at Jacob's face, which is what Luke was basing his pumpkin's expression on.

Savannah got to gut her first pumpkin.

You know, I'm even in a weird enough mood to save the seeds to try and bake and turn them into a snack. I remember them as being pretty good!

We took them out to the front porch and put little tea candles in them but it was just too cold for Joseph so he scurried back on inside, his sleeveless sweater tag flapping in the wind as he went.

And now for a little instant gratification.

I know, I know, we shouldn't seek for instant gratification for it brings no lasting happiness... unless you're talking about sod!

Luke finally gave in, said he was sick of all the dirt and we got enough scrap sod (cause its was cheaper) to do the whole back yard! This way the kids will have a nice backyard to play in come spring and we won't have to worry about them playing in a big muddy mess.

(sniff) Its just so beautiful! I helped Luke unload one pallet before the kids were complaining about dying of starvation so I had to go take care of them. By that time Luke's brother showed up to lend a hand. Good thing because my back was very angry at me. (sigh) I'm getting old.

Um, I would just like to say that those rolls of grass are heavy!

I finally had to force Luke to come in last night once it was finally NOT last night, but this morning.

Well, excuse me while I go revel in my instant gratification.

10 super cool people speak:

Debbie said...

The yard looks good, but you know in the back of your mind that grass (no matter how beautiful) will never keep them out of the dirt. :) I wish we lived closer. I think our boys would be friends.

Heidi said...

"Green side up!" :-)

I'm so impressed with all of your homemaking-ness; I can't even compare! You even grew your own pumpkins. I'm super-highly in awe. If you're looking for another time-consuming, great accomplishment activity, I heard making a pumpkin pie completely from scratch takes all day. I'm very tempted to try it now--just to say I did! (And apparently it tastes way better than anything from a can could.)

I remember liking baked pumpkin seeds, too! I was 5 the last time I had them, so my opinion on it might be a bit off. But always worth a try.

Svedi Pie said...

In order of pictures:

I love that you canned tomatoes! I can't wait to have a garden and can my own veggies.

Alayna is looking so happy - what a darling!

I love the pics of the kids carving the pumpkins - and Savannah is so pretty - you can really see how great her smile is in that pic of her (you better start watching out for those boys).

I never realized how big your yard is until these pictures - wow! That was a HUGE project. Glad you were able to get some nice sod for it :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

You know Debbie, I couldn't have said it better myself! =)

Haha, thanks Heidi!!
But I have a confession. I don't like pumpkin pie. Yuck! I have an open enough mind to be willing to taste made-from-scratch pumpkin pie, but my doubts that it would actually be any good are very high. =)

Ahh, thanks Shara!!!

Brittney said...

Yeah, your yard is humongous!!!

Glad you liked the pico..

and I don't feel I have an inclination towards homemaking, but it sure feels good sometimes when you try it out, right? :)

Sara Lyn said...

You SHOULD be proud of your canning accomplishments! Whoever said that wasn't hard work never tried it.

I love the dress Alayna is wearing. She looks great!

You say you don't like pumpkin pie, but how about chocolate chip pumpkin muffins? (Heavy on the chocolate chips, of course.) Love that!

And the grass looks great! How nice to have a green yard again!

Mama Smith said...

I am SO IMPRESSED!!! I taught you everything you know....NOT....(smile) VERY VERY AWESOME!!!!!

Your yard does LOOK HUGE...now that the grass is in....I think MOWING the grass will be much more FUN...than...dealing with the MUD...I can speak from EXPERIENCE!!! (smile)

I need those RECIPES you tried...(since you liked them...I will try my hand at it!) OH...I can HARDLY WAIT...to see what HOW our garden will GROW here in MONTANA...But, we have to build 10 FT. FENCES...to keep the DEER OUT...Wonder how STRONG of a fence we will need to keep the BEARS OUT of our BERRY PATCH???? Ah...the adventures of MOUNTAIN LIVING...well, if we get the house, that is...(smile)

I am DEEPLY IMPRESSED...dear daughter...VERY IMPRESSED with your ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!! (sniff) You make this Mama "well pleased"...(smile)

Tarmy said...

A great post- so many fun things! I'm excited for you for your grass and glad Alayna is doing well.

jon & kira said...

Your yard looks huge! I'm so jealous. There aren't any yards around here that big, and definitely not with a new house, at least not that we can afford. You are turning into quite the homemaker. I remember you always saying you didn't like to even make dinner, and here you are canning! Your yard really looks great.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Its true. I think I would be more apt to enjoy cooking if someone was willing to clean up afterwards! =)

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