September 6, 2009

Well goodness sakes!

Last night while I was whipping up an incredibly healthy dinner of frozen pizza, my kids were moaning and groaning around the kitchen, obviously not happy that the pizza had to cook.

So, I brought out the leftover pasta and said they could have some while the pizza was cooking.

It become apparent that I wasn't moving quickly enough when, after putting the leftovers on a plate and had turned away to get something for one of the boys, Savannah with hands on hips very sternly says to me,

"And if I don't see it in the microwave, I am simply going to starve to death!!"

Well heaven forbid. =)

2 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

LOVE IT!!! My major chuckle for the day!!!!!

Katherine said...

Hmm. I think she might be getting old enough to reheat her own pasta. :)

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