September 22, 2009

I knew it!

I think I'm going to get it framed, the picture. Maybe keep it under my pillow or put it in my will to be passed down to my children.

Or... maybe I'll just hang it in the kitchen so that every time Luke makes a comment on how messy the kitchen is, I can point to the picture and say, "Well look how good you do working here in the kitchen. I have full confidence that you can rectify the situation!"

Saturday we went to my in-laws to bottle peaches, something I have never ever done before. But truth be told, Luke and his mom did all the work while I handled the kids.

I know, so not fair.

But there he stood, side by side with his mom for hours peeling and cutting peaches. So now I know the truth, he CAN work in the kitchen. His secret is out, now he can never go back. I just knew eventually he'd slip up!

Okay, so I'm exaggerating, of course he helps out... his life depends on it.

Jacob, however, found it all just too exhausting.

Now, as for Alayna, despite the fact that my brother lovingly calls her "Frankenbaby", she is doing great. Sometimes she has a rough night but she is slowly getting back into her old routine; although, she prefers to be held a lot more now than she did before.

She is starting to try and pull herself up onto things... which unfortunately often ends with her slipping and banging her head on something, which she obviously does not like one bit.

Her hair is growing back! But I'm still not quite use to seeing her without it.

Well, speaking of working in the kitchen and taking care of children, I guess I better go make dinner. (sigh) Where's a peach peeling man who works in the kitchen when you need him?

4 super cool people speak:

pcNut said...

Layna looks so good (& cute:)!
It used to make me laugh so hard when my husband could cook and sew better than I can (still can on the sewing part too:). And having only canned peaches twice in my life, I probably wouldn't mind letting my hubby do a canning job :) (I'm such a lazy when it comes to sweat, sugar, and whatever fruit is in season:)
Love you:)

Mama Smith said...

Alayna looks as BEAUTIFUL as ever!!!! LOVE the picture of Luke..."in the kitchen" picture of him,

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

I'm so glad to see Alayna up and smiling! And a man working in the kitchen -that's good to see too! Although I can't complain, my husband helps me out all the time and he regularly does the dishes after I cook. :)

Valerie said...

I thought my husband was the only one who never EVERY helps in the kitchen. I love the idea of hanging the pic in the kitchen, even if you were joking!

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