September 15, 2009

How the other kids reacted to Alayna


Savannah was the first to see Alayna. We got her back Sunday night not long after we got back from the hospital.

She came running into the house and over to Alayna who was sitting in her chair up on the counter.

Savannah stopped short, looked at Alayna and instantly teared up.

"Oh Alayna!" She exclaimed very sadly, "All your dark hair is gone. Now you look like a boy! You are not cute anymore!" She actually started crying.

She obviously likes the story about Repunzel a little too much. Needless to say, both Daddy and I had to have a long talk with her about saying such things and that it doesn't matter if she has hair or not, she is still beautiful.

Since then, they have made up.


We got the boys back last night. Joseph ran into the house and after giving me a quick hug, ran straight back to Alayna's bed where she had been sleeping only moments before. Luke walked in after him.

Joseph then turned to Luke and pointing to Alyana said, "Daddy look! I found that!"

Luke then asked him who that was. Joseph replied, "I don't know."

After informing him that that was indeed Alayna his relpy was profound. "Oh."


Luke was holding Alyana on his lap. Jacob hadn't even noticed daddy was holding anyone so I stopped him and said, " Look! There's Layna!"

Without missing a beat, Jacobn ran over to her and gave her lots of hugs and tickles while exclaiming, "Hi Layna, Layna!"

He didn't notice there was anything different.

Well, Alayna is still doing well, although she has come to detest taking her medicines. Its a fight to get her to take anything. I've tried putting it in a bottle with a little water and juice but she knows that trick now. I think I might have to start slipping it into her food or milk bottles because I am at a loss as to how to get her to take them. She sure can fight back!

I also have a hard time getting her to take naps or go to sleep at night. Its like she's afraid of missing anything. I use to be able to put her in the living room with some toys and she would play just fine. Now she crys everytime she is left alone. She needs to be able to see the kids or me.

I also use to be able to lay her in her bed for a nap and she would go right to sleep. Not anymore. I finally had to remove the bassinet part from her pack-n-play as she kept rolling over onto her stomach then pulling herself upon the sides in an attempt to get out of a nap. No matter how tired she is, she fights going to bed.

She tends to favor sleeping on her right side so her face and eye on the right tends to be a bit more swollen and puffy when she wakes up. I think I explained before about the loose fluid following the pull of gravity.

Otherwise, she continues to do very well!

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Heidi said...

I'd fight naps, too, if I went to sleep and woke with a large scar and no more hair! I laughed at Savannah and Joseph's reactions. And I love that Jacob didn't even notice a difference. So wise when we're so young...what happens?

The Hulls said...

She looks so happy!

Mama Smith said...

Alayna is becoming a "master" teacher...just being "who she is"...Your children...will be greatly affected by this experience...

Kira said...

OH JOY. What reactions. I would am afraid to sleep too. You never know what you will wake to find.

Sarah said...

Oh, I loved your description of how the other kids reacted to her. That was fantastic!

I wish I had another back baby carrier to lend to you. After Grayson's experience, he went through the same thing Alayna is. Not able to be left alone (though he didn't want to be around Matt at all) for more than a few minutes. Naptimes are twenty minutes, max, when I put him down.

If you guys can afford it (or find a great deal) get an Ergo. It is very comfortable for you and keeps that baby who's been through a traumatic experience right where she wants to be. Her anxiety might go down a bit if you move her crib into your room or move her into your bed. Just a thought.

So glad she's doing well!

justine said...

I'm so happy to see that she is still such a happy girl!

Ruth Sutton said...

what an experience for your little girl to have gone through. She is such an amazing tough little one. She must get it from her mommy. She is so blessed to have such loving adoring big frothers and sister. You and your family are in our prayers.

Tabitha said...

What a sweet little girl - I'm so glad to see her smiling again!

Garvin Smith said...

Scupper, I can't put my feelings in writing. I can't see the keyboard through the tears.
But, one thought: Now two of my grandchildren can say, "Know how I got these scars?"

Renee said...

She is still the happiest and most beautiful girl. I can see her true beauty inside and out. You are so lucky to be blessed with such wonderful children. :) We love you guys and will keep praying for her as she continues to heal. Love AJ and Renee

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