September 21, 2009

A compliment? Or, not so much?

Dear strangely faithful blog reader,

I need your advise.

"Serene, you look like you've lost 20 pounds! You look like a stick!"

How should such a serious exclamation be taken? Actually, that's the second time someone has said that to me within the last two weeks.

Truth be told, I've only lost two. And not because I've been trying or anything. Working out is something that I only manage to think about and for the last couple of days I've eaten cupcakes for breakfast.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly wouldn't like someone to exclaim, "Serene, you look like you've gained 20 pounds! You look like a blob!"

But still, is that what you call a loaded compliment? No, surly not as she seemed rather concerned for me. She attributed it to the stress of Alayna's recent surgery. Does that mean if she hadn't had the surgery I would NOT look like a stick?

I can't seem to decide if I should be miffed or not. Although I'm not sure how two pounds could make such a huge difference. Do you think it could be the dark circles under my eyes from being up all night with little kids? Or does that just mean I need to restock my chocolate stash?

In any case, I need wisdom and guidance in this matter.

To be miffed or not to be miffed, that is the question.

Yours ever,
The (apparently) walking stick

P.S. This was written in a light-hearted manner and is in no way to be taken too seriously.

14 super cool people speak:

Megan Jones said...

Oh my! I think you just need a chocolate restocking. Chocolate makes everything feel better! And you always look fabulous in your pictures...just hope I can look that good after 4 kids!!

Garvin Smith said...

I think it was Elonore Roosevelt that said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent." Are you going to choose to be "miffed," or not?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh dad, must you make everything a matter of choice and accountability? You spoil all my fun! =) Love you!

Svedi Pie said...

Serene, I think it was meant to be a sincere compliment, but I imagine also there was slight envy there too and it came out a little in the compliment attempt. Very few woman cab have four kids as quickly as you did and look as good as you do. I know I wouldn't be able too! Even when we give you a compliment about your good looks, we're all a little jealous ;).

Charlynn said...

That is too bad. I hate it when people say inappropriate things when they are trying to be nice. I bet you just look worn out from the stress, but otherwise you are beautiful. As my therapist would say, "She must have something she is trying to deal with if she has to say something so insensitive to you." So I instead of being miffed, I guess you could feel sorry for her and whatever issue she is trying to deal with.

I am so glad that Alayna is doing so well. None of kids have had such intense surgery but I totally understand the stress of having your baby in the hospital hooked up to tubes and wondering if they are going to be okay (Bekah had RSV and spent three days in the hospital on oxygen tubes).

Oh and by the way, I totally understand your jealousy. I wish I could have more days like yesterday, they happen so rarely. :D

Hope your day gets better.

Brittney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brittney said...

I say anytime you can look like a stick after having four kids, you should be super happy :) Besides, all your strangely faithful readers agree that you're beautiful.

Sarah said...

I think she was just trying to show concern for Alayna and you. Some people thrive on the drama of that.

I really don't think it had *anything* to do with your weight. But just to be safe, eat more cupcakes.

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

I say: enjoy it! (spoken by someone who HAS gained 20 pounds recently and people are starting to notice. Yes, I'm pregnant, but still...) :)

the Gardners said...

Restock the chocolate! =) Put some iron back into your system!Heck use any excuse to eat that chocolate guilt free! And if you have lost any weight, more power to the chocolate eating!

Darryl said...

Not serious ?

That completely changes my answer !

Enjoy the next few cupcakes or chocolate bars. You've got to keep the weight up (smile).

Mama Smith said...

CELEBRATE!!!!! As long as you are being told you are on the "thinner" side of life....I'd simply ENJOY all my "favorite" things....Cause, as one gets older..."the body does seem to REDEFINE itself"...(smile)

Jared said...

don't worry, live it up and be happy-- from a stick that hasn't always been a stick, but finally resigned to the scrawny me and deals with it. :P LOL

Jared said...

p.s. none of these comments are really from Jared, but from Jessicca LOL... just imagine... haha

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