February 9, 2009

Really Truly

As much as I love disposable diapers, they have one major design flaw. They simply aren't big enough! They need to extend the front and back up to the armpits and bring the leg openings down to the knees. Because there is just something about changing their diapers that seems to trigger the release of some deep, hidden reservoir that somehow leaves everything within a two foot radius in need of washing and half the container of wipes has disappeared. Don't ask for details.

So, other than Alayna, all my kids have colds. And I try to be a good mom, I really truly do. I have done my best to teach them the true purpose of a tissue. And yet, somehow, they always resort back to the finger and the sleeve. 
And coughing! Oh my. After getting on Savannah for not covering her mouth, she flat out told me she doesn't want to cover her mouth because she doesn't want to have to wash her hands afterwards!
I even tried giving them their own special "cough rags" so they can cough into it and also use it to wipe their noses!
Nope. It all defaults back to the finger and the sleeve.

Today, I was right in the middle of trying to get something into the oven when Alayna breaks out into a very upset crying mode in the back room. I notice Savannah scamper off then, after a moment, Alayna stops crying. I finished up what I was doing then went back to get Alayna.
Savannah proudly looks up at me and says, "Mommy! I made Alayna stop crying!" When I asked her how she again very proudly states,"I let her suck on my finger!" She then holds up her index finger as if it was a trophy.
I think my heart stopped for a minute. "Uh, you mean the finger I saw you picking your runny nose with a few minutes ago?"
Now it was her turn to stop as her eyes shifted sideways and she says, "uh..."

(sigh) I really do try to be a good mom. I really truly do!!

6 super cool people speak:

Sarah said...

There is just too much yummy baby goodness in this post. She's so darling! Loved the second picture especially.

Mama Smith said...

You are a TERRIFIC MOM...I know...cause...I am your MOTHER!!! (smile) LOVE these updated pictures of Alayna...She is as BEAUTIFUL...as she was when I left...(sigh)

Moghimi Family said...

I love reading your posts! You are so funny. Even the best moms have trouble with nose picking and nose to sleeve wiping. At least they are wiping their nose with their OWN sleeve. =)

John and Jami West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heidi said...

I'm so glad the joys never cease.

E said...

Ahh don't blame yourself--I thought I would share something that i learned when Eliza started preschool. Have your kids cough into their shoulder or the crook of their arm. Then the germs don't necessarily get on their hands but they also aren't coughing into the open air. Seems to work pretty well and makes me SLIGHTLY less squeemish.

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