February 20, 2009

Oh The Innocence

They look so innocent, don't they?

So very very innocent.
But that's just what they WANT you to think.

Its really all just a trick. Observe.

Here is Jacob wiping his nose.

Here is Jacob checking out the mess from wiping his nose.

Here is Jacob threatening to touch the other kids with his messy hands.

And here is Jacob carrying out his revenge on the other two sibling.
Oh sure, they are all laughing now. Yes, even I was laughing. But I promise you, there was no laughing once Jacob actually caught Savannah and contaminated her with his... let's see, how did she put it through the tears? Oh yes, "gross boogie hands".

2 super cool people speak:

Louise said...

The fact that you seem to have a great sense of humor in motherhood is such a great characteristic.

Mama Smith said...

HA! You have got to LOVE these little HEINER kids!!! (smile)

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