February 13, 2009

A Little Sap For You

Valentine's Day. Not my favorite holiday for many, many, many, many reasons. In fact, I had completely forgotten about it until a neighbor made a comment about buying flowers for his wife.
Since then, I couldn't help but take a little trip down memory lane. I started thinking about the first Valentine's Day Luke and I had. We had only been "officially dating" for about a month or so. (I consider it official once they get up the courage to hold your hand, and that you like that they are holding your hand, and there is no punching or evil glaring required... stories for other days)
Since we were at college, we would often go to the library to "study". Although, truth be told it was about 20% studying and 80% flirting. We would sit at the same table but we would always write goofy notes to each other and pass it back and forth. This tradition started before we were dating, when I was still in denial about how much I really liked him. 
There was one time in particular that I clearly remember. Someone had left the grocery section of a newspaper on the table. I don't really recall how it started but pretty soon we were passing cryptic notes back and forth by circling certain images and words on the paper to relay the message. Luke was really quite clever and he always made me laugh.
On our first Valentine's Day as a couple, after class I headed back to my apartment. As I stepped though the door it seemed as though I had stepped into a floral shop. There, on our kitchen table was a dozen red long stemmed roses... for my roommate from her boyfriend. Next to that was half a dozen pink roses for another roommate from a boy who liked her. And if my memory serves me correctly, there was also half a dozen yellow roses for another roommate. All were being grandly displayed in giant vases. It was crazy!
That's when I saw it. A single lavender rose was laying on the table next to a card. 
Now, lavender is my favorite rose. Luke later told me that the color means "love at first sight", which, I truly did not know. He said it was so appropriate because the first time he ever laid eyes on me, he felt his heart flip, like love at first sight.
While I loved the rose, it was the card that caught my full attention. It read as follows:
In case you didn't know, Luke grew up on a farm.

I'll never forget the feeling I had but I don't think I'd be able to describe it.
He had thought about it, put time into it, it was all his own. I felt like what I got for Valentine's Day that year was far better than all the long stemmed roses I was surrounded by.
It was just me and my single lavender rose.
And I was in love.

4 super cool people speak:

Katherine said...

Awww. That's so sweet.

Monica McCoy said...

SOOOO cute. Justin and I used to make those kinds of notes for each other, I love trips down memeory lane.

Heidi said...

OK. That really is sweet, You got a great guy. And you deserve it!

Marvin and Brenda Henry said...

That is so precious! =)

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